Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: At the restaurant
When the lift door opens, it is found that, parmeet gets into one, and bani steps out from the other. They both go their separate ways.

Scene 2:
Location: The NGO lady’s house
Bani comes home and tells the lady about her tyre puncture, and also that her visa would take another couple of days. She asks bani to freshen up, and join her for dinner, as she wants her to meet someone special. Later, the lady calls bani, and says that she wants her to introduce her to her daughter, Jia. They both see each other and recognise the other from the restaurant. Jia is excited at such a coincidence. She says that she would have made her meet Meet today only, her fiancee. She remembers brushing past him. Bani says that

she saw him, but not his face. Jia asks if she would be here for the wedding. The lady says that when she would be getting married, bani would be onborad a flight. But jia doesnt relent, and insists on staying, atleast till her marriage, and tells bani about her love story. the lady asks jia to control her excitement. But jia tells her that bani too is recently married, and would understand her excitement. The lady asks jia to stop it now, seeing bani sad. Jia is confused. Bani excuses herself for washing hands. Jia asks what was the problem in what she said. The lady explains everything, as to how she found bani and her problems, that jia couldnt see in her excitement. Later, jia apologises to bani, for her indifferent behaviour. Bani says that she doesnt have a problem discussing her marriage, and also didnt feel bad.

She goes on to tell about meet and their love story, and how compatible they are. Bani remembers her online chats with parmeet.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Angad and simran together with kuki, tease rajji that erverything is made of soham’s liking. Soham makes a happy face. When simran asks her to sit and eat, she says that she isnt hungry and would eat later. soham stops her from serving food to his plate, but she does it nevertheless. Seeing this, he stops her when she starts again, and not wanting to create a scene, she retreats. After serving everyone dinner, as rajji proceeds to the kitchen, she gets dizzy and startles everyone, especially soham as the utensil falls on the floor from her hands. All are surprised and rush to her. Simran asks soham to get her inside, while kuki goes to get water. While rajji is lying on the bed, simran is shocked that rajji is burning with fever. rajji asks her not to bother but simran says that this isnt the case, and she should have told them. Soham says that he too didnt know anything about this, as he would have taken her to the doctor. Angad says that he should have taken care, even if she didnt tell her. Soham says that he would take care from next time. simran asks rajji to rest, and soham to take care of her, till she;s completely fine. simran goes to get soup, kuki goes to help her, while angad goes for meds.

Simran gets soup, while asking soham to ensure that she finishes it completely. Simran tells her that its really hot. Soham tries to fee her, but she keeps her lips shut, so that he isnt able to. Rajji, while denying the soup, accidentally pours the scalding drink on her hand. Simran asks kuki to get bandage, but then goes after her. When soham tries to soothe her skin, by blowing air on it, rajji refrains her hand. soham asks if she couldnt have taken the soup with caution, and quietly from his hands. He takes her hand forcibly, and attends to her burn, while she looks on. She again resists, but soham says that it isnt good to have arguement about everything. she gives in, while soham attends to her. rajji remembers how he had almost raised his hand on her. He finally lets go of her hand, while she too sadly looks away. Simran comes with the bandage, and asks soham to put it. They both compose themselves, while soham applies the bandage. Angad gives soham the meds, and tells him of the dosage. Simran asks angad, to tell the people of Hoshiyarpur, that they wont be able to come. But rajji says that she would be fine by tomorrow, and that the people would be vry angry if they dont go. Angad says that she’s right and they can leave soham behind to take care of rajji. Rajji is tensed. Rajji says that this too isnt required, as she would be fine. Soham intentionally says that angad is right, and that he would stay back, as rajji wouldnt be alone in this situation, and promises that he would take care of her. angad agrees and reminds him of the meds. He gives her the meds, saying that its bitter, but would cure her. rajji angrily eats, in simran’s and angad’s presence. Angad and simran leave, while they look tensedly at each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Jia’s house
Bani remembers parmeet’s parting talks, and their webchats, and parmeet’s promises to her, while he, posing as meet, is romantically talking to jia, who’s unaware of his reality. bani wonders where is parmeet, as she is waiting desperately to meet him. Bani consoles herself, and says that she has to look ahead and not dwell in the past, and take her future and her destiny in her hands, and find parmeet. While chatting with parmeet on her phone about their marriage and future plans, Jia calls a passing bani, that she wants her to meet her fiancee, also telling parmeet that she wants him to meet friend, without taking the name, while bani is passing by. She takes off the earplugs, and turns the mobile screen towards bani. Bani is shocked to see the person. The screen freezes on bani’s shocked face.

Precap: Parmeet is shocked to find posters in the market, that say that he’s missing.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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