Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Saraswati’s lodge cum brothel
After getting saraswati accused, bani is asked by the lady, about her state. Bani tells her the entire story. The lady motiuvates her, by saying that the female themselves consider themselves as weak, and are always dependant on the male member of their family for support and life changing descisions. seeing bani tensed, she apologises for her harsh words, and says that she should ideally go back to her house. Bani says that she cant. The lady says that she doesnt know where her husband is, or when will her visa be ready. Bani says that she doesnt know, but know that she cant go home. Bani says that she doesnt want to bother them. The lady says that then she can stay at her place. Bani is hesitant, but finally agrees

saying that she would stay but in lieu of some work. The lady says that there’s lots of work, as she has a marriage in her house, and bani would be absorbed. They hug each other.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
Meanwhile, manpreet and surjit are wondering whats bani upto. She thinks that either bani is lying, or parmeet is beffoling her yet again. Manpreet says that this akhand path maybe for rano, but also prays for bano, so that she is spared from all troubles. Surjit hopes that somebody would be there to help her.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Bot rajji and soham, dont talk but lie down in their respective places, while rajji is thinking abou the close shave that soham faciliated for her from the goons. she gest up, while soham is lost in his thoughts. She comes to soham, and thanks him for saving her today. But then says, that they are to be blamed, for this too, as they didnt tell her anything, and she was forced to take this step. Soham gets up and asks if she told anything before going. He asks what would have happened had she not reached. He asks her what was she thinking. Rajji tries to say something, but soham says that he and bani are already tensed, due to her, and asks her not to aggravate their problems. He clutches tightly at her. Rajji is tensed to see such ferocity. soham lets go and lies down. Rajji too reclines on the bed, resignedly. Both doze off, while still thinking.

The next morning, rajji wakes up with a severe headache and dizzyness, and wonders whats wrong. She gets up still, thinking that she must have caught cold from being wet. she arranges the bed, and is about to start with soham’s, when he walks in. He takes his towel and heads for the bathroom.

Outside, angad is attending to calls, while gugi is about to take soham to the fields, when rajji stops him and gives him his tiffin. He is resigned but takes it still. He is about to leave, but simran asks her to go too with soham. Rajji is tensed, but simran asks her to go to the fields with soham, nd gives her food too. as gugi takes them, simran asks him to stay behind as she has some work for them. Rajji and soham are awkwardly facing them. Gugi agrees and stays back, and they leave.

Outside, they enter into a fight as to how the other person couldnt have refused to go. Soham angrily leaves without even taking the tiffin. She is tensed. Gugi is surprised when she finds that rajji is still here. Rajji makes an excuse of some work, and asks gugi to take the tiffin for soham. She wonders what to do now, for the next hours, as she cant go back inside. She leaves nerevtheless.

Scene 4:
Location: The NGO lady’s house and Bani’s place
The lady shows bani her room, and asks her to ask for assistance whenever she wants. She also offers her daughter’s clothes, as she doesnt have her own. Bani is tensed. The lady says that even though she mightnt like it, but still she thinks that bani should tell her parents, about her and her whereabouts, as its not right to hide anything from the parents.

Rajji reaches her house, and they are surprised to find her unexpectedly. Rajji gets bani’s call, at their home’s landline. Bani overhears biji telling rajji how they were talking about bani and her only some time back, and how bani must be settled now in Canada, and how jas’s relation is being fixed, and everything is falling in place. She also overhears biji talking about how bani hasnt called from Canada. While she is surprised, she is asked by biji whose call is it. As bani waits expectantly on the other side, rajji is in a dilemma and wonders what to do, as she doesnt realise that its bani on the other side. bani hangs up, and is distraught. Biji asks rajji about her house, and once she starts chatting, she find that rajji is burning with fever. bindal too sees this and asks her to rest. rajji says that she’s fine, and would be leaving, despite bindal insisting. Biji says that nirvel would leave her, after she has rested, but rajji insists on leaving. She leaves in a haste.

As the lady gets her clothes, and asks her to freshen up, while she sends breakfast, bani stops her and tells that she did call, but didnt have the courage to talk. The lady assures her that everything would be alright. She also tells bani that her visa would be done after a couple of days, and that she has to go for some signing. She says that she cant go along as she has some work, but she hs arranged for a car to take her there. She leaves, asking bani to dress up.

Scene 5:
Location: soham’s place
seeing rajji home, simran asks howcome she came so early and if she ate. Rajji says that she did. Simrana sks why does she look so sad and worn out. rajji says that she’s just tired from the long walk. Simran asks her to rest, after telling her that she should go out more often. Rajji leaves for her room. simran wonders whats wrong with her.

Scene 6:
Location: The NGO lady’s house
While the lady is tending to her NGO work, bani comes down, to overhear her talking to her assistant, about how brides of Pujab are left stranded by their NRI husbands. Bani remembers Rano’s last words to her, and is dtermined that she wont be another Rano, and compromise with the relation, and would get back at parmeet. The screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: Rajji tells soham that she didnt tell simran, that she hasnt eaten, as that would have shown that she wanst with soham. She also says that she said that she has already eaten. soham agrees and begins to move ahead, while rajji, seriously ill, collapses on the chair, clutching at her head tightly. soham turns around and finds her nauseous. Later, as bani is sitting at a restaurant, she finds a couple where the girl is naughtily teasing the boyfriend, having blindfolded him with her hands, and asking him to guess who is it. She is pleased to see such a romance. She is however oblivious of the fact, that the boyfriend is actually parmeet.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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