Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Deshu take Bani’s passport and is very happy to see it. She is very happy that all her dreams of Bani gong abroad. Then Sarabhjeet will be in the hall checking something. Then she calls Sarabhjeet and tells to send Bani’s passport to her in laws so that they can apply for the visa. She then sees Nirveil and Binder and tells that even Rajji’s passport has to be sent.

Binder suddenly remembers that they have not made Rajji’s passport at all as there was no need to. Then Sarabhjeet is worried and Nirveil tells that he will consult Amirit’s father.

He calls him up and he tells that nowadays the passport can be got very easily. He will tell that as soon as the passport comes they will apply for the Visa. He tells we are anyway coming for the Shagun and he will discuss

everything there.

Amrit is very unhappy and his mother will try to find out. Then he will tell that there is no problem.

Then Sarabhjeet will be finding it very difficult with the tent guys, Then Soham will come there and he will tell that he will look after everything. Deshu does not like this. Then Jassie will come there and by mistake will bump into Soham’s friend. He will give her a stare and walks away from there. Then Deshu and Soham will be alone.

Deshu will ask Soham why he has come here and trying to help.She rips him apart and asks what Rishta is there between us. Why are you coming here and trying to make me feel very small. She will tell that she only wants Bani’s happiness. She praises Parmeet’s family and tells that he is so well settled in Canada.

Then Soham tells that he never knew there was any problem with him coming her as he came out of pyaar and Izzat he has from when he was small. Then he tells her that he also wants Bani’s Happiness and if there is a problem with him being there he will leave. As he was going Deshu will tell him that she told what was correct for her. She asks him to do what is correct for himself.

Bani and Soham’s friend will see this entire conversation and will be feeling very bad.

Sarabhjeet will come out and tell lets go it is becoming late. Then they will get into the car and leave. Soham tells his friend that lets go up as there is so much work on top.

Bani will be sitting down and Rajji asks her what she is thinking. Amrit come there much to the shock of Rajji. Bani will welcome him. Then Amrit will greet Soham. Bani tell him to sit down and she will make tea. Soham refuses the tea. Then His friend will ask for the tea to keep Amrit company for Tea.

Then Bani warns Rajji and goes in.

Deshu and family go to the Parmeet’s house. Then she sees such a huge house and she is intimidated by it. She wonders now that by refusing Soham’s Rishta has she not made a mistake?

Deshu will see the house. Then Happy comes there and tells it’s such a big house just like a Mahal. Then the first son and bahu will invite them and take them in. Then on Sarabhjeet will tell that the things and the son will ask the servants to take it in.

Rajji goes in and Bani asks her why she is behaving like this. She tells that she will never forget that he was responsible for spoiling Bani’s happiness.

Soham asks Amrit if everything is okay between him and Rajji. Amrit asks him from which Mitti he has been made. Bani has been engaged to someone else and he is asking him if he is okay. Then Amrit tells that all is not well. Soham tells that now both of you are going to lead a new life and so they should have no isunderstanding. Then Amrit tells what he is telling is true but he does not know if he can make things better. Inside Rajji will clearly tell Bani this Rishta is for the name sake only.

PRECAP: Deshu and the family will go into the house. Deshu is very happy on seeing such a big house.

Update Credit to: anurao

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