Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Rano’s and parmeet’s place
Bani comes down with rano’s stuff, while remembering her encounters with rano. As she kesp the suitcase down, going down herself in the memory lane and her last advice to her. Bani says that she didnt know that people who were complete strangers would get connected so deeply. She is unaware that manpreet while asking everyone about rano, is progressing towards her. As she calls out to her, both are shocked to see the other. Manpreet asks whats she doing here, dressed like this. Bani sees rano’s pic in her hand and asks if she came here looking for Rano. manpreet asks if she knows rano. Bani nods in a yes. Manpreet says that her husband has come back. She says that she has met him. Manpreet asks where. Bani relates

everything. She says that she knows that he is dadaji’s son, and the fact about Rano being the one thrown out of the house by dadaji, and that now she too faces the same fate.

she tells her that the person that she’s coming to search is nomore in this world. She says that rano committed suicide at the same platform, where she was loking fopr balbir for the past 20 years. Manpreet is shocked. Bani asks what other option she had, after what was meted out to her. she relates rano’s toprture, saying that she was living in the false hope, that balbir would come and take her with him. She vents out her anger that nobody even asked or came to find out if she’s opkay. manpreet drops the photo is despair. Bani picks it up, saying that rano waited for days, to turn to weeks, months and then years, but he never came. Bani tells that she went today and tells her everything. She says that both the bahus, Rano and bani were waiting at the platform for thier husbands, but the only difference was that rano’s wait ended and hers started. she tells manpreet about what balbir did to rano today at the platform. She shows rano’s suitcase, and tells that it contains her last remains, which doesnt meant anything to anyone. Bani asks manpreet what to do with this. Manpreet takes rano’s pic, and breaks into tears, clutching it to her heart. She takes rano’s suitcase while bani is surprised as she walks off. After she’s gone, soham comes to bani and asks her to get along.

When she doesnt budge, soham asks what was wrong. Bani tells soham that manpreet came. Soham is surprised and asks why. Bani says that she had come to enquire about rano, as balbir has returned home now. she tells soham that she told manpreet everything, about rano, about balbir, and about parmeet. But she says that she forgot to tell one thing, that bani wont become another rano. Soham is shocked. She says that she wont wait, and wont live or die like she did. she wont rely on her destiny but carve it herself. she says that she would find parmeet, and demand for her answers, and that come what may, she wont be another rano. Soham is tensed to see her like this.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
All are tensed as to where’s bani, as she hasnt returned yet. Biji asks desho to call up, and while she’s doing so, bani returns, and all are surprised to see her dressed as a bride, and asks where was she. All are tensed and ask her where she went. Bani stands stunned, and finally starts crying. Bani tells biji that rano is nomore. Desho asks who. Biji identifies, while desho says that she was mad. Bani says that she wasnt mad, but a victim of destiny. Biji asks what happened to her. Bani says that she committed suicide, shocking them. They send bani to rest, first of all.

Desho tells biji, that her doubt is true, that bani herself stitched and mend her wedding dress. Biji says that whats doubtful is why did she go to the gurudwara, like that. Bani, coming out from her room, just at that time, is tensed to hear them. Desho decides to talk to bani only. She wonders what would she say now, and how would she answer their questions.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji finds rajji, anxiously waiting for soham. She sighs and confronts rajji, asking if this would prove of any help. She takes rajji and sits on the sofa. She tels rajji, that rano’s soul be at peace, but now she has to think about the person, who’s alive and sad and tensed, and asks her to understand what he’s going through. she says that right now, he needs someone, in this tough time, and she has left him alone with bani. Buaji asks whenever soham needs anyone, then why’s bani always with him. She says that she doesn know who’s at profit, but its rajji’s loss for sure. Rajji is tensed.

Rajji is out on the road, wondering where would soham be, and prays to the Lord that she may find him soon, as he must be very tensed right now. she finds soham’s silhouettte in the distance. She is relieved to see him, while he walks in a trance, without even realising that rajji is waiting for him. He walks past her, while she looks on. She starts walking behind him, and they finally reach home. Rajji catches up and faces him. Rajji tells soham that she understands his pain and that she too is going through the same torture. Soham, unable to control his tears any longer, breaks into tears and collapses on the floor, on his knees. Rajji tries to ask him to compose hismelf, while hesitatingly extending her hands to comfort him, as he clutches at her waist, and wraps his arms around it, to seek solace. He cries his heart out. Finaly she comforts him by caressing his head.

Scene 4:
Location: Bani’s place
As bani comes outside, desho hesitatingly asks her where had she gone in her wedding dress. biji too asks her. Bani says that she went to the station. desho asks why, and why in her wedding dress. Bani tells what parmeet had told them. Desho is tensed and ask why didnt she say so, and where’s he. Bani’s father hears parmeet’s name and comes out to ask iof he was to come. Bani remembers the doctor’s advise. bani asks him to sit and says that he was to come but didnt, as there was some important work. she makes up a false story and tells about how she would fly with him to canada and he wouldnt be able be come down to Punjab and hence has asked her to come to del, and also has sent her tickets for the sme. Desho is super happy that she’s finally going to Canada and that everything’s going to be fine now. Bani apologises in her mind, for lying but says that she cant speak the truth, as that would shock everyone and get them tensed. The screen freezes on Bani’s sad face.

Precap: Buaji tells rajji, that her final test of her relationship with soham, lies in the Karva Chauth Fast. Buaji says that if soham breaks her fast in the night, then it would be proven that soham cares for her, but if he doesnt, then rajji should silently herself pack her bags, and leave the next day, before dawn. rajji is tensed..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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