Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
Reyman and balbir wait for the explosion, but it doesnt happen. They hear her calling for rajji, and then come in to check on simran. rajji comes into confront reyman for this, and says that she had gotten cautious, and had checked the pipe of the cylinder and had found it loose. She understood that she must have been behind this. Reyman and balbir are embarassed. reyman continues to protest. but rajji reprimands her how can she think of someone else like this, and asks her if she would never think that they could have called the police. Balbir too says that reyman couldnt have done something like this. rajji confronts reyamn. as soham comes in asking for tea, he notices the tension and asks the reason for it from rajji. reyman

and balbir are relieved when she doesnt tell about her doing to soham. She says that reyman wanted to make tea, and soham leaves agreeing to this. balbir thanks rajji for keeping soham in the dark about this. Rajji says that she hasnt decided, but if this happens again, she wouldnt be spared. Balbir asks reyman to apologise and leave. she leaves in a hush. Balbir apologises on her behalf saying that he is also very tensed fro reyman’s behaviour and says that she’s is always tensed. He asks rajji to place her trust on him. when rajji complies, he leaves barely able to conceal her anger. Simran asks why didnt she tell soham. Rajji says that soham would have thrown them out, and that if they stay here, she would check them everyday so that one day they realise their crimes, and reralise how wrong they did with rano.

in her room, rajji comes across the same red scarf and isnt able to pay attention to what kuki is saying, asking her about her confession to soham. rajji expresses how she hasnt been able to say, and also tells how nice and amused she gets, when she teases soham. rajji says that she would make tomorrow special for him but is tensed if she fumbles. Kuki asks her to rehearse by pretending to be soham herself. She is about to go on, when kuki takes the red scarf around her neck. rajji, after much hesitation, begins to rehearsal, that she wanted to tell him that….and then doesnt like it at all. she tries many different ways but isnt satisfied. kuki starts getting impatient, and rajji finds that distractful and gets irritable. She asks kuki to try again, and rajji closes her eyes and then covers her eyes with her hand, saying Soham, and then hears his response, opening her eeys and finds soham standing in the doorway. she starts fumbling and asks how did he come here. He asks her what was she doing. But rajji leaves. Soham is amused knowing that they are rehearsing, when he didnt feel or had the need to. he is amused at her dilemma.

Seeing them happy, reyman is frustrated with her plan going reverse. Balbir asks her to finish. reyman vents out her frustration at him. He asks her to apologise to simran and rajji, and earn good points with them and become good. She says that she has already prepared and she would convince them all.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
At the dining table, manpreet and bani are discussing about kuljit’s business. randip comes in shamelessly for eating. Manpreet and bani call Gagan also. She sits down, and randip leaves the table in disgust. Gagn informs them of her descision to do a job, at this point in her life. They get surprised. Manpreet asks why does she want to do a job. manpreet says that they would never let her feel deprived of anything. bani suuports gagn, saying that gagan isnt doing this for the money, but for her self esteem and confidence, and that they shouldn all support herr. Surjit too supports her along with manpreet. gagan thanks bani for her support.

As parmeet wakes up in the night restless, after he keeps remembering bani’s phone call, but finds maya asleep, with the covers drawn, he gets up and leaves the room. He is at discomfort and is roaming around in the dark wee hours, in the verandah when he finds someone calling out to him. he turns around to find bani dressed in the same clothes that she had drowned in, with a ghastly pale appearance. He is stunned and shocked to death, remembering how he had killed her. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Maya asks parmeet that it maybe that he has some connection with bani’s death. parmeet confronts him with the truth. Parmeet says that she maynt beleive it, but it actually is the truth. Maya asks if he means that he killed his own wife, as parmeet stares at her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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