Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: The NGO lady’s house
Bani is shocked to see the screen. but its revealed that the screen lights go off, and jia laments that the battery went off. The lady comes and interrupts them, and jia tells everything. The lady says that its good or else she would have talked all night. She asks bani to go for shopping tomorrow with jia, as she would se delhi also then, and jia would have company too. She gets them both to go to sleep. Bani wishes them godnight and leaves. Jia assures her mother that she would take care of bani. They wish each other goodnight too.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Manpreet stops dadaji and asks what happened, and why did he accept balbir. He says that she wont understand and nor she should, and that

its his descision, and if the males take a descision, then he doesnt need their opinion or permission. he says that he would give balbir, the respect and rights as his son, as he has returned after 20 years. Manpreet tries to talk, but dadaji stops her saying that they wont talk on this. Dadaji leaves, while she is tensed.

The next morning, dadaji enthusiastically calls balbir to join them, for breakfast, when he comes back from jogging. balbir remembers how he had been insulted by manpreet. all wait tensed, while he refuses to have breakfast as he isnt hungry, and dadaji showers his love on him, by asking what he wants to eat. Dadaji insists on him to eat, and he takes the seat beside dadaji, but before he can sit, dadaji stops him, and gives him his own spot instead. All are shocked, while balbir too isnt able to believe. He asks how can he sit, as this place is his. dadji says that it was his, but from now on, its balbir, and not just the house, everything, his house, his business, his car belongs to him only. The entire family is shocked, when dadaji announces that from today onwards, balbir would oversee everything, while balbir smirks evilly at having won finally. Dadaji places his own gold chain around his neck as a symbol of this announcement.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham takes a bath and comes out, and finds her asleep, and gazes at her. Finding that she’s waking up, he gets back to his work. rajji gets up groggily, and is asked about her health. She nods. He asks if she needs anything, but she denies. He gets back to getting ready, while she gets to arranging the bed. she starts shivering all of a sudden, and gets dizzy too. She is about to fall, when he catches her midway, and they enter an awkward eyelock. They both compose themselves, while soham starts reprimanding her why’;s she working, when she isnt okay. Rajji says that she’s resting since last night. soham forcibly places her on the bed to rest. She asks him not to scold her as that wont cure her too. He asks why isnt she taking care of herself. She asks him to talk atleast with a little love. He is angry but composes himself, and pretends to be sweetly asking her to take care of herself, while he gets something for her4. she denies. He goes out to get fruits for her. rajji is angry.

Scene 4:
Location: In the market
The next morning, bani and jia shop for sarees, shoes, bags and other accessories for the marriage. Bani waits in the lawn, besides the Qutub minar, seeing passers by. She finds couples who have come there for a stroll. She imagines herself with parmeet, romancing, with him casressing her face and holding her hand, and kissing it and her forehead. She is shy when parmeet playfully suggests having children. She breaks free from her dream, when realisation hits that she’s all alone. Both bani and parmeet are oblivious that they are so near to each other, in that area. with bani’s back turned, parmeet approaches towards her, not knowing that its bani. In the meanwhile, he gets a call and diverts, while bani too moves ahead. Jia approaches parmeet, and asks why he got so late. He says that he got stuck in traffic. Bani finds them embracing, and before she can see his face, she turns away in embarassment. Jia gets her mother’s call, and after attending to it, she goes to bani, and tells her that her mother needs some shawls that they purchased for the old age home. bani agrees to go, while she stays back. After sending her off, jia goes to parmeet and they go shopping. While jia is busy shopping, parmeet takes a business call, and moves ahead. After attending to it, his eyes fall on something on the wall. Parmeet is shocked to find posters in the market, that say that he’s missing. He is oblivious that jia too is approaching him. Stealthily seeing that noone is watching, he is about to tear the poster, when he is shocked to hear jia calling him, and fastly approaching him. The screen freezes on his shocked face.


Precap: Soham takes rajji on his shoulders forcibly, while she continues ordering him to let her down. He throws her on the bed, and asks her not to leave this room, or the bed. But in doing so, he too falls on her, and they both have a romantic yet awkward embrace.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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