Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 24th February 2014 Written Update

Pji = Parmeet; S= Sohum; Mji = Mummyji; Sarab+ Desho = RabDe

Now on to the episode

Rajji wakes up. S and Bani are very happy. Bani discloses how she had a telepathy that something is wrong and how she learnt about Rajji. Rajji’s piorities haven’t changed and she asks about Pji. Bani says she came with the driver without telling anyone. Rajji looks upset and the sisters ask S to leave. Rajji tells Bani about S’s romantic dinner **Bani has a constipated expression throughout** . Bani then happily tells about her victory in getting Pji to her house.

Pji comes home and asks about Bani. Mji says she is at home. Gagan adds ghee to fire and says Bani could have told Pji so that they could have come together but instead she came alone as if only she cares

about Rajji and compares Bani to Hanumanji who carried Sanjivni for Lakshmanji

Rajji gets a call from RabDe who tell her to take care and talk to Bani. Pji is standing outside eavesdropping. He starts getting suspicious about Bani and thinks of past incidents. Bani enters their room and makes excuse that she came back as she couldn’t sleep in the other house. Pji questions her true intentions and says she is not Maya but Bani and that is why she is worried about Rajji. Bani angrily makes him remove his hands from her and goes away. She soon returns in a modern dress and heels. She proves herself as Maya by showing her changed clothes. Then she starts packing her stuff while Pji pleads with her to stop. He tries to prevent her from leaving the room in case anyone else saw her in that dress. She reaches till the main door when Pji falls to his knees and begs her. Bani thinks in her mind that no wife can bear to see her husband plead like this but then no husband should try to kill his wife and so this is a good punishment for Pji. that satisfies Maya and after warning Pji not to suspect her again, she goes back to the room. Mji misses seeing her but sees Pji with the bag and questions him. The already stressed out guy blows up at her repeated questions and more than Mji, B feels upset that he spoke like that

Next scene looks like night time with B in a long gown but their talk is a continuation of what happened in the morning. Pji apologises again. He tells B to rest after removing the lens as it is not good to wear lens all the time, especially when sleeping. B looks hassled as she remembers that she did not bring Maya’s lens but then finds a set and thanks Anuji..

S gets fruits for Rajji and tells her to rest. She also shows her concern for him. After eating a bit she lies down but her mind is with B wondering whether Pji has returned

Pji tells Maya to sleep early as she has to wake up early like Bani used to do. Maya keeps the condition that Pji should wake up before her Poor Pji is shocked and Maya laughs seeing his condition and commands him to wake her up with bed tea. Maya settles on the bed. First Pji says he will sleep next to her and then corrects himself and says he will use the sofa. Maya does not like that either and on the pretext of not liking to share her room, tells him to sleep outside in the hall. Pji is worried that someone will see him. Maya tells him to go to the veranda in that case and he goes out. Bani watches him uncomfortable/cold on the floor and is happy as this is her revenge for the night when Pji threw her out of the house and she spent it in the cold. For some reason at this moment Bani also remembers how Balbir and Randeep had mistreated her.

Precap: Mummyji is knocking on the door trying to wake up Bani and Pji. Pji is knocking on another door trying to wake up Bani before Mji enters their room.

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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