Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Soham bringing some bags from the Halwaai. He tells Bani to inform Nirveil that he has brought all the samaan. He wants to wash his hands and Bani pours the water and gives him the towel. Then Soham asks if she told anybody. Bani tell that I tried telling Rajji and she has changed her mind and wants to mend the Rishta and how can she tell the Amreek wants to break it.

Soham will tell her not to tell anyone and he will try and speak to Amreek himself and try to convince him. Bani will ask him that will it work. He will tell that he will try his best after all he is doing it for and pauses. He covers up saying he is doing it for Rajji and her family and their happiness is the most important. Then he leaves the place.

Then Rajji comes there and

asks her what she was doing and thinking. Then Rajji asks her what Soham told. Then she tells the same thing I told you and to keep the anger aside. Then they hug and Bani prays to God that everything should be fine.

At Amreek’s house the invitation cards have come and His mother is very worried as to how to break the news as everyone will blame Rajji. This shocks Amreek. She tells that she can’t break the news. His father will say he also can’t but they have to think of Amreek getting married to the whole life.

Then Soham comes and will want to talk to Amreek. He tries to convince Amreek.

At home they are waiting for Amreek’s family and all are worried for they are also not picking up the phone.

Soham will be telling Amreek not to think selfishly and Rajji is a good Girl and she could have always told you a lie. Then he tells him not to think about himself but about both the families. He asks him to look from his parent’s point of view and see the problem they are in stuck between him and Rajji’s family.

Nirveil tells Sarabhjeet and family to go to the Gurudwara as it is already late. Sarabhjeet will be hesitant and Nirveil tells that it’s not good to make the boys side waits at the Gurudwara.

Sarabhjeet will tell him to call once more and he was trying when Amreek and his parents come. Their hands are empty and Nirveil will be telling them it is okay for they are scared as to why they are late. Then Bani who was nervous sees Soham bringing Amreek. Everyone will be happy. Soham signals to Bani everything is okay.

Then all will be going and Rajji will be wondering what is wrong. Amreek will be going to the Gurudwara and his mother will stop him. She tells the groom should not go and tell him to solve all the issues with Rajji and she does not want him to change his mind again.

Then Beeji asks Soham what he is doing here. He was not getting married so why can’t he go to the Gurudwara. Then Soham will get a shock and with great difficulty and he will go.

Amreek will sit down and Bani serves hi tea. She thanks him for bringing the card to the house. Then he asks her she knew the truth and she will tell them that she overheard everything. He tells that she told it to Soham.

Amreek will tell her that just like the way she and Soham sacrificed for their family he is sacrificing for his family. He is not at all happy and he does not know where it will lead it is a compromise marriage only. Bani will tell him that Rajji with her love will change his mind. He is not convinced at all. He has made up his mind that he will be just going through the motions of the wedding. He tells her that it’s due to Soham he had changed his mind and she should thank him.

Bani will call Soham in so that Rajji can talk with him. She will ask then to talk and go out. Rajji tries to talk and Amreek interrupts her telling that she does not want to talk to him. He tells he is not bothered. He had come to tell that he was calling of the wedding. But he is getting married just because of his family.

Then Rajji gets angry and Amreek will tell the truth that he was getting married just because thinking of the sacrifice of Bani and Soham and he does not want to get married to her. He is just doing it for his family. She tells him that she also has no shauk and she is also get married for his family. Rajji erupts angrily and tells him not to marry her and they fight and are exhausted and Amreek walks away from there. Bani is very upset at what happened.

PRECAP: Deshu will inform Sarabhjeet that Parmeet is going to arrive on the wedding day and if they want to postpone the date the Ladke waale have no problems. Bani’s upset on hearing this.

Update Credit to: anurao

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