Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st May 2013 Written Update


The Episode starts with the ceremony is over and they come out of the Gurudwara. Manpreet will bless Bani and tells her not to worry as Parmeet is coming to India as fast as possible. Then Amrit’s father will tell that since both the wedding are on the same day. Why can’t the weddings to take place at the same place as it would be very easy for the relatives to come. Daai Sa agrees to it. The Shagun is fixed for the next day and they all leave.

Beeji comes home and she sees the rubble of the wall and will be throwing out. Happy then Rajji and Bani will join her. Deshu will be stunned to see this.
Beeji will come out with her trunk and tells to keep it in the storage as there is no need for it. Then Beeji sees a poster and is

very sad. Then all will look anxiously at her. Then see tears it and asks Happy to throw it away.

Then she informs Deshu she will not eat her Rasoi ka Khanna, Then she will tell Binder the same. Then she will inform then she will she will eat food from one choola. Then Maamaji tells that this is a good idea. Maamiji will ask who will agree to leave their Kitchen. Deshu is in no mood to do so. Binder will inform then that all of them that she will move her kitchen stuff.

Beeji is very happy. Deshu and Binder will be wondering how many of then are there and they will count 12. Then Binder informs Kirat will not be there for dinner.

On Maamaji suggestion Sharabhjeet and Nirveil will decide to have the same color. Then they will have their dinner together. Beeji is very happy to see the family united.

At night the two sisters will meet and will be thinking about the good things they had and how the wall which was broken down has changed everything. Bani will tell the dupaata. Then they will be sharing all the things of the old times.

Rajji says she had a dream that Bani and Soham will get married. But that is not to be. Bani will tell her to forget everything when she gets married and goes. She has to remember the sweet memories after marriage and they will hug each other.

It is the next morning. Deshu will be getting the Shagun ka Samagri. Then Maamiji will ask her if she kept everything and Deshu will tell she kept everything. Then she sees that something is missing. Maamiji will tell her to give something more. Then Binder comes up from her house with some presents and says that this was got for Rajji’s Shagun and it is not needed. Deshu hesitates; Then Maamiji will tell that to take it as they do not need it. Then Maamaji gives a watch for Parmeet on their side. This makes Maamiji very angry and tries to signal to Maamaji not to give it. But Deshu is hesitant and will take it in the end.

The next scene Maamiji will be very angry with Maamaji and will be shouting at him. She tells him you know how to buy expensive watches and dresses for the girls. She wanted to book the return tickets and he did not bother.

A very disgusted Maamaji will give her the passport and tickets.She will be very happy on seeing it. Then Deshu will come there and will overhear everything.


Update Credit to: anurao66

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