Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 28th February 2014 Written Update

Short names : Parmeet = Pji; Randeep = RD; Kuljit = K; Surjit = S

Episode starts with all the Bhullar men taking a break from cleaning the house. Ballu says that he is tired doing all the work and may be its because of his age. Pji says that he has now understood something and wants to know the reason.. that women work all day long and are still not tired while they have worked only for an hour and are tired already. Ballu says that maybe its because all this house work is meant to be done by ladies while men are supposed to go out and work and earn money. Pji is happy with Ballu’s explanation. RD asks Pji what is wrong with him these days as ever since Bani came back he is doing everything she asks. He wasn’t like that before. Pji says that its nothing and that

since Bani just came back from a big accident, he is giving her rest and also trying to make her happy. (Gaurav looks cute in this scene) RD says that it is ok if Pji does some work but he should not become a ‘joru ka gulaam’ like their uncle Kuljit. Just then Surjit and Bani come there with tea and snacks for the men and hear RD taunting Kuljit. K, S and Bani feel bad hearing this. RD says that when men become servants for their wives, they become bheegi billi from a lion. Ballu and RD are laughing at K. Parmeet is embarrassed. (Again, because Bani has vowed to support chaacha and chaachi, they will be victimized by other Bhullar men) Bani says to S that all are having fun with K and to that S says that they are laughing with K but laughing at him. S says that she is used to all this now and leaves from there awkwardly.

All except Rajji are in the hall when the doctor comes with Rajji’s test reports and tells everyone that someone had mixed sleeping pills in Rajji’s juice when she fainted that night. Soham and the rest of the family are shocked to hear this while Ballu and Ramon are tensed. The doc says that it is better they inform the police about this as it would have been fatal for both Rajji and the baby. Ramon leaves from there and goes to Rajji’s room to talk to her. She tells Rajji that someone wants to kill her baby and had mixed sleeping pills in her drink and insinuates that Soham was the one who did it. She says that everyone is thinking about calling the police as there was an attempt to kill her baby. She pretends that she is very worried for Rajji’s safety as Soham tried to kill her baby even though he takes such good care of her. She says that he should be punished. Rajji is shocked to hear all this and leaves from there. Ramon is pleased.

Kuggi and Soham are talking about how this could have happened. Soham says that he was the one who gave her the juice and there was no one else there except him and Rajji. Just then he remembers that Ramon was the one who actually put the juice on the food tray that night and understands what took place. Just then Rajji comes into the hall. The doc says that it is the work of the police to find the truth. Ramon says that what can they do as it was only Soham and Rajji who were there. She starts planting doubt on Soham when Rajji stops her. She says she doesn’t want to know what happened and that no one should doubt Soham. She says that she has complete trust in Soham. She says that Soham could never even think about doing such a thing let alone actually doing it. She looks at Soham and says that she believes in Soham and trusts him. Soham is pleased to hear this. She says that even if Soham himself comes and tells her that he did it, still she wouldn’t believe him. (way to go Rajji! You don’t trust him enough to tell him about Bani but at least you trust him when it comes to you and your child) She tells them that Soham could never think bad for her or their child and so everyone should stop blaming him and there is no need to call the police. Ramon and Ballu are taken aback with Rajji’s words.

Ramon in her room is cursing that her plan of turning Rajji against Soham has failed. Soham comes in after her and warns her that he knows that it was she who mixed sleeping pills in Rajji’s drink. He says that he will not call the police this time but will not excuse her the next time. He warns her not to try to separate Rajji from him ever again. He says that he loves her too much and will not tolerate anyone who tries to harm her. Ballu comes there and Soham also warns him to stop butting into his life and happiness. After he leaves, Ballu scolds Ramon for not coming up with something more fool proof. He says that he has to get the property at all costs or he will become a beggar soon.

