Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th March 2014 Written Update

So, the episode starts with Parmeet freaking out about Bani’s clothes missing. He tells Maya that Bani’s death is shaking him up and that he is seeing her signs everywhere. He asks her if she too is able to see all these things and Maya says no. He freaks out that he is unable to do anything about the fact that he is seeing things which are not really there. Bani smirks.

At Angad’s – Raymon is picking up gobar from the ground and cursing her life for having to do these smelly jobs in the name of helping Rajji. Ballu comes there and calls her a maid and asks her where Raymon is. Raymon is furious and threatens to smear gobar on Ballu’s face if he teases her. Just then Rajji comes and tells Ballu that he should go with Soham to the fields and help

him out. Ballu agrees hesitantly and says that he will reap gold in the fields with Soham.

Randeep asks the servant for food. Manpreet, Bani, Surjit, Kuljit and Kuggi come to the table and stand around him. Manpreet says that he should be ashamed of himself for eating so well when Gagan hasn’t touched a thing since the day before. Randeep says that he never told her to starve and he could care less about what she does or doesn’t do. When Kuljit and Kuggi try to talk some sense to him, he dismisses them by telling them to stay out of the matter. Manpreet is disgusted. Bani says that she will bring food for Gagan and try to persuade her to eat.

Soham and Ballu are walking to the fields when a couple of farmers join them and ask Soham who Ballu was. Soham doesn’t want to tell them that he is his father but Ballu tells them. The farmers ask Soham why he was entertaining the person who left his mother Rano to die alone. Ballu says that he admits he was at fault and now he is trying to redeem himself. He tells them that Soham hasn’t forgiven him and that he is only giving his father a chance to redeem himself. The farmers say that they respect Soham’s decision.

Bani calls Rajji and both tell each other about how the villains are being punished. Bani informs her of Randeep’s revelation and Gagan’s pain. (What are they doing house-arresting Gagan is beyond me.. its emotional blackmail that Manpreet and Bani are subjecting Gagan to in my opinion) Bani says that she will call Rajji back to talk to her again.

Bani takes food for a sad Gagan. Gagan recollects all the incidents that led this far for Randeep to treat her the way he did the day before. Gagan says that it is all her fault and Bani maata gives a lecture on women always blaming themselves for everything even though it is not their fault.. (blah blah.. you get the picture.. can’t write all the Bani bhashan.. I can see Shefali’s expressions when I write all that) She finally convinces Gagan to eat and feeds her and both hug.

Rajji and Raymon are going to the fields to take lunch for their husbands. Raymon says that she is unable to walk on such a kutccha road. Rajji asks why she wore heals to the fields. Just then Raymon’s heel breaks and she runs to the fields with both the shoes in her hand as it is very hot. At the machaan, all four of them have lunch. Rajji says that Raymon has to go to the fields to pick up nice vegetables and cook for the evening. She sends Raymon and Ballu on the mission vegetable picking. Bani calls Rajji and tells her about Parmeet’s fears. Rajji warns her to be one step ahead of Parmeet as he doesn’t give up that easily.

Parmeet seems paranoid about seeing Bani’s things and those which aren’t really there. For a second he doubts if Bani’s atma is doing this to him. He quickly tells himself that such a thing is not possible. He calls the assassin and asks him if all went well when Bani died and if she really died that day. The assassin says that he is very sure of it and if Parmeet was so doubtful, he should have gone on the boat himself and pushed her into the river. Parmeet says that he is scared of water and even to sit on a boat in water and that was why he did not do it himself. He tells the assassin to find out if anyone found an unconscious girl at the river bank that day. The assassin agrees to find out. Bani hears all this from outside the room and worries that he would know that she was indeed Bani and not Maya if he got the news of Bani being alive.

Precap: Bani tells Kuggi that Parmeet was on the verge of finding out the truth. The assassin talking to someone on the phone and telling them that Bani was indeed found alive at the river bank and Anuji took care of her. They show Parmeet with his phone later.

Update Credit to: Hima

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