Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
Bani takes everyone’s leave, while assuring bindal not to worry about rajji, as everything would be okay in time. They are startled at buaji coming out, screaming at them. She say that they wouldnt be quiet after this batrayal. When nirvel doesnt understand, buaji asks them to ask desho as she knows everything. Desho is tensed and speechless. Buaji goes on to reprimand nirvel and his family about being the most unfaithful and disloyal people, who pretend to be the sweetest people around. Nirvel stops her and asks her to think and speak cautiously before she speaks anything else. Buaji says that she wont be quiet at any cost. Buaji says that she’s on fire since she knew that their stranded daughter was sent of with soham, through a

skillful trap. This shocks them and particularly bani, who seems confused. Nirvel shouts out at her, asking her to think before speaking. nirvel again calms down and asks whats the mater. Buaji again asks them to ask desho. When desho is questioned, she says that she didnt create any misunderstanding. simran asks her to stop lying, as they both know that there was no misunderstanding, and it was generated, and she stayed quiet even after knowing everything, and she let sohamj marry rajji. Buaji spills out the beans, that desho had asked soham to marry bani. Buaji asks how then did soham marry rajji. she asks for an answer, but desho is speechless. buaji says that she has an answer, and tells how desho tactfully got him married to rajji. desho breaks down into tears, saying that she isnt at fault, and whatever misunderstanding between bindal and soham, she didnt create it. She asks bindal if she came in between their talks. Buaji says that she knsew everything and coulod have cleared the confusion, and why didnt she tell soham that parmeet has come, as she only bothered about bani’s happiness and spoilt soham’s in turn.

Buaji says that they didnt come here for clarifications, but came to warn them that they wont sit quiet and show the entire world their true face. She reprimands them for being so callous, and says that now they would show what can they do. she takes simran and leaves. The whole family is tensed. Desho tries to clarify her innocence that what she idd was for the sake of the well being of the family. But bani’s fathjer asks her to shut up, saying that she had lied that much which she wanted. He drags her inside by the hand. Bani’s father asks her to swera on their god, and tell him the truth. Desho is tensed, as the whole family waits for her answer. She says that she admits her mistake, shocking them, and confessing to everything, and putting the blame on mamiji. He asks her not to blame mamiji, and reprimands her for behaving so immature. nirvel and bindal too ask who gave her the right to decide on their daughter’s future. All are tensed while the ladies are in tears. Desho apologises profusely that she only thought of bani’s well being. bani’s father asks when did she care for the family, as its due to her

He says that it was her greed that she didnt want any problems in bani’s marriage, and her NRI dream. He says that had she considered them as family, she would have told everything. He reprimands her for shaming him entirely. Desho apologises to nirvel for this. Nirvel asks if what she did, deserves to be forgiven. nirvel asks that she took her revenge on him after 22 years, by punishing rajji. He says that he has always considered her next to his mother, but if she wanted revenge, she should have taken it on him, why rajji, and she did what even enemies dont do. She is reminded how much rajji revered her and she didnt flinch once before destroying her life. she is asked if there was jas, instead of rajji, would she have done this again. Then himself answers it saying that she wouldnt have, as rajji isnt her true blood, and therefore she didnt think its wrong. Desho is highly upset. Bindal too reprimands her for this, saying that rajji wont be able to be happy in that house. Nirvel remembers how rajji didnt want to go back to soham’s place, and says that now he understands rajji’s fear and dislike to go back. He thinks that without understanding her problems, they forcved her back to that house, and slapped her even. And still she was just a silent spectator, when he hit her, and dragged her outside the house, when in fact rajji tried to save her by staying mum, and bore all the torture, but desho didnt melt seeing her pain. Badi bi and bani are in tears, while desho is crying incoherently.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji is faced by the entire family, as they are all tensed and angered at her family. Buaji asks kuki to get water, and when rajji goes to get, buaji asks her not to as she doesnt want from her. Buaji asks rajji to stop behaving like a daughter in law, as she isnt the bahu of this house. Buaji says that they dont accept this distrustful marriage, as she and her family spoilt their happiness and therefore she too isnt entitled to any happiness. She says that rajji isnt entitled to be in their house either. rajji is tensed and shocked too. but angad refuses and says that this wont happen. rajji is shocked and turns at him, as angad declares that she wont go anywhere, as its her house too now, and whatver may be the marriage, it has happened, and with all the rituals, and whatever has happened, she isnt to be blamed for this. angad says that whether they like it or not, rajji is their bahu, and she wopuld stay here. soham says that she may be regarded as the bahu, but he cant accept her as his wife. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Bani’s father gets out the aeroplane that is the symbol of Deshos’ dream and starts pouring kerosene on it, while desho and nirvel try to stop him. Desho says that she apologises to everyone, while he sets the airplane afire. All are tensed and in tears, and desho is crying incoherently..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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