Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th May 2013 Written Update

Bani will be telling Rajji that she has caused Soham a lot of Dukh. Rajji asks what she will do and Bani tells that she does not know what she will do. Soham goes home late much to the concern of Simran. Then He tells that he will go to the terrace and he will eat later.

Angad will come and ask for food. Simran will tell him that you are not bothered about your brother who came late and does not want to eat. Angad goes to see him on the terrace.

Soham will be having flashbacks of Bani. When Angad comes and shows two glasses and a bottle of rum. Then he tells that I know it’s not good but once in a way it was okay. He then tells that instead of thinking about the past we have to think of Today. Then Soham tells that even Aaj will be tomorrows Kal. Then he tells that

as you are concerned about me and my happiness I am
also concerned about Bani and her happiness. Then he tells his brother to ask Bhabi to wait for sometime as soon as Bani’s wedding is over he will come back.

Deshu will be wondering where Bani is missing. Then Rajji gives a excuse that she has gone to the Gurudwara. Then Deshu asks how she knows. Rajji will tell her that he heard her telling you and you must be not had heard. Then Rajji will be praying that she comes back fast.

Simran is very angry with Soham and tells that he cannot go to Bani’s house or village. He informs her that he has to go for there is so much to do for the wedding. She asks him whether we are related to her. Then he tells I have to do this for Bani. All these days I thought only of myself now I have to think of Bani who gave such a big sacrifice to bring down the family rift. Simran will have non of that. She tells she has started seeing girls and leaves some pictures for him to choose. Then he turns and sees that Bani is coming there.

Bani will look at him. They go close to each other. He asks bani if she has any work with him. She tells that she has no work. She has come to ask Maafi from the day Simraan and Angad came home. She says she tried so many times. She says she did not want to cause any dukh to him. She tells that she never gave any importance to his feelings because she never felt like that to him. Then he tells her not to talk any more. He tries to control his feelings and tells her that she has a misunderstanding. It was nothing as she though and she does not have to ask maafi. He tells that he never had feelings like that. She must have misunderstood.

He tells that I did meet your father and ask for your hand and that was because he came to find out that they where looking for a NRI Rishta. Since he had also applied he approached Uncle for he knew the family and the girl. Bani will be listening to him cover up his feelings.

Then he tells that Bhabi was in such a hurry that without asking Uncle came to ask for the Rishta. He tells her that all ends well, for everyone is happy. Both you and Rajji’s sapna of the Deewar falling has come true. Then he tells that Bhabi has seen some girls for me. He shows the photos and she tells she is happy that he is getting married. Then he tells her he has got some work and Bani goes away from there with a sad face. Then Soham turns and looks at her very sadly.

PRECAP: Amrit tells his mother that he does not think the Shaadi is working out. She is shocked and he tells that he does not want to get married to Rajji. Bani overhear this.

Update Credit to: anurao

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