Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st May 2013 Written Update

Rajji is standing on the stool and searching for Bani. She will be whispering her name but really upset Bani does not hear her and she goes up to the terrace.

Rajji will be wondering why she is so stressed and what she is doing on the terrace and she will go up and see her.

Sarabhjeet will be on terrace and he will be going through what happened with Dishu. Rajji comes up and calls to Bani. Bani shushes her and speaks to Sarabhjeet. Rajji hides on hearing his voice.

Bani will be trying to make him drink milk at least but he will refuse Then she will ask him that both of you fought and now you are not eating. He tells that between Husband and wife there will be some small fights and you kids should not get into it. Bani is ask him that is because of me. He tells her

not to have such a thought in her head. This is about a different thing. He asks her to go to sleep. Rajji signals what is happening and Bani just has tears in her eyes and goes down knowing they had fought because of her.

There is a Saiiya song in the background showing all three of them in tears and thinking.

The next morning Dishu is in the Kitchen and she is eating. Bani sees this and is very happy. She asks her mother if she was eating. Then Dishu gives some food to Bani and asks her to give the food to her father. Bani happily take’s the plate to her father.

In Nirveil’s house Kartar, is bringing all the stuff required for the wedding. Binder asks him to put everything up. He will get angry and will ask Rajji to help and then she tells him that since she is her wedding, she will not do any work.

Bani will stop Sarabhjeet who is going to the fields and she will tell that Dishu has food. He asks her if she had food really, when Bani confirms with him then he eats. Rajji who is overhearing by the side of the wall is very happy that Sarabhjeet had his breakfast. She smiles and Binder asks her why she is smiling. She will tell it is nothing that she just remembered a joke. Binder asks Rajji to get everything ready.

Beeji goes into the kitchen and tells Dishu she knows she did not eat and has told lies. Bani hears this and gets angry for she had told Sarabhjeet that she has eaten. Dishu will tell her not to interfere in the lives of the elders. Beeji and Bani try to make her eat and she refuses. Bani is in tears. She tells her that she has to eat and Dishu tells her that she will eat properly when Bani gets married to an NRI. Bani is shocked and sad on listening to it.

Maamaji is in front of the mirror and the phone is ringing. Then Maamiji will pick up the phone and tells that it is Nirmal the matchmaker. Nirmal tells that it is good news that the boy’s side likes the girl very much. Maamiji is happy and says she will pass on the news to Dishu. Maamaji will tell that to wait till evening, but Maamiji will not listen.

Dishu will give a glass of Lassie to Sarabhjeet and tells him that she did not want to starve and so she had her food. She will give the buttermilk and tells him that because she ate it does not mean that she has agreed to what he said. She tells him that she will still stand by her words. Bani is very sad to see that her mother was telling lies to her father.

Nirveil comes home and she sees to all he decorations going on. Rajji comes out fully dressed and he sees her and tells she looks like a grown up girl and he hugs her. Binder tells we never know when Children grow up.

Maamiji comes and gives the good news to Dishu. She is very happy and tells Maamiji that she does not have to find out anything. She will make the ristha pucca as they have very little time. She has to see that the ristha is fixed. She has a lot of expectations in her life.

PRECAP: Sarabhjeet and Bani will be arguing about Dishu’s Ziddhi attitude. Sarabhjeet tells he knows where she will be happy but Dishu is trying to sacrifice Bani’s happiness for following her dreams. Bani tells that she is thinking about the good of the family so I will agree with her.

Update Credit to: anurao

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