Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th February 2014 Written Update

Everyone’s excited to have Bani back. Parmeet apologises to Bani’s parents and they forgive him. Surjit returns the bangle back to Manpreet. Manpreet is happy to see everything becoming the way it was. Gagan is agitated because she couldn’t blackmail Parmeet as Bani returned at the last moment. Rajji said that the girl isn’t Bani, if that’s true then they can blackmail Parmeet again. Randeep is furious at Gagan for talking all crap. Raymon & Balbeer have a small tiff as Raymon wants to go back. Balbeer tells Raymon to give him time so that he can take the property back from Sohum.

Bani’s parents thank BabaJi for bringing Bani back. Rajji serves them snacks and Maya deliberately drops the plate on the ground. She apologises and asks Parmeet whether he

bought her here to do all this. Parmeet tells her not to worry & picks up the snacks from the ground but Desho stops him. Bani recalls the moment when she had to pick the food from the ground back in Bhullar Mansion. Rajji asks Bani about a snack that was Parmeet’s favourite. Maya is clueless but Parmeet covers up for her. Binder brings the snacks and Desho offers to feed Parmeet. All of them start feeding Parmeet and he gets uncomfortable. Bani & Rajji are enjoying themselves. Rajji suddenly asks Parmeet about the wrist watch that Sarab & Desho had gifted him. Parmeet says he’ll repair the watch and wear it as early as possible. Desho says the watch was just a shagun their real treasure is their daughter Bani.. take care of her and keep her happy. Parmeet says he’ll take good care of her, she’s a good wife. Desho recalls Parmeet telling them that Bani isn’t able to adjust to his lifestyle. Desho gets a little fidgety and walks away. Bani follows her back to her room. Bani asks her what happened & Desho says they’re tears of happiness. Its her fault that she got her daughter married to an NRI. Whenever she sees SohJi she wishes that she should have got Bani married to someone who could keep her daughter happy. Desho apologises and Bani says a mother can never want anything bad especially for her own child. She is happy and Parmeet is changing for good. Bani tells her to be happy and not to worry about about anything. Desho feels uneasy and Bani goes to search her medicines.

Sarab informs Nirveil about Bani’s comeback. Parmeet gets impatient as he wants to go to Maya but Sarab is on the phone. Parmeet tells Sarab that they can check on Desho’s health. They enter the room and Parmeet is stunned to see Bani giving Desho the medicines. Parmeet is suspicious as he hadn’t informed Maya about the medicines. He takes Bani aside to talk to her. Rajji is worried. Parmeet drags Maya outside the room and asks who she is. He asks how she knew about the medicines? Maya tries to defend herself and Parmeet tells her to stop playing games with him. Right then Rajji arrives and says that Maya didn’t know about the medicines. Rajji says she knows that this girl isn’t Bani. Parmeet says they weren’t talking about this. Rajji tells Parmeet not to worry she wont tell anyone the truth. She doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart by telling them the truth. Maya confronts Parmeet and says next time he behaves like that she’ll stop this game right away.

SohJi decide to leave as its already late. Desho requests Bani & Parmeet to stay back. Bani says they will stay and Parmeet reluctantly agrees. Sarab tells Desho & Jas to cook ParNi’s favourite food. The room is ready for them. Bani tells Desho not to worry, they’ll be fine. Maya complains to Parmeet about the small room. Parmeet tells her not to say a word as it was all her fault. Maya tells Parmeet that did he expect her to tell Desho, Sorry we cant stay as the room is too small’. Maya’s tantrums go on increasing while Parmeet is trying to stay calm. Maya says she cannot sleep on the hard bed. She asks Parmeet to order food if there’s any restaurant nearby. Suddenly she spots Desho at the door and both of them are stunned.

Precap: Parmeet scolds Maya for complaining without seeing that Desho is listening.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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