Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th May 2013 Written Update

Amreek will tell Rajji that he is getting married for his family. She retorts the same and they are both upset. Then Bani comes and asks what happened and then Amreek goes out.

Bani will tell Rajji to calm down and Amreek is a good person and right from the first he was listening to her shouts and just for once she heard it and she is so angry. They will come and Bani will ask her to keep a Happy face. Bani think that this is all because of Soham and she is waiting to thank him.

Beeji asks Deshu what happened there and Deshu reads out the invitation and everyone are happy.They discuss the next rasam tomorrow is Tel Chadhana.

Then Rajji comes and gives tea with a smiling face and this makes Amreek’s mother very happy. Then they decide that from tomorrow the bride

and bridegroom should not leave the house as it is per custom.

Manpreet finds that Daaji is very worried for he has no idea whether Parmeet is coming on the flight. Manpreet will tell that he is on the flight. He will tell her that he should have informed us . He tells her we should know if he is coming or not and if he answers the call then he will tell that he has not come. Then he e does not pick up he will be on the flight. He tells that he has to come tomorrow.

Then he calls Parmeet and then tells that he could not come because he has some work and if he does not do it they will remove him from the work. Then Daaji will get very angry and tells that my word is more than your work and he has to come. He has to be there for the rasam as he has already given his word.

Then Parmeet tells to postpone the wedding for he wants to get to know Bani and he wants to take part in all the rasams. He tells that Bani ahs not even seen him or known him so it is important for them to know each other. He tells to convince them and he will come on the day of the wedding.

The elder brother of Parmeet will be very angry with this excuse and tells that all the time they give into whatever he says. Now with what face will they face the girls side. Daaji then decides to call and inform then that Parmeet will come only on the wedding day.

The next morning both Deshu and Binder will be involved in the preparations and Maamaji will come and ask if Parmeet has come. Then Deshu will tell he must have come they will come and inform us. Just then Deshu will receive a call and Daaji tells he wants to tell something important and asks for Sarabhjeet. Deshu will tell that Sarabhjeet is not there and you can tell me. He tells her that Parmeet has not come and then he will come only on the day of the wedding. Deshu tells this out loud but it shocks everyone.

Then Daaji will tell as a girl’s side if you want to change your mind about the wedding we have no objections as how long will a girl wait. He tells Deshu that Parmeet can’t come and they are helpless. So they have to postpone the day of the wedding. He tells her to take her time and give their decision. If they have made up their mind then Parmeet will surely come on that day and it is his vaada. Deshu will be very shocked listening to this.

She puts the phone down and she tells that Daaji was telling that Parmeet will come only on the wedding day. Then she informs Sarabhjeet that if they said if you want to postpone the wedding and they are leaving the decision to us.

Sarabhjeet gets very angry and tells that till date we have not seen the boy and we have no idea what kind of boy he is. They said that he will come for the Thaaka , Shagun and all the rasams and he has not turned up till date. He finally tells Deshu that if they call again then to tell them to postpone the wedding or to call of the wedding. This shocks Binder, Mammaji, Beeji and Mammiji.

PRECAP: A happy Deshu will making preparations for the rasam and asks Mammaji if the kaas
Mehmaan have come. Then she is shown greeting Padmini Madhu’s mother from Madhubala and Divya Tappu’s mother from Uttran.

Update Credit to: anurao

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