Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Rosewood Hotel
Randip is shocked to find an angry Gagan standing in front of him. bani is finally relieved to expose randip in front of gagan. bani comes out and says that she got gagan here, and tanya got him here, so that they could expose him in front of Gagan. she says that they thought luck saved him at the party, but he again did wrong, as either he doesnt care for his marriage or he considers girls as fools. randip tries to get gagan to believe but she breaks off his grip, saying that she cant believe after seeing and hearing what she did, and hence put up with him and avoided every sign, of his infidelity. She says that she is embarassed to call him her husband, when she loved yhim so much, and says that she wont ever forgive him. She leaves,

with bani and tanya in tow. randip is furious.

Outside, Bani comes to console Gagan, who apologises for considering her wrong, and insulted her always, and she only helped her today. she says that a wife either cant see or intentionally avoids seeing, just to save her marriage and compromise with the relation and that its better to die once than everyday. she breaks down in front of bani, who also apologises for hurting her, but just wanted her to see the truth. Gagan says that she did absolutely right, as she didnt leave any other option for her. She hugs bani.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Gagan comes home with bani. randip too follows. He asks bani never to interfere with their matters ever. He apologises to gagan saying that he shoudl be given one last chance. Gagan goes inside, and he goes after her. manpreet comes out and asks bani what happened. bani says that this should have happened long ago. In their room, Randip confesses when he finds gagan packing, and apologises for this mistake. He tells gagan angrily that she is taking it way ahead. She jerks herself free and leaves the house. As gagan leaves the mansion with her suitcase, bani tries to stop her. But randip is defiant. randip tells gagan that if she is going, she can go easily, and he wont give a damn, as her existence is because of him only, and that noone else would take her except for him. He tells her that all his mistakes are accepted as he is a male, but she wont be spared by the society. She is apalled. manpreet enters the mansion, from outside and finds gagan leaving. ashe tells gagan that she is embarassed to have a son like him. manpreet tells her that gagan is the daughter in law of this hosue and would stay here only. She tells him that if anyone has to go from this house today, randip would go. He eyes them angrily. He says that he is the heir to this family, and heirs arent thrown out, and that this house’s existence is due to him. manpreet slaps him saying that even a heir is given birth by a woman, and the existence that he claims to be his, is always owed to a woman. She says that Gagan is like a daughter, and she wont go anywhere. randip says that he hasnt askeed her to go. manpreet says that she was forced by him, and this isnt just gagan, but thousands of women who have to compromise for the sake of keepi8ng their family and their children. manpreet tells Gagan that she cant change this situation, but can teach her the way to live, and asks her to forget that she has been hurt by a man, and that she isnt alone here and everyone would stand by her, and she is a part of this family. randip says that he too has a share, and that noone can throw him out of the house. Manpreet asks Gagan to stay here, for the sake of her family, and asks her to stay in her room, and not with randip. bani too asks gagan to stay back. randip eyes her angrily. Finally gagan picks up the suitcase and eyeing randip, she turns towards the gate, but then turns inside, and moves towards manpreet’s room, while manpreet and bani are relieved. they go after her too. randip is furious.

As maya is helping arrange the laundry along with surjit, and arranging the clothes, parmeet comes down to tell bani that he’s going out and would come in the evening. bani complies. parmeet’s eyes fall on a suit, that maya is arranging, and he is shocked as he remembers that this was the same suit that bani was wearing the day he had killed her by drowning her in the water. He wonders how did it land here.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s residence
While reyman is serving breakfast, rajji comes with paranthas and ghee. Reyman eyes the ghee and thinks that rajji made her do the househol work and she would have her revenge. She spills some ghee on the floor, to make it slippery. Balbir comes in for breakfast. As simran comes, reyman asks her to come and sit next to her. As rajji comes out hurriedly, reyman reprimands her for being so careless. simran says that its good that she cares for her, but rajji cant be this careless, as she cares for her more than herself, and hence asks her not to blame rajji. She asks reyman not to bother. Reyman is disappointed that her plan didnt work. Simran asks rajji to come down and have breakfast.

In her room, rajji apologises profusely to simran for her careless behaviour, while simran asks her to understand that she shouldnt bother, as she didnt mean bad. Simran says that she can never believe a woman like reyman. She expresses her faith in rajji, as a sister. She asks her not to worry and worsen her condition at all. She leaves, while rajji is still tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
In their room, parmeet asks about that suit, and mayab says that she didnt get any such cloth. He searches himself and isnt able to find it. He tells her whats special about that suit. she says that she didnt get any pink suit. parmeet’s frustration is visible and says that she is lying. bani again tries to put him in his mind, that he is again behaving strange, and that means there was so0mething about bani’s death, that is scaring and terrifying him a lot. parmeet’s face is drained of its colour, while bani faces him sternly. The screen freezes on Bani’s face.

Precap: Parmeet talks to the hired criminal on the phone, confirming if he is sure that he killed bani that day. he complies. Bani meanwhile is overhearing all this from a distance. He then asks the criminal to find out if any girl was washed ashore unconscious that day and that day only. Bani overhears this asnd is tensed, that he might just unravel the truth about her double avatar.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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