Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: The NGO lady’s house
The policeman comes and is greeted by the lady, who asks him the reason of his visit. He says that he just came to get bani to recognise her stuff, from what they got from bansi’s house. Bani comes and is told this good news too. the policeman takes his leave, while bani is relieved and happy. The lady asks her to go to the visa office, in the car that she has arranged for her.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji is dusting when, soham comes. rajji stops him. Rajji tells soham that she didnt tell simran, that she hasnt eaten, as that would have shown that she wanst with soham. She also says that she said that she has already eaten. soham agrees and begins to move ahead, while rajji, seriously ill,

collapses on the chair, clutching at her head tightly. soham turns around and finds her nauseous. He asks her what happened, and if she’s alright. she asks him not to bother. Soham leaves and rajji gets to work.

Later, as rajji is arranging his clothes, soham asks her not to. rajji says that she can do and then he can rearrange them as he likes. Soham asks her not to. As rajji still continues defiantly, soham raises his hand to hit her, but stops midway, shocking rajji nevertheless. rajji provokes him to hit, as she’s not going anywhere, and would do her work, come what may. Soham lowers his hand, and goes towards the window. rajji too defiantly gets back to work, and stuffs the almirah with the clothes, without arranging them. but in her haste, she again feels dizzy, and soham when he turns around, finds her like this, and is surprised. rajji tries to put up a brave face defiantly. She walks out of he room, leaving soham to his thoughts.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Asa the priest take manpreet’s leave, dadaji enters and is surprised to see them leaving. he hollers at manpreet, who along with the rest of the family is surprised to see him too. dadaji comes in confused, and all take his blessings. Then dadji asks about the priests visit. Manpreet hesitatingly tells that rano’s no more, and also about the akhand path, that was kept, as she had suffered a lot when she lived, and hence did this for the peace of her soul. Dadji is shocked to see balbir coming out of his room. Balbir faces him tensesdly. The family wonders about dadji’s reaction. All start talking against balbir, thaty he came here after 20 years, and tell of everything that he had done, while dadji was away. Dadji progresses towards balbir, while he stands with his head bowed down. Finally he faces him, and much to everyone’s relief, manpreet tells the treatment and torture that he meted out to rano, and her suicide. Others too lash out at him. manpreet says that balbir wont leave till dadaji tells him to. The entire family ask dadji to throw him out of the house. Dadaji hears all this tensedly, then smiles, much to everyone’s puzzlement and shock, and hugs balbir, who’s instantly gratified. on dadaji’s back, balbir eyes everyone angrily, while manpreet and others cant believ what they see. manpreet asks him how can he do this. Dadaji defiantly says that he’s hugging his son, who’s come after 20 years, to end his wait and search. He acts like its completely normal. Daji says that only he knows how difficult it was for him to search him. He tells everyone that he has called balbir back. He says that he’s happy that balbir accepted. He takes him and leaves for his room, leaving everyone shocked. Balbir eyes manpreet victoriously, who’s distraught at this.

Scene 4:
Location: At the restaurant
After the visa work is done, she finds that her car has had a flat tyre. the driver instructs her to go upstairs and the restaurant and wait, while he gets it fixed. She leaves. She accidentally collides in to a girl, who apologises. bani takes a seat, by the poolside in the restaurant. As bani is sitting at the restaurant, she finds a couple where the same girl is naughtily teasing the boyfriend, having blindfolded him with her hands, and asking him to guess who is it. She is pleased to see such a romance. She is however oblivious of the fact, that the boyfriend is actually parmeet. The butler asks bani to change her seat, as this table is reserved. Therefore, she isnt able to see parmeet.

Parmeet calls the waiter and places an order of a lemonade for the girl and banana shake for himself, and after that when he takes bani’s order, she says that she just wants water. The girl is excitedly talking about the mehendi celebrations, and about their love. Parmeet tells about their online love story, when he was in Canada and she in delhi. they are discussing, as to how difficult it was for him to get her mother to agree, who is the richest people in delhi, and he is a beggar like person, who’s an orphan and doesnt have any family. The girl tells about her mom always accepting what she wants. parmeet says that frtom now on, he too would be there by her side in every walk of hr life. He gives her a gift, a beautiful top, which she likes. Bani is oblivious that the search of her life is sitting at the next table only.

The butler accidentally mixes with parmeet and bani’s drink. As he goes to bani, after serving the couple, parmeet calls him to show tht he’s mixed water with the banana shake. The butler comes back to rectify it. Being so close, still bani’s and parmeet’s paths dont cross. As parmeet crosses with his girl, by bani’s side, and brushes past her, she senses something but isnt able to recognise him from back, as he strolls out of the place with his girl.

The driver comes up to tell bani that the tyre is fixed and that they are ready to go home. Bani takes the lift with him, oblivious that parmeet too is waiting impatiently for the same lift, on the ground floor, as he had forgotten his mobile phone, at the restaurant only. As the lift opens on the ground floor, both bani and parmeet, are surprised to see what they find when the lift door opens. The screen freezes on bani’s shocked face.

Precap: After serving everyone dinner, as rajji proceeds to the kitchen, she gets dizzy and startles everyone, especially soham as the utensil falls on the floor from her hands.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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