Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th February 2014 Written Update

Epi starts with Parmeet bieng an ass to Manpreet. Bani immediately eats the porauntha (paratha ) and says to Parmeet that for a change they should all have this breakfast. Bani gives him look and Parmeet relents. Manpreet tries to get up to make more parathas but Bani gives Rajji a look and Rajji immediately offers Bani for paratha making duty. Rajji goes off with Bani.

Parmeet worries how Maya will be able to handle this.

In the kitchen,Rajji tells Bani that she knew that she wouldnt let Manpreet work . Bani tells Rajji she really wanted to cook for everyone today and how she didn’t she like the way Parmeet spoke to Mummyji and how she wants to change him.

Parmeet is worried and wondering if Rajji is interrogating Maya in the kitchen.

Bani and

Rajji come out with the parathas and Bani serves them. Everyone collectively takes a bite of their paratha and Manpreet compliments Bani and so does Surjit. Parmeet is relieved to hear that.

Scene changes: Manpreet is remembering Parmeet being an ass and Bani comes there. Bani apologizes to Manpreet on behalf of Parmeet. Manpreet tells Bani it’s her fault and her bad upbringing that is responsible for her sons not respecting women. Bani tells manpreet its the fault of the atmosphere of Bhullar house. Manpreet says she cant absolve herself of the blame. She says that it is time for her punishment. Bani tells her it is time to teach the men respect for women and it will start with Manpreet. Manpreet gives bani her ashirwad and leaves from there. Bani vows to Babaji that within 24 hrs Parmeet will apologize to Manpreet.

Raji again shows up cheerleading Bani. She says she is sure even now Bani asked Babaji not for herself but for others. Bani smiled. Bani tells Rajji how Manpreet blames herself for Parmeet’s behavior. Rajji tells Bani that first Parmeet must realize his mistake and only Bani can do that.Bani tells her about the 24 hr deadline and Raji looks worried.

Scene change. Bani comes to her room where Parmeet is pacing. She sits down to read the newspaper and discovers that it’s womens day tmrw. She excitedly tells Parmeet about it and when he doesnt seem to care, she scolds him for having lived in Canada so long and not knowing the importance of this day. She tells Parmeet she celebrates this day every year with her family and makes them feel proud that she is a woman. She says that she would get them gifts and wouldn’t let them do any house work and take them out.

Parmeet tells her they dont celebrate this day but Bani tells him, chirpily, it’s his duty to the women in this house. Bani tells him she thought he was a genuine person, but apparently she was mistaken. Parmeet immediately denies this and says that he hasnt spent much time with his family so he doesn’tknow these things but given the opportunity he will surely love to. Bani tells him this is his chance. She tells Parmeet that he has to get everyone ready for ardas at 7 am the next day. Parmeet freaks out that he would have to get up at 5 to do this. Bani tells him she has told him how to celebrate, now he has to figure it out.

Scene changes to Small town girl plating in the bg and Parmeet setting up multiple alarms and freezing out in the balcony/corridor. Bani comes and taunts him a bit and then closes the window.

Parmeet wakes up Randeep and tells them to come for ardhas at 7. Next he goes to Baloo and Ramon and wakes them. He tells them to show up for ardhas at 7. Ramon is not happy about that. Next up Surjit. After he leaves from there Chachaji wonders how the man who doesnt respect women is celebrating women’s day. Surjit says it is all Bani’s doing who has changed Parmeet so much.

Scene changes to Bani joining Manpreet and Manpreet saying that the family never does ardhas with her. Bani tells her today they will.

Ramo and Baloo and Gagan and Randy all sitting in the living room whining about waking up so early. Soham comes ther with Rajji and Guggi and says its a good thing to do together.

Parmeet comes there and is happy to see them but looking at Gagan in her dressing gown asks her why she isnt ready yet. Baloo tells Parmeet what has gotten into him. Parmeet spins a story about how he celebrates like this every year in Canada.

Manpreet is sitting Bani and Bani tells her not to loose hope. Parmeet comes there and with him is everyone else. Parmeet says sasriakal to Manpreet who is looking surprised to see them all. Parmeet takes ashirward from Manpreet and she and Bani share a happy look.

Precap: Parmeet wearing an apron, is on his knees in front of Manpreet and apologizes to her for his yesterday’s attitude.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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  1. I support Bani aka Maya. Women r also humans nd must be given all rights and respect in every field….
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