Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st February 2014 Written Update

So, tonight starts off with Bani complaining to Parmeet that she cannot stay in that room as it is too small and old and the bed is too hard, etc. Desho hears all this and leaves the room. Bani feels sad and tensed about saying all that in front of her mother. Parmeet tells Maya that Bani would never have said anything bad about her parent’s place and she would not even let anyone else complain about it either. She was that attached to the place and people there and Maya just ruined everything. He says that he too feels the same about the place but he isn’t complaining and she should also stop complaining so much. Parmeet starts worrying about what Desho and all are thinking about her. She gets a grip again and says that she is there to solve his problems and not

create more.. so, Bani tells him that she will handle the situation herself.

Desho is crying in her room and tells Sarab that Bani is changed and tells him what she heard from Bani. She cries that their Bani would have loved the place. Just then Bani comes and Sarab asks her if she really doesn’t like the house she grew in anymore compared to Bhullar house. Bani asks Sarab if he really thinks that his daughter Bani would ever give importance to such things as luxury and comforts. She tells them that what she said were not her words but Parmeet’s words as she knew he would not be able to stay in their house. So, before Parmeet could say anything, she herself was saying these things about the house. She doesn’t want Parmeet to badmouth them or their house. Parmeet hears this and thinks to himself that Maya is too good an actress. Desho and Sarab ask her if Parmeet is indeed uncomfortable in their house. Bani says that she was only teasing him about the way he was and now he has completely changed. Now he likes their place a lot. All of them are happy and Parmeet is thankful to Maya for handling the situation.

Rajji, Soham and Kuggi come home. Soham asks if Rajji is fine and she says that she is a bit tired. Soham tells her to go to her room and rest. After Rajji goes upstairs, Kuggi teases Soham that he should only look at Rajji and not say anything. Soham is confused as to how to tell her that he loves her. Kuggi tells Soham to express his love to Rajji by making her a romantic dinner. Soham likes the idea. Soham and Kuggi in the kitchen starts preparing dinner. Soham tells Kuggi all the dishes that Rajji likes and says that he will make them for her. Kuggi again teases Soham and says that he should prepare all these things all night and Rajji will eat the romantic dinner in the morning as it will take lot of time to prepare so many dishes. He advises Soham to finish up quickly and Soham starts on the dinner.

Parmeet seated beside Maya is fanning her and she is sleeping on the bed. Maya opens one eye every now and then and sees that Parmeet is irritated with all the mosquitoes. She yells at him to fan her properly as she is not able to sleep. Parmeet is seriously mad but tries to control his anger in front of her. He tells her to stop complaining as he is doing whatever he can. Maya sits up and says that she hasn’t even properly and she is hungry. She tells Parmeet to go and bring her some sweet corn soup. Parmeet denies but then is forced to go out in search of sweet corn soup. After Parmeet leaves, Bani is happy that she would get some time to spend with her family now that Parmeet went out.

Bani goes to Desho in the kitchen and says that she is not able to sleep and that she wants to sleep in Desho’s lap as she had been waiting for that for a long time. Desho, Bani and Jas have a blast oiling each other’s hair and laughing heartily. Sarab brings them sweets and feeds his children and wife. They all enjoy each other’s company and have lots of fun. When Parmeet comes home with the soup, he sees that Bani and Jas are sleeping in Desho’s lap. He gets irritated that when Maya wakes up and realizes where she fell asleep, she would again taunt him. She asked him to get her soup and fell asleep. He goes to sleep outside on the couch.

Soham prepares food for Rajji. Kuggi tells Soham to get dressed before serving Rajji the dinner. Ramon notices this and calls Balbir and tells him that Soham was going to propose to Rajji that night and that it should not happen. (I frankly did not understand the logic behind this!) She says that if Soham and Rajji unite, they will not get the property. Since Balbir is somewhere, she will do something about the dinner. Meanwhile Soham is dressed and he has the red scarf around his neck. Ramon comes in and tells him that she always thought that in India, it was the wife’s duty to cook. Soham retorts saying that he thought she was from Canada and should have some open and broader outlook on life. Both wife and husband are equal and should help each other when they need it. Ramon agrees with Soham. When Soham pours the juice in a glass and goes to put the jug inside the fridge, Ramon drops sleeping pills inside the drink. Soham unaware of this, takes the dinner for Rajji.

Kuggi brings Rajji downstairs while Rajji says that she is not hungry. Rajji sees all the decorations and preparations and Soham also there. Kuggi leaves from there with some excuse. Soham has a dream about bringing Rajji closer to him, dancing a few steps and finally saying that he loves her very much and then they hug..aww! cute scene! Then he realizes he is dreaming and brings Rajji in. She is surprised to see all this and asks if there was anything special that he did all this for her. He tells her to sit down and gives her the juice. She drinks the juice and Soham tries to say what he felt when Rajji faints. He catches her and shouts for help. He is very worried.

All the family members come and they call the doctor. Balbir tells off Ramon that Rajji is pregnant and should not have been given sleeping pills. If anything happened to her or the baby, they would be in trouble. Ramon, who hasn’t thought of this, starts worrying as well. The doc says that she will wake up by morning but she must have had some allergic reaction to something. When Soham tells her that she only drank some juice and nothing else, the doc asks for a sample of the juice for testing. She also says that she has taken a blood sample and they would know what the reason for fainting was soon enough.

Bani who is sleeping suddenly wakes up and feels uneasy. She calls Rajji who doesn’t pick up. Then she calls Soham and he tells her that Rajji suddenly fainted. Bani is visibly upset and thinks about what to do. Parmeet wakes up and goes to Bani;s room and she isn’t there. He calls her parents and asks them where she was and they are also not aware. Parmeet calls his home and Gagan tells him that Bani had come home as soon as she heard of Rajji’s fainting. She teases Parmeet that Bani loves Rajji more that she cares to tell Parmeet. Parmeet looked upset. He asks himself if it was indeed Bani and not Maya.

Precap: Parmeet confronts Bani about caring so much for Rajji and also if she was actually Bani and not Maya.

Update Credit to: Hima

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