Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s and Parmeet’s place
Bani tries to explain it to him, that he’s married to rajji, and asks him to give rajji one chance. He asks bani how to give rajji the place that he has for her, as he loves her and not rajji. bani is tensed. it starts raining heavily, and they both are drenched. soham says that he had resigned to the fact that he couldnt get bani, due to not being an NRI, but how can he accept rajji as his wife. Bani asks him not to talk like that. soham says that he doesnt care whats wrong or right, as whats been done to him is wrong too. bani says that these talks dont make any sense, and that he is the husband of her sister. soham says that he knows that, but everytime he is reminded of the betrayal, and he cant help but feel love

for bani. He tells her that she may go far from him, but not from his heart and mind, and that noone can stop him from loving her. Bani rushes inside, and is surprised to see nirvel and sarab there, who tell that they are here to take rajji to their home. Bani asks what…. but buaji is insistent that they dont have a place for that girl, and that they can take her away. Angad says that they should sit down and talk. Nirvel says that there’s no talks to be done, and they just want rajji. Sarab says that they have already suffered enough due to them, and they dont want it anymore.

Angad says that they may have said things, but anger isnt the solution. angad says that its required as Rajji is their daughter in law now. they are shocked when they see rajji out of the door. Nirvel says that before that, she is the daughter of their house, and they cant see her in pain. Nirvel tells rajji not to feel alone, as her father is still alive, and she doesnt need to live like this, saying that he would fight the entrie world for her. angad again asks him not to be hasty, and that he wants rajji to stay here, as this is her house too now. Simran and buaji are surprised to hear him talk like that. angad goes to rajji and assures her the same. He says that rajji is a member of this family, and she can stay here till, she herself doesnt want to leave the house. Bani is relieved. Nirvel asks rajji to get along and pack her bags. Rajji and bani are tensed. Rajji finally goes inside and closes the door. She wonders waht to do. Nirvel enters and is pained to see her daughter like this. He goes to her, and apologises for his mistake, and says that he has come to rectify that. rajji sees nirvel’s wound, which he says is the punishment for raising his hand on her. He asks her to pack her bags and go along with them. He leaves, saying that he’s waiting for her outside. As she packs her bags, one of her pallu gets stuck to soham’s shirt, and she remembers buaji’s advise to her, and angad’s confidence in her.

Bani calls up manpreet, and tells that she’s going to be late due to this problem. She asks if she can stay here only for the night. Manpreet readily gives permission, and asks about parmeet’s phone, but the phone is disconnected, due to low battery before she can talk about him. bani is tensed and decides that she would talk to her later.

Angad asks nirvel and sarab to be seated, but they dont saying that rajji would be coming soon. As rajji comes out, nirvel sees that she doesnt have her bags, and askls about it. Rajji says that her bags arent needed as she isnt going with them. This shocks them, and she continues that she wants to stay here only. Nirvel comes and says that he did a grave mistake due to which she’s sop angry at him, and asks her to let bygones be bygones, and that she shouldnt punish herself for what her father did. He says that now that he knows the truth, and she doesnt have to stay here. rajji says that she isnt angry at him, as he has the right, but she wants to stay here as this is her home now, after her marriage, and come what may, she has to be here only. this shocks them. soham and simran are tensed. She says that just like he has soem responsibilities, she to has some. Nirvel tries to make her understand, but angad supports her descision, and says that he too agree with this, and let her be here if she wants, as this is an important descision of her life, and she should take it. Sarab too asks nirvel to give soem time to rajji and the situation too. He asks nirvel to come along. Nirvel hugs his daughter, and then with folded hands, he leaves. Buaji is fuming at this.

Scene 2:
Location: Manpreet’s place
Manpreet is tensed that bani’s an dparmeet’s phone arent going throug. she and her bhabhi are tensed as to whats wrong in bani’s house, and that she didnt get to know if Parmeet called her up. As he used to call up everyday, before Dadaji signed up the papers, and now after he has the property in his name, his phone is coming switched off. They are both tensed at this.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place
Desho is tensed to see the condition of the ladies in the house. She goes to beeji, and in tears, she sits by her feet, and asks to be forgive, and says that she can be given any punishment but not stay silent. Beeji gives her a cold stare, and jerks away her hand, unaffected by her tears. Desho asks her not to turn away from her. seeing that it had no effect, she goes to bindal, who is turned to stone in grief. Desho asks bindal to forgive her for what she did. Bindal says that had she taken her life, she would have been forgiven, but what she did with her daughter, rajji is unforgivable. Desho is distraught. Desho says that it wasnt intentional as she just wanted rajji’s happiness. Bindal asks her not to do this, as she did a mistake, and yet is clarifying, as she as a mother whose daughter is never going to be happy, might just curse her and that wouldnt be good. she says that its best that they both be quiet.

Scene 4:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji asks bani to leave, as her in laws would be waiting for her. Bani says that she didnt know that her young sister has grown up so much, and says that she’s very happy and proud of her and her descision. rajji smiles. Bani asks her to understand clearly about the implications of her descisons, and the fighting spirit that she needs now. Rajji says that she doesnt need to think anymore and question her fate, and instead face it all. Bani says that she knew that her sister was very strong, and is feeling helpless that she cant do anything aboutit. Rajji says that this support is enough that bani is with her in every descision of hers. They both hug each other. The screen freezes on rajji’s smiling face.

Precap: Soham asks rajji why didnt she leave, as buaji now knows everything, and she didnt have to pretend anymore. rajji says that he too was there, and why didnt he ask her to go, and tells him clearly that she has accepted her fate, that he’s her husband, and she married him, and now this is her house. soham is highly tensed..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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