Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s place
Soham gets dressed and is about to walk out, when rajji gets him food. He denies taking it, and they again get into a verbal arguement, while one says that he wont eat, and the other says that she would give him food and he would have to eat. In this scuffle, the tiffin falls on the ground and splurts. simran and angad, who have just come out, are surprised. while rajji gets to cleaning it, simran and angad discuss that this is romance at its budding stage. Rajji tells soham, who’s leaving, that she would get him a second tiffin, pointing to angad, so that soham behaves normal. soham asks to let be, but simran insists that he should take the food. Rajji goes inside to prepare the food, and soham asks her not to use simran’s

and angad’s weakness, to get her way. Rajji says that he too had tried the same thing, last night, on where to sleep, hence she too is doing this. Soham is speechless, as rajji gives his the tiffin.

Outside, seeing soham go inside the kitchen after rajji, they are happy that soham and rajji are finally getting along as a couple, and gives the credit to rajji’s efforts and hard work for this. soham comes out with the tiffin, and waving them goodbye, leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Saraswati’s lodge cum brothel
Bansi is surfing through bani’s stuff excitedly. He finds her phone and switches it on. Meanwhile, rajji decides to call, and bansi is tensed to see the incoming call. He ignores it. Rajji wonders how come bani’s phone is still going through, when she should be in Canada right now. Bansi is tensed to see phone calls coming, and he switches off the phone. Rajji is tensed. Meanwhile, manpreet tries bani’s number but finds it busy. she tells surjit that she hasnt been able to tell bani about the Akhand path. rajji thinks that the call to bani’s phone is still going through, that means she is in delhi, and onders what she doing there, and if she isnt in some sort of trouble.

While the entire family is doing the Akhand Path of Rano, Balbir reprimands manpreet for doing this, and asks her to let him live in peace. Manpreet eyes him angrily, saying that this isnt a party which would end soon, but the path would end only when it ends. He says that he doesnt need this path, as he doesnt have any relation with rano, and she isnt a noble man. She asks what good has he done, that he should be applauded, as he couldnt even keep the relations that rano atleast kept. As manpreet leaves, balbir asks who gave the permission to do this. She says since the time, the men grew weak, and couldnt decide whats right or wrong, they took matters in their hands. She leaves, while balbir stands stunned. He leaves frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Rajji’s place
Soham comes home to find an emoty room, and wonders where rajji went. He finds a note saying, that she’s leaving to go and search for bani. Simran comes and asks about Rajji. He says that she’s gone to her family and that he too is going to pick her up. she asks him to go carefully. He leaves.

On the road, rajji is walking with her stuff. while soham finds her searching her on the road. He catches up with her, while she continues walking, ignoring him. He asks whats all this. He asks her if she’s gone mad, to go to delhi, alone, at this time in the night. She says that she could do anything in the wake of bani. She says that she’s still in delhi, and tells about the phone call incident. Soham wonders whats bani doing in del. Rajji says that she doesnt know, and is going to find that in delhi. He says that he would find out who’s saying right and who’s wrong. soham tries the phone, and it comes switched off. rajji tries to explain, but he reprimands her, for her foolishenss and her naivety, at thinking that this was an easy task. She asks if he ever thought when he used to do such reckless thingfs. He asks her if she’s taking revenge. He asks her if she would go home. Bue she is adamant that she’s going to delhi. He asks her to go then, and starts walking seperate ways. rajji moves ahead, while the weather starts getting worse. rajji waits for conveyance, but nothing turns up, and none stop for her. Meanwhile, she finds two bikesr eyeing her lustily, and she gets tensed. As she turns around to run, she finds herself facing soham, who’s there to fend out for her. They enter an eyelock. He asks her tensedly if she would come along now. she gives the bag to him, and starts walking with him. it starts heavily raning, and they both get wet.

Scene 4:
Location: Saraswati’s lodge cum brothel
Bani is pacing around nervously, whiler bansi assures her that everything would be alright in the next few days. bani says that she is facing one problem after the other. she decides to call her family. Bansi stops her saying tht they have decided to help her, and that they would find it soon, as the delhi police is very efficient. Outside, saraswati asks should she send the client straightaway to her room, but bansi wonders what if she sstarts shouting. She says that everything would be alright, as it has always been. she asks vidya, another of the girls to take care of one of their client, and she happily goes inside one of the rooms with him. Saraswati says to bansi that even the other girl, vidya was acting shy the first few days, but then she adapted and same would be with bani. Bansi asks what if is isnt so. Saraswati says that then, they would have to resort to other means. She says that from today onwards their business would double. But bani overhears this, from her room. The screen freezes on bani’s shocked face.

Precap: Bansi tells her that bani would today get to know, that the lodge where she finds herself safe is actually a brothel. Saraswati says that its time, and that they should send the client, as today would be the start of a new life. They both have an evil laugh, while bani, hearing to them, behind the stairs is shocked and horrified. While bani stealthily tries to run away, and finding the door locked, she tries to break it open with a lamppost. Saraswati and bansi are alerted, and they run to stop bani from escaping. As she manages to break the lock, and open the door, she is shocked to find herself staring at a brothel street, where the girls are dealing with various clients. she is shocked and horrified to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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