Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 25th February 2014 Written Update

Parmeet is trying to sleep outside in the balcony of his bedroom and shivering with cold. Bani looks on from the window and then closes it thinking about how he made her stand outside in the cold all night long. Parmeet then goes to the door to get a blanket for himself when Maya opens the door and gives him a blanket saying that she is not that bad to let him sleep in cold without a blanket. She closes the door on him and bolts it from inside.

Ramon and Balbir planning to separate Soham and Rajji again. Ramon says that she is waiting for Rajji’s report so that she will think Soham was the one who put sleeping pills in her drink and fight with him more.

Bani and Rajji secretly meet in the hall at night. Bani asks Rajji if she was feeling fine. Rajji says she

is alright and asks her what Parmeet said about her coming back from her maayka abruptly. Bani says that she handled it and made him sleep in the balcony and bolted it so that he doesn’t come into the room. Both give high-fies to each other and head to the terrace to talk in privacy.

On the terrace, Bani and Rajji start off with how they used to find time for each other even when they had a wall between them in childhood. They reminisce the fine moments. Rajji says that they should discuss about future plan as Anuji is also not with them presently. Bani says that she has a plan and that is to make sure all the Bhullar men will be given a crash course in how to treat women. She says that first she will make Parmeet respect his mother as he is very rude to her while she blindly loves him as her son. Then she says that she will make sure Surjit and Kuljit are given the place and respect they deserve in the house. Gagan and Randeep will all have their share of lessons. Balbir will be taught how to respect women again and Ramon will be told not to forgive Balbir for what he did to Rano, ever!

Rajji also agrees with Bani and says that besides making Parmeet accept his faults in front of all the members, they should also make sure all are equally respected and well-treated in the house. Suddenly Soham comes there and ushers Rajji inside the house as she should be taking rest.

Parmeet wakes up late in the morning and realizes that the door to the room is bolted from inside. Just then Manpreet comes and knocks on the bedroom door to call them for breakfast. Parmeet is terrified that she would walk in find Bani is bed and Parmeet in the balcony. When trying to call Bani fails, he tries to pry open a window and succeeds. He goes into the room and falls down from the sofa when Manpreet enters and asks him why he did not open the door for her. They are mystified that Bani is not there when Bani comes from the bathroom. She tells her that she would join them for breakfast shortly. After Manpreet leaves, Parmeet is about to tell Bani off but stops himself when Maya looks at him angrily for not waking her up with bed tea.

When Parmeet comes down for breakfast, Rajji suddenly.. out of the blue says that she is not Bani as Bani would never wake up that late. Parmeet gets irritated(I don’t blame him) with Rajji for again starting on her doubting Parmeet and tells her off. Bani meanwhile is coming to the table when Randeep stops her with a dirty look on his face. She gives him a serious look and says that a person who does not know how to respect women should start by first giving them way. Randeep seems scared of Bani and lets her go.

At the table, Gagan notices that something is wrong with Bani… her eyes, they are of a different color. Parmeet covers up saying that he bought her color lenses and asked her to wear them while going out. Bani picks up the cue from him and goes in to change her lens. Parmeet also follows her to help but she writes him off saying he is more of a problem for her than a solution as it was his idea that she removes her Bani lens in the first place. Parmeet is sorry for having created trouble.

At the table again, Manpreet tries to serve Bani and Parmeet parathas and he suddenly shouts at her saying she should stop giving him such oily food. Manpreet gets offended. Bani, Rajji and Soham are all disgusted with the way Parmeet talks to his mother.

Precap: Bani tells Rajji that in 24 hours time, she will make Parmeet apologize to Manpreet. Both start thinking about how to get that done.

Update Credit to: Hima

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