Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
As reyman is continuing with the household work, she starts lamenting that she has to wash herself, while rajji says that everyone wanted to have tea, and milk is fin sihed. she is shocked that she would have to go to the market o get milk. rajji says that wont be needed, and reyman is relieved. but rajji shocks her saying that she would have to extract the milk herself from the buffaloes. Reyman is in shock, while rajji is amused. she leaves, while reyman gets on with this next to impossible work. She tries to sweet talk with the buffalo, as a naive, and cautiously begins to try it, after giving her some green leaves. she is very scared as she finds the buffalo in an angry mood. She sssssomehow reaches over but is given a strong

jerk by the buffalo. balbir is in fits of laughter, and reyman gets angry. she asks him to help and praises him to such an extent, and asks him to try it. he is left with no other choice. reyman leaves the space for balbir. He eyes it distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: parmeet’s residence
While parmeet sits scared, bani pretends to be maya and pretends to be bored qand goes out. he thinks that he would go mad, as he has no clue from either side, as to who is doing this to him, and on the other hand he couldnt find any trace of bani. Parmeet gets a call, from bani who identifies herself on the phone, and parmeet is stunned by shock and fear. He drops the phone and collapses on the bed, scared to even look at the mobile, and runs out of the room, to find if there’s anyone around, but doesnt find it. He closes the door shut and then stealthily approaches the mobile, and looks at the screen, and then puts the receiver next to his ears, and again says hello. But he doesnt get any response from the other side. He thinks that maya is joking with him and rushes out, while bani pretends to be lost in the magazine downstairs. he jerks off the magazine away, and accuses him of talking on the phone. She asks him to have gone mad, as she would come to talk to him and not call. He says that she called, as he recognised her voice. She says that she is maya, but impersonating bani, and asks whats wrong with him. She starts reading the magazine in disgust. he apologises profusely and leaves. Bani is amused. He goes to his room and says that he has gone mad, asbani is dead and cant call. he wonders who was it, and concludes if it was bani’s soul. But then he denies it again. Getting as call, he picks it up in terror, and hears why isnt he recognising her, as she is his bani, and her love has drawn her to him. He asks her to stop this nonsense and that he demands to know who is doing this. He again hears that its bani. He warns the person and asks her not to repeat this again. He cancels the phone. But then again gets the call. He receives it and runs out, and finds maya talking on the phone. He thinks that it wass maya, and thanks her on the phone only, for this being just a joke and asks her not to do so again. he comes upto her and in person, again says the same thing, and asks her never to repeat this again. She asks what did she do now. He asks her not to do so. Parmeet again gets the call, and is shocked as he hears bani’s voice identifying herself again and asks him if he would come to meet her. He is shocked as he hears all this, while standing in front of maya. he is scared to death. he rushes to his room, while maya asks whats wrong. after he leaves, bani is amused that her plan is working. He asks the person, to come in front of her, if she actually isd bani. He is shocked, as he finds bani’s hand on his shoulder, and then identfies it as maya. she intentionally asks that he behaves like he has seen a ghost. he is alarmed and asks if she actually believes in this stuff, and if dead people can come back as ghosts. she mysteriously says that such facts are perennial, and that those whose deaths are mysteries, they are seen as ghosts and are yheard too. He asks what does she mean. She says that she doesnt have any secrets, hence doesnt see any, and asks about him. he fumbles and says that he is scared of ghosts. He leaves in a haste. bani gives a thumbs up to gugi hiding at a distance, as he is amused that he has recorded voice of bani, that did the trick.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s residence
Balbir and reyman are frustrated with their torture, while reyman concocts up an evil and vicious plan. balbir is tensed. Reyman intentionally keeps the cylinder loosely tied, and balbir reprimands her that this could be responsible for everyone’s death. She says that she would use this to turn everyone against rajji, as she would put it on her with venomous rage, after its responsible for simran’s death, and would send her to jail, and soham would come back after them to the bhullar mansion. balbir is happy with her plan. As they find simran lighting a matchstick, they wait from a distance to hear the cylinder to explode. finally the matchstick burns. the screen freezes on it.

Precap: As parmeet wakes up in the night and is roaming around in the dark wee hours, he finds someone calling out to him. he turns around to find bani dressed in the same clothes that she had drowned in, with a ghastly pale appearance. He is stunned and shocked to death.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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