Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Desho crying and saying that she did all this so that Bani’s rishta and her own dream of making Bani an NRI does not break. Sarabjit shouts at her and says NRI! Your dream has made us pay a big price! He says because of you I was separated from my brother for 22 years and my Beeji prayed day and night to see her two sons together! He says Soham lost his love just because of your NRI dream (all the while Desho is crying) and today because of your dream our Rajji has to suffer in her sasural. He says that do you understand that because of your one dream you broke so many dreams! He says that I listened to everything you said just because I thought you were thinking about everyone’s happiness but no you only thought about your own selfish gains! (Spot on Sarabjit!).

He says today I will finish off your dream and he storms out of the house. Sarabjit pulls out Desho’s big aeroplane from the courtyard and says I will burn the dream that burnt all our happiness (meanwhile it is thundering really bad and the scene is portrayed very well). Everyone is watching and Desho is grovelling and begging him to stop. Nirvail tries to stop Sarab but he puts petrol onto the aeroplane and burns it. The whole family is crying and is in shock. Desho is devastated and is crying like mad as she watches her dream turn to ashes (it’s what you deserve love). It starts raining and Desho is sitting alone and crying while we are shown Bani, Rajji and Soham all upset.

At Soham’s house Simran asks Buaji to eat but buaji says she can’t as she feels very bad for Soham, suddenly Bani knocks on the door and enters their house. Buaji says have you come to put salt on the wounds your mum gave us? Bani says no she would like to meet Rajji. Buaji says something to Bani but Angad stops her. Angad tells Bani to go and meet Rajji in her room so Bani goes. In Rajji’s room both hug each other and cry and Bani tells Rajji why she didn’t tell her all this before? She took the blame for everything no reason! Rajji says Soham told her not to say anything because he didn’t want Bani to know and cause you and trouble.

Back at Bani’s house Sarabjit asks Nirvail for forgiveness because of what Desho did and says he is willing to undergo any punishment. Nirvail says how can he punish him when he was not at fault. He looks at Desho and says but he doesn’t want to end this matter by punishing the person at fault, instead they will keep this thing very close to their heart and not forgive that person ever.
Back at Soham’s house, Bani asks Rajji to forgive her as she didn’t understand her and that she had to face everything alone and they both hug. Bani says to Rajji that she is with her in every decision she makes and asks her what she wants to do now? Rajji says even she doesn’t know what she wants. Bani gets a call from Manpreet but doesn’t answer it and Rajji tell her to go now as her in laws are calling and Bani leaves.

At Parmeets house Manpreet is thinking why Bani is not answering her phone and Gaggan comes and taunts that Bani should have atleast phoned that she will be late and stuff and she has been married for about 10 days now but out of those 10 days she has stayed at her mayka for 4 days. Chachi says it a new wedding and girls often take time to detach from their mayka so its no big deal. Gaggan says even she felt ike going to her mayka when she got married but no one let her but here everyone is in favour of Bani. Manpreet says Bani asked for her permission before she went and there must be a problem that’s why she is late.
Back at Bani’s house, Nirvail is upset about what happened to Rajji and says her sasural didn’t accept her and her own parents kicked her out and she didn’t even say anything. Desho is looking like a mad woman listening to all this. Beeji says we must think of what to do next. Nirvail says he will get his daughters happiness back while Sarabjit says he is with him in every decision he makes. Nirvail looks at Desho with hatred in his eyes.

Back at Soham’s house Kuggi is telling Soham got com e and eat while Soham refuses. Bani comes there and Kuggi leaves. Soham is silently crying. Bani says he knows that whatever happened to him was bad and happened all because of her mother and asks for forgiveness on her behalf. She says her mother committed this mistake and not Rajji and like him Rajji is also not at fault in all this. She tell him not to take his anger out on Rajji. Soham says it is Rajji’s fault and says because she is not Bani. Bani is shocked and says but she is your wife. Soham says he does not consider her his wife. Bani tries to make him understand and says give her a chance. Soham says is it easy to love someone and marry someone else? (Very true). He says how can he consider Rajji his wife when he loves Bani?

Precap: Nirvail has come to take Rajji home and Rajji doesn’t say anything. .

Update Credit to: princess

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