Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Preparations are going on at Nirveil house. They hear someone coming. Nirveil things it is Amit’s parents and she is shocked to see Sarabhjeet and the whole family outside. He is so happy and they call them in.

Sarabhjeet and Nirveil will be asking if he spoke to Soham. Sarabhjeet will tell that it was not over properly.

Then Amrit’s family comes and they are welcomed, They are offered to eat and then they refuse and say that the Shagun should be done first.

The Rasam begins. Rajji sees the unhappy face of Dishu and will be thinking of all what happened. Then the rasams is over . They ask for permission to go and they leave.

In the meantime Dishu feels faint and she faints. Bani see her and shout. Then everyone runs to her and they ask to drink water and

she even refuses the doctor.

Beeji then tells her the truth that how will she drink water when he is on a bhook Hartal. Sarabhjeet is very shocked and asks why she is fasting. He asks Bani why di you tell me that she had eaten. Then Beeji ells him the truth of how Dishu lied and even Bani did not know.

Sharabjeet will tell her to bring some food so that I will feed her myself. Then Dishu will refuse to eat. Bani will begs her to eat then Dishu even refuses to eat. She tells till she gets what she wants she will be on a fast.

Sarabhjeet will get angry and goes away from there. Bani follow him home. She tries to persuade him to listen to her mother whatever it may be. Sarabhjeet tells her that he does not want her happiness to be sacrificed. Bani still persuades him for a long time and tells that her happiness is with her mothers Kushi; She is doing it for the family. Sarabhjeet will try to explain to him but Bani will put is hand on her head. She tells her father Meri Kasam he has to agree to what Dishu wants.

Sarabhjeet is shocked and shattered. He just sits down and puts is hands on his face and says that he has lost. He tells that he ahs lost and she and won. Please tell her that whatever she wants it will happen like that. He is a broken man. Bani tells him to speak to her himself for her sake. He then agrees.

Jassie will be cursing Rajji for all this much to the shock of Nirveil and family.

Sarabhjeet will tell Dishu that whatever she wants she can do. He asks Bani to get food for her mother. Then he tells Dishu that she wants to get Bani married to the NRI and so let it be.

He feeds her the food that Bani has brought and after that he tells her to take Dishu in. Sarabhjeet will look brokenly at his mother.

It is at night and Soham will be going up to the terrace. Simran will ask why are you so restless. Then he will tell that she is not able to sleep. He asks her if Bani’s mother has not refused his Ristha.

Then Simran will ask why should he think like that and Angad will come there and tell that we cant sit just like that. We have to go and formally ask Bani’s hand in marriage. He tells we will go and ask tomorrow and see who they will refuse the Ristha.

PRECAP: Dishu speaks to the boys mother and they fix the next day to come and meet Bani. Dishu is very happy and informs the family. Then Sarabhjeet will just looks at her.

Update Credit to: anurao

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