Rajji and Soham come to their room and Soham thanks her for trusting him. Rajji says that trust is not something to think about.. either it is there or not there. And she trusts Soham from the bottom of her heart. She says that she did not like it one bit when everyone doubted him as she knows how much he cares about her. She says that she cannot tolerate anyone blaming him in front of her. She says that they pointed a finger at her trust and she cannot have that and had to answer them back. Soham is happy to hear her words and asks her to sit down. He sits beside her and holds her hand in his. He says that if all that would not have happened that night, he would have told her about it. Rajji asks Soham what he wanted to talk about. She urges him to tell her what is on his mind. Just when Soham is about to say the magical words, Rajji gets a chakkar again! he makes her sleep and tells her that he will talk to her later as it is better that she rests. They then monologues that he will also trust her blindly from now on as she trusts him.

Pji is sleeping on his bed when Bani comes and sees him. She takes a pillow from the sofa and hits it on his face. Pji wakes up with a start and Bani orders him to go out as it is her bed and she has to get her sleep. Pji pleads with her to let him sleep there but she doesn’t oblige. Pji is forced to leave the room.

Its morning and Pji is still unable to get up. Just then he sees Ballu coming out of the house to exercise and quickly tries to hide. Ballu notices him and calls him. Pji hides his blanket and pillow behind a pillar and comes out. When Ballu asks what he was doing out there, he tells Ballu that he woke up early and came out. When Ballu asks why he was exercising with bare feet, he tells some story to cover up and says that it is good for eye-sight if jogging is done bare feet. Ballu also wants to remove his shoes for jogging and notices Pji’s pillow and blanket behind the pillar. When he asks Pji says some other story to cover up. Bani is noticing all this from their bedroom window and laughing at them when Soham comes out and sees Bani. He is shocked to see her in Maya’s outfit and hair. Bani sees Soham and shuts the window.

Soham is thinking about what Rajji had been saying about the girl not being Bani and wonders if that was true. Rajji comes and tells him that she is going to work in the NGO car and that he should come and pick her up in the evening. Soham agrees but is lost in thought about Bani.

Parmeet tries to sleep on the sofa in his room when again Bani comes and says that he needs to get up and dressed for breakfast. Parmeet is exhausted and irritated that he is so much pain and Maya does not even seem to care or ask him anything about his pain. Bani thinks to herself that she knows he is in pain but since she is Maya and not Bani for him, she cannot do anything about it.

Bani is making breakfast in the kitchen and Rajji comes and asks what she was making for her lunch box. Bani informs her that Soham had seen her in Maya’s avatar that morning and if he suspects something, they will be in trouble. Rajji tells her not to worry as she will soon announce to the family that she was indeed Bani and that she was mistaken before. That way, Soham also will not doubt Bani anymore. Just when they are discussing all this, they notice Gagan at the door. Gagan asks what is so secret that both sisters stopped talking as soon as she entered. They both smile at her and leave the kitchen. Rajji goes to the office. Gagan self-talks that she knows something important must be cooking between the sisters and she will find out soon enough.

At the breakfast/lunch table, Soham keenly observes Bani. Bani feels awkward and conscious that Soham is observing her. Soham notices that Bani is literally ordering Parmeet to do stuff with her body language. He wonders how Pji who used to order Bani around all the time, suddenly started taking her orders. He then speaks to the table and says that the men should do something else also for the women even though women’s day is over. Bhullar men worry about what they should do for their wives now. Pji says that they should all go out to a movie and a nice dinner that evening with their wives. All of them like the idea. Bani and Pji also agree to go.

In the evening, all get dressed for the movie. Pji is putting ointment on his feet where blisters have formed due to jogging with his bare feet. Bani is irritated with him as he tries to convince that he is in pain and tired and cannot go out with her. Bani firmly says that she finally got a chance to go out of the house and she will not like it if this opportunity slips. Pji has no option but to get up and dressed again. Everyone gather in the hall dressed up to go out for the night. They ask Soham why he is not ready yet. Soham says that he is waiting for Rajji to return from office and that they both will get dressed and join the others once she comes home. All of them leave.

Soham quickly goes to Pji’s room and searches for clues that the girl is not Bani. He ransacks the place but doesn;t find anything. Just then he sees a suitcase on top of the almirah and opens it. He sees all the modern dresses and a photo album with Bani’s modelling photos. Soham is ultra-shocked seeing all this!

Precap: was not shown!

Update Credit to: Hima

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