Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
Simran has a severe stomach pain, and as rajji and soham come to her and decide to call the doctor, simran advises them against it, as it isnt needed. Balbir and reyman come out with dopey eyes. Rajji says that she doesnt like the idea of her sleeping alone. Simran says that she d=too needs care and hence cant allow that. While they are discussing that, reyman thinks that this is the right oppurtunity to create distance between rajji and simran. She offers to sleep and attend to her in the nighst, instead of rajji. balbir understands what she is doing. He too plays along. on soham’s cue, rajji allows simran. After putting simran to sleep, reyman thinks that by getting intimate with simran, she would create distance between her

and rajji, and then soham would have to sign those papers.

The next morning, soham wakes up balbir, who’s deeply affected by the mosquitoes. the same is being done by rajji for reyman who tries to wake her up. but reyman keeps sleeping. rajji informs her about the one month duty, and how buaji would react if she found out that she was sleeping. this instantly wakes her up. reyman asks for bed tea, as she’s used to it. rajji says that tea is served after bathing and she would get it after that. Rajji is delighted seeing reyman frustrated. meanwhile, soham pretdns to be sorry that they dont have bed or en extra room for them. balbir says that isnt needed.

Later, Soham is tensed that he isnt happy with their presence here, then how cxan rajji and simran be. rajji asks him not to bother, and should just think that they have come here to serve their sentence as punishment. soham says that he is in a bad mood due to that. rajji teases him saying that she thought of speaking from her heart but he isnt in a good mood. Soham instantly changes his tone, and says that he is ready to hear. She teases him saying that when he is okay and in a romantic mood, then she would say. She is about to go, when he jerks her around in his arms, and says that he is romantic now, and asks what does she have to say noe. she gets nervous. She hears simran’s voice. She brings his ears close to her mouth and says that simran is calling her and rushes out.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani wakes up parmeet. he asks her how is she dressed and up so early. she says that manpreet called her to go to the temple and she couldnt refuse. He says that she can go. she reminds him that she was just informing him, and not asking for permission. After bani leaves, parmeet wakes up and sits by the sofa. He sees the date on the newspaper and the stand, and finds that its 13th. He is reminded that he had to ask the accountant to out a check in the bank, and hurriedly calls him, while coming down. But he is shocked when the accountant doesnt take him seriously and says that there are still many days left for 13th. Parmeet’s confusion is then cleared by randip through the date on the mobile and on the newspaper too, thereby making parmeet realise that he was mistaking the date to be 13th, instead of 5th. randip tells him that it actually is 5th today. paermeet refuses to believe, but when he checks it on the phone, it actually is 5th. He is shocked and runs to his room. He tries to see the dates on all current things, and finds that the dates are all 5th only. bani finds him behaving oddly like this. He asks her if she changed the date on the newspaper, but she denies, saying that she was outside, and what he is saying is impossible. He says that he doesnt know whats wrong, and tells her what he went through. She says that this isnt possible and that he must have been dreaming. She says that he needs a psychiactrist. he gets aggravated and says that she intends to call him mad. She instead teases him that he looks like a madman who is scared as the a number 13 ghost is haunting him. he is shocked and scared too. She leaves, while he is tensed. Guggi sees him from the balcony, and remembesr how he was behind all this. He is amused at parmeet’s confusion.

As bani comes down, gagan faces her furiously. bani is still determined but gagan says that nothing she can do would unfaze her, and that if she even utters his name in front of her, there would be dire consequences. gagan leaves, while bani is tensed. As she turns around, she finds randip staring at her angrily, saying that he knows she was behind the last night’s drama and asks her to stay within her limits, or else he would crush her. Bani isnt scared and says that she would show and expose his true face to everyone. Bani begins to, but he holds her by the hand, but isnt able to say anything, as she is called by manpreet and she leaves. Bani thinks that there are so many women who have to bear the brunt of people who are leeches like randip, and women like gagan, who have blind faith on their infidel husbands.

Later, when parmeet turns around, he again finds the date to be 13th on the calendar stand. he is unable to believe and continues palpitating, until he finds bani come in. He again brings up the topic, that she maynt have changed it, but did she see anyone. She irritatedly says that she saw noone. Parmeet asks why is she so rude. She instigates him telling him about how randip behaved. parmeet says that he wasnt right in doing this.

Downstairs, randip finds bani alone at the breakfast table, and decides to talk. Bani says that she has said what she had to. He says that if she ever tried to instigate gagan against him, or plot anything, he would see to it that she is crushed completely, forgetting that she is the bahu of this house. bani says that she forgot earlier also, but this time he has to remember that bani wont be scared of him, and knows the truth about him and his character. randip is furious at bani’s stance. bani says that she would expose him in front of the entire city. randip gets furious and says that she wont agree like this, and is about to slap her, when parmeet comes in between and holds his hand midway. bani eyes him overwhelmingly, as she finds parmeet standing up to his elder brother and taking a stance for parmeet. the screen freezes on bani’s face.


Precap: Manpreeet is shocked to see all this and asks whats going on and why are the two brothers grabbing each other’s throats. gagan too instructs him to remember his manners and learn to behave in front of his eolder brother. parmeet asks her to instead see that her husband learns some. Randip asks him to behave and stay in his limits, as he is the elder among the two. Parmeet warns him, that he shouldnt talk to his wife or behave the way he did, ever again. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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