Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Parmeet stands in randip’s way as he raises his hand to slap bani, and pulls it down, asking him to keep his hand and his intentions in himself, or else he would forget that he id the elder brother. Manpreeet is shocked to see all this and asks whats going on and why are the two brothers grabbing each other’s throats. gagan too instructs him to remember his manners and learn to behave in front of his elder brother. parmeet asks her to instead see that her husband learns some. Randip asks what did he say to his wife, that he is getting so angry and asks if he cant even talk to his wife. Randip asks him to behave and stay in his limits, as he is the elder among the two, and says that what is he thinking is wrong and asks him

to change his thinking. parmeet says that he wont say anything in front of manpreet and warns him, that he shouldnt talk to his wife or behave the way he did, ever again. All are tensed. randip asks what would he do. manpreet says that she would tell him what he can do, as she knows him very well.

after they leave, manpreet tries to calm down parmeet and asks what did he say to bani. but parmeet leaves in a fury. Bani too leaves after him. manpreet stands there tensed and upset. bani goes to parmeet’s room, and thanks him for coming right in time. he says that he is still angry at him. bani asks him to relax as he got his answer and wont even try again. parmeet says that whenever anyone does anything wrong or says wrong for her, he isnt able to tolerate as if there’s something special for her in his heart. They both are shocked at this revelation. parmeet composes and says that he cares for her, as he is doing so much for him in return, and hence its natural for him to feel like that and its almost as if he….and then falls short of saying that he loves her. bani remembers all the insults,
and thinks that she wishes he had said all this earlier, then she would have led a normal life, not this double life. she moves away. He comes to her and apologises for being so upfront. she gets into maya mode, saying that she doesnt care what he thinks and does, she’s here for her work and leaves. parmeet is tensed.

Outside, bani thinks that all her plans for parmeet are going just like she had thought, but first she has to teach someone else a lesson. Bani calls up tanya and compliments for the wonderful work at the party and asks for another favour. tanya says that she’s ready to do whatever it takes, as she’s taking care of her family’s finances in lieu of that. as she cancels the phone, bani says that this time it would be a plan, that would expose randip and his reality.

At lunch, parmeet is disinterested to eat, and manpreet asks him not to be angry at bani. randip taunts him that he has even started forgetting the dates now. parmeet leaves. manpreet begins to reprimand him. he gets furious at her instead. She too leaves. randip gets tanya’s message, saying that she is missing him. He distarcts gagan’s attention and leaves to attend to it. He views the message and replies in a similar fashion. She texts him about meeting up, and sends a seductive pic of herself, which he lustily eyes and feels. She sends a seductive message to meet somewhere and randip lights up at that. But just then he eyesb gagan coming upto him, asking for his phone. He gets tensed,

he thinks that he had deleted all his message before she took the phone.

In gagan’s room bani entersd and says that she might try all that she wants, but she would prove what she has to. Bani leaves, after keeping the red rose . gagan eyes the

She sees the message, which invites her from randip for a romantic escapade, asking her to come there only where he had been invited by tanya. she gets super excited.

Scene 3:
Location: Rosewood hotel
Gagan slaps him big time. As he takes off his blinds, he is shocked to see gagan.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Balbir is asleep, when reyman wakes him up. He gets irritated. reyman says that there’s no geyser in the bathroom and asks for hot water. Balbir says that he’s very angry right now and could boil water on his head. they lament on their problems in this house. As reyman washes clothes, and keeps them for drying, rajji and simran

simran offers to go inside and makes paranthe for her. reyman gets happy but rajji reminds her that it was her dream to make food for her and feed her too. Reyman says that it was

the doctor too comes and says that simran has conceived very late and should take care of herself. she resignedly goes for making paranthe.

While she tries to make so, with the earthen stove, reyman has balck soot all over her face, while balbir comes and teases her and makes fun of her. rajji sees this from a distance and is amused, as reyman is lamenting at her situation. She comes to her and says that she would make tyhe paranthe if she is uncomfortable. reyman is relieved buty is depressed when rajji asks her to finish the work outside, and then come back and serve food to everyone, that rajji would have made in the meanwhile. Reyman has no option but to agree. she hastily leaves, while rajji is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Rosewood hotel
randip comes and is informed by the receptionist, that he is booked in room 108, and that there’s message for him. he finds that there’s a blindfold, along with a message, asking him to wear it, and then get the biggest surprise of his life. He is super excited and lustily approaches the room. He puts on the blindfold. He comes inside spilling out all sorts of romantic things to say to her, and says that he had always been with her since the first day he saw her. gagan sits there waiting passionately and happy at his proclamation. She is about to take off his blindfold, when he utters the name tanya. She is shocked, as he continues to say that they were interrupted that day by his wife, or else they would have been one a long time back. Gagan slaps him big time. As he takes off his blinds, he is shocked to see gagan. gagan is distraught with the revelation of her husband’s infidelity. Bani, seeing this the window sill, is happy that her plan finally worked and randip was exposed in front of gagan. The screen freezes on her happy face.

Precap: as gagan leaves the mansion with her suitcase, bani tries to stop her. But randip is defiant. randip tells gagan that if she is going, she can go easily, and he wont give a damn, as her existence is because of him only, and that noone else would take her except for him. She is apalled. manpreet enters the mansion, from outside and finds gagan outside. manpreet tells her that gagan is the daughter in law of this hosue and would stay here only. She tells him that if anyone has to go from this house today, randip would go. He eyes them angrily.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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