Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 30th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
nirvel and sarab come home. Desho asks where is rajji. All the ladies are tensed. Nirvel tells that rajji refused to come back. Bindal asks why? nirvel says that it was her descision entirely. sarab too agrees. nirvel says that she did so that her family’s reputation isnt at stake. He sarcastically thanks Desho, as the respect that she tried to save while getting her married to soham, now she has preserved it by deciding to stay there. bindal refuses to accept this and decides to call rajji and change her mind. Bani comes in saying that rajji’s descision isnt wrong. She says that rajji is much mature, and she has the faith that rajji knows what is she doing. She says that they should support her. Bindal says that they cant support

her wrong descision, as she would never be loved there. she says that she cant be a fool along with rajji. She breaks into tears asking nirvel to do something. Desho goes inside and breaks into tears.

Later, bani and jas together serve dinner. Desho says that she isnt hungry. she reaches out to bani, who excuses herself inside. bani comes to a tensed desho, and is awakwardly trying to initiate a conversation. As she starts picking up the plates, and taking them to the kitchen, she is joined by desho, who calls out to her. bani is in tears. She asks bani if she too wouldnt talk to her, and vent out her anger at her. She asks bani if she knew why she did so. Bani says that had she not known, she could have, but now when she knows how can she forgive desho. Desho admits that she made a huge mistake, and crossed her limits, but at that time, she diod what she felt was right. She thought it was best for both rajji and bani, and she didn tknow that it would reach to this. bani says that she would have done so, even if she knew, as she cant see anything other than the NRI dream. desho says that it isnt like that, and begs her not to talk like that, as she didnt have any evil in her heart then, and only did what she felt was right. she asks bani to believ her. Desho asks what can she do to make them believe her, and correct everything, and be forgiven. bani turns around and says that there’s one way by which all would forgive her. Desho asks what should she do, as she’s ready for everything. Bani says that the day rajji forgives her, everyone would forgive her probably, and thats the only way out. Desho is shocked, while bani leaves in tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji reprimands them for not letting rajji go and also scolds angad for being so naive. Angad says that rajji is here for saving the resoect of both the families. this fumes her even more, that he has more faith on her than buaji. Angad asks if everything would be alright by sending rajji off, and legally she’s his wife. Buaji says that the law wont wipe soham’s tears, and decides to go and tell rajji herself to pack her bags and leave. angad maintains a stance that she might be elder, but he’s the head of the house, and he has taken the descision that rajji would stay here. Buaji ios shocked at his stand. Simran says that he didnt mean that, and tries to comfort her. but buaji says that where her words arent respected, she doesnt need to stay there. she says that they appreciate new relations more, and wishes them to stay with them only, and decides to go the next morning. Simran is unhappy with angad. Buaji asks them to do whatever they feel like, as noone would be there to restrict them. Buaji leaves despite simran trying to stop her. All are upset.

Later, simran tells angad about buaji’s anger and that she’s adamant that she would leave. Sensing his quiet, she asks him to do soemthing. He asks what to do, as he cant throw rajji out because buaji wants so. simran sides with buaji. angad says that she sint right, as she’s breaking soham’s marriage and the family too, and he wont let that happen. simran says that rajji doesnt even consider them as her family. angad asks if she even gave a chance for rajji to accept them. He asks her to put aside her anger, and talk to her sweetly once. He reminds her that she had wanted to marry soham so that he forgets bani. He says that its good that they have rajji for that, and not a starnger. He says that the lord has done right with them, and she loves soham more than him, and she should be happy that soham wont rot his life now after bani. Seeing her changed, he says that now its on her to decide whats wrong, and then he would accept their descision. Simran says that she’s with him in this descision, but she has a condition, and tells him so. angad is tensed.

While rajji is laying out the bed, Soham comes and asks rajji why didnt she leave, as buaji now knows everything, and she didnt have to pretend anymore. rajji says that he too was there, and why didnt he ask her to go, and tells him clearly that she has accepted her fate, that he’s her husband, and she married him, and now this is her house. And that her going wouldnt change anything, and would increase everyone’s problems. Soham asks what should he do, as he can never replace her for bani, and always he remembers what he couldnt achieve due to her. rajji says that he should tell her once and she would leave, if he has a problem, and that all the time she wont be the scapegoat. soham is highly tensed. He faces rajji awakwarly, and then lies on the bed in a huff, and asks why is this happening to him, and wonders what to do.

The next morning, as buaji is all set to go with her bags packed, despite simran trying in vain to stop her, Angad asks if anyone leaves by getting this angry at her children. Buaji is fuming, when angad tries to clarify that he didnt do anything wrong. buaji says that only she’s at fault, and not them. Angad again tries to clarify that rajji isnt at fault, while buaji begins to leave hearing rajji’s mention again. angad asks if she found any fault in rajji. Rajji gets the tiffin, and she resignedly takes it, and gives it to kuki. angad asks buaji to stay back for soham’s sake and if she doesnt want to see Soham settled. Buaji says that his life is already spoilt. angad says that there’s still a chance. Buaji says that she didnt understand and asks him to talk clearly. angad says that he just wants her to give one chance to rajji, and allow her to help soham settle in this new life. Buaji is left thinking, while rajji and angad are tensed for her answer. the screen freezes on buaji’s face.

Precap: Simran begs buaji to stay here, till the time she is assured that rajji is the right girl for soham and his marital life. soham is tensed and rajji stands non chalantly. simran says that rajji too wants that. rajji goes to touch buaji’s feet to seek her blessings. everyone waits anxiously to see buaji’s answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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