Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham cautiously is about to take the veil off, but then he changes his mind, saying that he wont be able to bare his heart once he sees her. Soham says that he would tell her everything first and then unveil her face. He musters up the courage to say I Love You, and then adds Bani, hearing which Rajji is puzzled, sad and distraught at the same time, and soham is blissfully happy not knowing what he has entered into. He says that he loves her very much. He asks why is she not saying anything. He goes on a rant as to to how he hd lied the other day, and truth is now. He says that he avoided her so that his eyes dont give him away. He says that today he isnt scared anymore. He asks her to tell him if she even likes him or not, and if she’s

happy with the marriage, that is by destiny. He asks for her permission, to lift the veil, and that this conversation is getting awkward. as he begins to lif the veil, she is shocked. Just then simran calls out for him, and she is shocked yet relieved, and wonders where is she placed, and what now.

Soham runs out to find his brother bleeding, and decides to take him to the doctor, in the big hospital at amritsar. He comes inside to tell Rajji, thinking that he’s talking to Bani. He asks her not to worry, as they all would return soon.

The next morning, simran and soham get him back from the hospital with the proper bandages. He asks for acup of tea. simarn expresses her shock, that bani was alone all night, and what all must she be wondering. She asks him to go and get sweets, for the munh dikhayi ceremony, while she gets bani ready. Soham leaves. Simran enters to find bani, unveiled just like she left them. Simran addresses here as bani, and tells her of the hospital trip. She asks bani to get ready for the Munh Dikhayi ceremony, as she had always wanted her to be her sister in law, as she had tried earlier too. rajji is distraught and puzzled at this.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s house
Parmeet apologizes for what he said, and that he never intended to doubt her, just her eyes with tears caused him to say this. He says that he understands her shyness, being Indian himself, and that they would spend time talking and only talking, and get to know each other better. He goes onto cheer up saying about himself, and makes bani wipe away her tears. Bani listens with a bowed head. Parmeet now asks her to talk, and that he’s hungry too. Bani gets to go. But parmeet says that he’s supposed to pamper her, and that she cant enter without performing the rituals. After he leaves, bani says that she was scared and foolish, as hge’s trying hard to normalise everything, and she is just a stone, and not even responding to his talks. He gives him cashew and apple, and tries to feed, but seeing her hesitant gives it to her, so that she can eat. Bani is hesitant to talk. she begins with her graduation. He asks her to continue her studies, and asks about her hobbies. She says that she likes cooking. He is thankful that he would get homemade food now. She tells about Rajji too. He thanks the Lord that she finally spoke up. He says that what should she do now, to make her smile. He asks if she’s missing her family. He says that he would shift to India, and stay with her family. She asks why. he says that then she wont be sad, and he would be with her too. Bani says that a girl has to go, and not the boy, after marriage. bani says that this is for generations, and hence cant be wrong. He says that he doesnt believe in this, and that girls and boys should be equal in rights and duties. She says that he cant just leave his job at London. He says that finally she started ordering him around. Bani smiles, and he all the more teases her about it, that his efforts finally paid off, and that she’s looking very beautiful. A kncok on the door, and Parmeet’s mother enters, wishing them godmorning. She asks them to get ready for the Munh Dikhayi, and asks him when would he leave. He says that he would leave after the ritual. He asks her not to be upset, as bani is there to compensate his absence. She asks them to get ready. She notices that bani is completely dressed and that they didnt consummate their marriage last night. parmeet’s mother leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s place
Bindal while talking to tejo, about the arrangements, notices her lost. When she asks what happened, tejo asks any news from soham’s place. When Bindal says that they are coming, tejo asks her to call and ask still. Bindal asks her to call up Parmeet’s family, to enquire about bani. Tejo calls up parmeet’s mother, and asks her when would they be coming. Parmeet tells them that the ritual has been done, and once the guests leave, then they would send her. Tejo asks bindal to call Rajji’s in laws’ house too. At soham’s place, they arent picking up, which tenses tejo, as to what must have happened, when they found out that its Rajji and not Bani.

In the Munh Dikhayi ceremony, Simran gets rajji, under a veil, for the much awaited ritual, amidst much teasing. As they all ask simran to get with the ritual, she goes to soham and says that she wants him to see Bani’s face first, as he couldnt last night. She asks the guests also to cooperate. The guests agree and get on the other side, while only soham is left standing in front of the bride. Finally Simaran asks soham to see bani’s face finally, as she lifts the veil. While soham is waiting in anticipation, he is shocked beyond belief to see Rajji there, who’s equally disturbed. The screen freezes on soham’s face, while he clenches his fist in disbelief.

Precap: Soham asks Rajji what is she doing here, in front of simran, as he got married to bani, and asks her where is Bani. Rajji, in tears, says that he didnt get married to bani, but to her. He and simran are shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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