Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani and guggi are tensed to find that Kuljit is standing in the doorway, as he hollers at them. They compose themselves, while he comes into thank guggi, for having stayed back to help him in his business. guggi thanks him in return to be learning under his guidance from his experience and is hopeful that business shall bloom with his mentoring and guggi’s hardwork. later, parmeet is taking glass, and is asked by manpreet. He says that it got broken. She asks how, but he asks her not to bother. Bani comes in and asks him how did it break, intentionally teasing him. parmeet is angered, while guggi too joins in with bani, saying that he would have helped had he known about this. Together, they take the glass and go to his room.

Guggi places the glass on the sofa, and then asks how did it break, after parmeet thanks him. He diverst the topic and says that he would manage from hereon. Guggi leaves. As parmeet turns around, Parmeet is stunned to see that the window pane that had broken earlier in the morning, is fixed now. he surprisingly hollers and asks bani about it, and she feigns to not know anything about it. parmeet is tensed that she doesnt remember. To prove himself, he talks about the paper, and begins to search for it, but doesnt find it either in his pockets. Bani is amused as parmeet is tensed at the absence of the paper, as she remembers that guggi had taken it out of his pocket unawares, when he was helping him pick the glass. she asks himt o relax as he hasnt had a decent night’s sleep in quite some time. when bani leaves, parmeet is tensed wondering about the paper.

bani overhears randip making plans with someone on the phone, referring to her as sweetheart. bani is tensed, while he anrgily leaves. Bani gives everyone coffee, as the ladies have gathered together. She spots randip going out dressed. gagn is unfazed

Bani points that its night. gagn says that men can go out without work too, and that she isnt the wives who keeps husbands back idly saving them from their social work. She asks randip, and he gives a perfect answer that he’s going out to discuss business with a friend. Gagn is easily influenced, while bani is tensed. very late in the night, gagan is surfing through magazines, when bani again comes in trying to prove randip’s infidelity. gagn asks her not to create differnces between her and her husband. Bani again asks her to find out just once, if randip is actually true. She asks her to check on him. gagn says that she wont satiate her wishes. Bani asks her to check and prove her wrong. but gagan says that she is very tired and not up for her nonsense, and asks bani to leave. she shuts the door on bani’s face. But having gotten tensed, she tries Bhalla’s number, and gets to know that randip was informed that bhalla wont be in the town and would be in Bangalore. gagan is shocked.

When randip returns home, gagn asks him, and when he gives the same lie again, she confronts him with what she found out, and he is rendered speechless. gagan eyes him angrily. But he makes up two people with the surname Bhalla, and that she called the other person. gagan is convinced, while randip says that wives are better off loving, and not doubting. He asks her to get some water. She leaves. later, randip lying in bed, thinks that he knows who has instigated gagan to check on her, and thats bani, and wonders that bani is really becoming a trouble and menace in his life now, and he would have to find out a solution to that.

Scene 2:
Location: soham’s residence
Buaji tells them that they would have to stay alone, as her husband is ill and she has to go, and angad has to go farm training. rajji hints her to look at reyman and balbir, who are extremely uncomfortable in their indian outfits. She has a hard time handling the dupatta, and walking without heels. Buasji reprimands her to do what others do so effortlessly. They are all amused at the couple’s predicament. Kukki comes in angry that buaji was leaving without meeting her. she hugs kuki and asks her to take proper care of rajji and simran. she complies. Buaji greets and blesses everyone and leaves. Kukki however is awaiting for guggi, and indirectly tries to get to know about him. rajji guesses it and she turns shy.

Later, finding balbir tensed and sad, reyman comes teasing him and then saying that she has a plan. she takes him to the room, and says that they have one month in which she knows what she has to do, and she knows her bait really well, pointing at simran. reyman says that they have been tortured much for this property and she would get such animosity between rajji and simran they they would retrun back to the bhullar mansion. she says that they have been rendered helpless due to the property, and now they would make soham and rajjo helpless to run back to bhullar mansion and give the property to them. balbir is evilly hopeful of the same.

Later, in the night, simran tells soham’s childhood tales to everyone. rajji comes and tells them that its getting late and that they should sleep now. Reyman asks for her room, as to where would they sleep, and which is their room. Rajji points out to the sofa, and they are shocked that they wont fit to sit leave alone stand. rajji says that how could they even think that she would let them sleep on the sofa, as the sofa would break. They are hopeful of a room. But rajji points to the mat laid on the floor. reyman is shocked that they would have to lie on the floor. Rajji says that they have to sleep on the mat and not on the floor. balbir tells them that he has intense pain in the back and wont be able to sleep here. rajji says that in fact sleeping on the floor is the best remedy to that. reyman cites her own problems with sleeping on the floor. rajji says that had she told them earlier, sher would have arranged wonderfully but its too late now. reyman asks her to do the arrangements now. They both are shocked that their arrangements have been made out outside, on the lawn, on the mat. reyman is distressed and frustrated with their condition along with balbir.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Gagan angrily knocks on bani’s room, and when bani wakes up, she wonders how to face her with maya type clothes. She wonders if gagan needs her, after having found the truth about her husband and is tensed. when she doesnt open the door, an angry gagan gives bani a befitting reply on the messsage, that she may try all she wants to seperate them, but they would never. Bani is tensed that gaagn still couldnt find out the truth. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Parmeet is misled by guggi through the date on the mobile and on the newspaper too, mistaking the date to be 13th, instead of 5th. He tries to see the dates on all current things and bani finds him behaving oddly like this. He asks her if she changed the date on the newspaper, but she denies and instead teases him that he looks like a mandman who is scared as the a number 13 ghost is haunting him. he is shocked and scared too.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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