Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th May 2013 Written Update

Bani comes back and Rajji tells her that thank God she came back. Then she tells that she had told Deshu that she had gone to the Gurudwara. Then Rajji asks her what Soham told her. Then she tells what transpired between them and how he had no idea of her in his mind and he was
seeing for other girls. Rajji does not believe it.

Then Amreek’s parents come and they want to choose the wedding card. Then all are together and Soham comes there and asks for the tool box. Then Bani asks whether she will bring Lassie for everyone and she will tell yes.

Then Amreek will tell his Mother he wants to speak to her outside. Then he tales her outside and tells her that this Wedding is not going to work out and he does not want to get married. This is overheard by Bani.


mom will tell him not to take any decision in such a hurry and to act normal and they would speak about him at home.

Bani is shocked and was upset. Then Soham passing by asks her if something was wrong.
Then she tells him that Amreek does not want to get married. He asks her the reason and she tells what transpired between Rajji and Amreek yesterday. She is very scared what will happen if the wedding does not take place. What would happen to Chachaji and Chachiji.

Then Deshu calls Bani and she will leave. Then they will be describing and discussing the
cards and then they ask Amreek to choose a card and he refuses and his mother covers up for him.
Then at Amreek’s house his mother will have none of his decisions to call of the wedding telling him that he was always changing his mind. Hs father will ask him the reason and he will not give any. His mother will categorically tell that he is getting married to Rajji and that is the end of the argument as two families are involved.

His mother will tell that the wedding will never be cancelled and they will take the wedding Invitations and go to the Gurudwara. Amreek also puts his foot down and tells that he will not get married and at any cost and leaves the place.

Sarabhjeet will be sitting silently and is lost. Then Nirveil will come and ask what the problem is. Then Sarabhjeet will tell him that he forced Rajji for the Rishta and he has a doubt maybe she is
not happy. Then he tells that it’s the life of Rajji and we should ask her once more. Nirveil puts it down to pre wedding nerves and tells that he will ask her. Then they see her going to the terrace and will tell him that he will ask her at once and clear his brother’s doubt.

He will go up to the terrace where Rajji is trying to dry clothes. She will be staring into space . Nirveil will ask her is she has any problem. Then he asks her why it like is as if nothing is fine. Then she reassures him that everything is fine. Then he tells her that the alliance was fixed by her Tauji and he feels he made a wrong decision. Then she tells that she has agreed for the Rishta. Then he
will tell that unless you are happy and have a smile on your face we will not be happy for we need only your happiness. She is lost in thoughts.

Deshu and Binder will be singing and doing some work, everyone is happy. Then Beeji asks
if she called to find out if the cards will come tomorrow. Deshu will remember that that she forgot something. Then Bani signals and calls Rajji out.

Rajji will tell her that she is going to keep her anger aside and get married to Amreek and how long can she penalize Amreek. Binder calls her and she leaves. Bani is wondering how to tell Rajji that the Rishta she wants to mend is going to be broken.

Bani informs Soham of the decision of Rajji and how she changed her mind. Then he tells her that not to tell anyone at home and they will try to solve the problem between Rajji and Amreek.

Update Credit to: anurao

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