Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
All are tensed to see Buaji’s doubts. Nirvel comes and says that there’s some truth in what rano was saying, and tells about soham’s wish to marry bani. Buaji is shocked. He also tells about the situations that led to his marriage with rajji. all are tensed to see bauji’s reaction. rajji goes inside and bani is tensed. Bani goes after her.

bani finds rajji crying. she consoles her and asks her to stop crying. rajji hugs her tightly. She wipes rajji’s tears. rajji says that she’s okay. Bani asks her to forget the past and stop being affected by it. Bani explains rajji that only she resides in soham’s heart and he has accepted her as his wife, and has no feelings about bani now. Bani says that as much she knows soham,

it means that soham loves her now, and has forgotten everything about bani, who was the past and she’s the future of soham’s life. rajji is perplexed as to how to tell bani the irony of her life without breaking her promise to soham. She thinks that she cant tell bani, that what she’s thinking is wrong, and soham today also only loves bani, and he married not rajji, but rajji, considering her to be bani. rajji says that they wont talk about this anymore. Bani asks her to have faith that everything would be alright, and let soham in her life as her husband.

Outside, buaji is told the entire story as to how soham salvaged the situation about Rajji. they wonder what rajji is going through. Buaji says that now she understands why wasnt she called at the marriage. She says that she’s relieved that soham did such a good thing. She reprimands simran and angad for not telling this to them earlier, and bear her anger’s brunt. Badi bi enters rajji’s room, and asks if she’s okay, and says that she understands her pain, and they too felt it, but its necessary to understand the situations in which this happened, rather than lament on what happend. She says that they cant change the fact that she and soham are married now, but they can change the situations. She tells bani that rajji never used to come home till she won a match after losing it once. She asks to consider her marriage as a lost bet, that she would have to win by her adamancy, citing savitri’s example. She says that they too can do this, and she has to win over soham and make him love her, and accept her. She says that soham may have a past, but he’s her husband now and in the future too. She asks rajji if she understood. rajji overwhelmingly hugs badi bi, and bani too joins in. bani and rajji get badi bi outside, as the family gets ready to go. Soham and guggi too come. Buaji tells him that she knows everything, and for the first time, she has seen someone hiding his good deeds. she comes to him, and pats him saying that she’s very happy with him. She says that she would send off the guests and then talk.

While all are busy chatting amongst themsleves. Desho tells simran that she doesnt have any words to thank them, that they forgot everything, and have happily accepted rajji into their family. Simran says that they havent forgotten anything nor would they ever forget it. She tells desho that they are pretending just for buaji’s sake, anmd asks her to lose hope that they would ever forgive them, or accept rajji as their bahu, and a member of this family. Desho is shocked to hear this. Buaji sees them talking.

Later, simran tells rajji not to help as she lends a helping hand. But as buaji comes, she allows rajji also to help. She calls soham, and asks him to sit with her, and praises him again, that noone else would have been able to do this, by sacrificing his love for saving a girl’s self respect. she praises angad and simran too for supporting him. She says that she’s proud to be their buaji, and that they too got a very good mannered bahu and equally well mannered family. As rajji gets to go in the kitchen, buaji tells them that she may have been told one truth by rajji’s family, the next truth they would tell her. as she confronts them, thney are all shocked. Soham says that he didnt understand. ZBuaji asks if simran also didnt understand. When she nods, buaji says that she feels that they are hiding something from her. She tells simran that she have been observing them, and that they arent happy in this marriage. as soham tries to pacify her, she stops him saying that if he doesnt want to tell her, then they wont stay here one more minute. She begins to leave alongwith kuki, and as simran tries to stop her, she says that they dont consider her as family, then she cant do anything. simran stops her and says that it isnt like that. Buaji asks her to tell the truth then. They are shocked. Rajji is tensed.

Finally simran tells buaji everything, that she’s right in her observations that noone is happy, as this has been a fake marriage, which was intended. buaji asks who did it. Simran says that its rajji’s family who did it. Angad asks simran to quieten down, but buaji stops him saying that they seemed nice people. Simran says that this is what fooled them too an d tell buaji everything about the misunderstanding that happened on the day of marriage. Simran says that they took advantage of them. This shocks buaji. Buaji is angry that such a betrayal happened with them, and they didnt do anything. Buaji says that they may have felt that they dont have any elderly person with them, but it isnt like that, and now she wont be silent at this. Rajji is shocked. The screen freezes on buaji’s tensed face.

Precap: Buaji comes along with her family, and goes on to reprimand nirvel and his family about being the most unfaithful and disloyal people, who pretend to be the sweetest people around. Nirvel stops her and asks her to think and speak cautiously before she speaks anything else. Buaji says that she wont be quiet at any cost. Buaji says that she’s on fire since she knew that their stranded daughter was sent of with soham, through a skillful trap. This shocks them and particularly bani, who seems confused…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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