Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
As the dining table is being laid out, gagan asks where’s manpreet. sujrit asks her to start and she would come soon too. Balbir too comes and its on dadaji’s place, getting instant protest from randeep. Meanwhile, manpreet comes in a trance, carrying rano’s suitcase, while balbir starts attending to dinner. surjit asks her about rano’s wheraboputs. Manpreet keeps the trunk, and comes to him, and asks that he didnt tell that he came here after meeting his wife. She says that til yesterday, he was responsible for her pain, but now he is also responsible for her death tool. all are shokced. Manpreet reprimands balbir, but he causally answers her not to lecture him, and that he isnt responsbile for her death. Manpreet says

that soham did the right thing by not letting him burn her. He shouts at her, and asks her to let him be and let him eat in peace. manpreet asks how can he even think of eating when his wife just died. She says that atleast he was bonded for humanity’s sake. balbir says that her time had come, hen ce she died, and that he cant be at peace evn in home. All are stunned to see such ruthless behaviour of his. He leaves from there, while manpreet is distraught. She tells about rano’s suicide. She recounts all the horror that rano was put through, due to this man, who couldnt have cared less.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
Meanwhile, bani’s father asks about the ticket, and bani is tensed, as to what to show them. they are con fused when she doesnt leave to get the ticket. Desho gives them sweets, at this happy news. She asks bani about the flight. She says that she forgot to ask parmeet about this. When bani’s father tells her to get the ticket so that they can find out, Bani says that she forgot that soham has it, as he took the printout. She says that she would tell soham to get it. Desho thanks the lord for this happy news. Bani’s father gets emotional saying that he didnt know she would go so soon. He says that he’s happy for her, and sad too, that she would leave them. He sks her to let bygones by so, and move on forgiving her inlaws, who too would realise sooner or later, that they were at fault. Bani asks him to rest and not bother about all this. Desho goes to get her medicines. Bani wonders how to get the ticket now.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
As gugi asks about sohm, kuki says that he’s getting ready and asks him to wait. Simran comes with tea, while asking kuki to check on soham. Buaji asks her to press her head, while rajji goes to get soham. Rajji asks soham, as he comes out of their room, if she should spread out food for him. A knock on the door, gets simran to open the door and she is surprised to see bani standing there. Rajji too is surprised, while soham is tensed. Bani greest everyone, while rajji asks if everything’s okay. Bani says that she wanted to talk to soham. He asks if there was some work. She hesitates to talk, and soham takes bani aside to talk, while rajji and simran are tensed. simran assures rajji, while telling buaji thatshe would lay out breakfast for them. Rajji sees them talking from the window, and is tensed. Buaji notices it.

Outside, soham asks her why she lied. Bani says that she did so, because she couldnt tell them the truth. He says that he would have to tell them sometime, as she cant lie forever. Bani says that she would go to Canada at any cost, and needs his help. Bani says that till she cant show the ticket, noone would believe her. soham asks if its that easy, and how would she get visa, and how to search for parmeet and how would she survive in Canada. Bani says that she needs a ticket right now, and that she would sort out the rest later on. Bani says that she shouldnt have bothered him. soham asks if she would be able to manage it all alone. Bani says that she has to do this, for her family’s problems, as her father was saved from death, and now she cnt tell them this. If she goes to canada, then everything would be right, and all would be happy. Soham asks what about her happiness. Bani says that her happiness is with her family only. Soham says that whatever maybe the case, she cant be helped by him. bani says that its okay, and that she just wants him not to tell this to her family. as she walks off, unable to control himself, he stops her and asks if there’s no other way left. When bani denies, soham agrees to go and get her work done. Bani smiles.

As soham comes inside, rajji is surprised that bani didnt meet her and went away. Soham replies to her answers hastily, and leaves saying that he would come back and explain everything. He leaves. Rajji shuts the door, and gets to work. Buaji comes and asks that she still hasnt proven to be his wife, and is miles away from winning over his heart. She reprimands her for being so callous that he doesnt bother to find out where’s her husband. Buaji says that she’s convinced that they went together, and that soham loves bani, but what about bani, as she is her sister. rajji says that bani has an important work. Buaji says that she might trust bani, but how can she trust Soham, and that she sarcastically admires her guts, when she sends her husband with the girl that she loves. Buaji says that now its upto her to decide if she has to win or lose. Buaji reminds her that three days later, its the karvachauth.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Soham arranges tickets to canada, for bani, and gives it to her, still unconvinced that she is doing the right thing or not. Bani says that this is the right way, and that in these three days, she has to go to canada. She says that she cant afford to lose this battle and that she would win this anyhow, and wont be another rano. she is determiend that she would find out about parmeet. Soham promises her that he would come with her to the city after three days.

Scene 5:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji tells rajji, that her final test of her relationship with soham, lies in the Karva Chauth Fast. Buaji says that if soham breaks her fast in the night, then it would be proven that soham cares for her, but if he doesnt, then rajji should silently herself pack her bags, and leave the next day, before dawn. rajji is tensed. She says that such a need wont come, as she has the fullest faith that soham would come to break her fast. Buaji says that she would see if soham is with her, or finds another excuse to be with bani. Buaji leaves, while rajji is tensed. The screen freezes on rajji’s and bani’s tensed faces.

Precap: Rajji hesitatingly tells soham that she wants to talk to him. when he asks whats it, she tells him about the karvachauth fast. rajji says that she wants him to be home early after three days. soham is tensed, and is about to say that he has to go with bani, but stops himself, while rajji waits for his confirmation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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