Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
While bani is sitting sad, she gets parmeet’s phone, and they chat online, where bani discusses that he’s with puffy eyes, and if he’s still upset about dadaji’s anger. He says that its nothing like that, and ask her that she seems sad. bani says that she’s worried about her visa. Parmeet says that he cant say exactly, as the sooner she fills out the form, the sooner she gets her visa. he tells her how much he misses her, and wants to see her by his side. He asks what she did. she excitedly tells him about her good day. Bani says that she has to still learn lots of things. parm,eet gets an urgent call, and cites that he has to leave. Bani wishes him well, and they cancel the call.

Manpreet is discussing

with surjeet that now she must be relaxed that parmeet has sent the visa papres. She says that she would be at peace, only when bani is with parmeet in canada. gagan comes and taunts that god knows what would she do there. Bani too comes there, and says that gagan is right is saying so. She says that she’s decides to learn computers especially, to be able to sope well. manpreet calls her to sit by her side. as she complies, manpreet tells her not to take pallu in front of them and agrees to her descision, and asks gagan to teach her. Gagan has no other option but to say yes, but she is tensed.

Bani gets desho’s call, who asks about her, and parmeet and also about the visa. Bani tells her about the papers, at which desho is very happy. she hopes that her visa gets done soon. bindal too coems there, while she cancels the phone. Desho telsl the news to bindal, and they both go to tell this to their respective spouses.

The next morning, Manpreet is pleasantly surprised to find bani joining her at their praying place and also with the prashad ready. manpreet praises her for her maturity. Bani says that she has a habit of doing so. Manpreet tells her that she doesnt have to exert herself. When bani asks why, manpreet says that she would be habituated and who would do that fr her, when she leaves for Canada. she asks bani to go and give the prashad to others too.

The devoted husband gives tea to his wife, who says that its sugarless, while he devotedly goes to make a better one. Bani knocks on the door. They immediately switch roles, where he becomes the master. Bani comes inside and gives prashad to them. After she goes, they again get back to the wife bossing around with the husband. Bani gives the prashad to gagan, and after she eats it, she asks gagan that she had told that she would make her learn computers. Gagan says that she would make her learn, but when she has the time. Bani resignedly gives in to gagan. She is about to leave, when she is faced by gagan’s leering husband, who eyes her as she walks out, after giving him the prashad too.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji breaks in front of soham, that she cant do this anymore, and for god knows how many more days buaji is here. She decides that she would go to buaji and tell everything rightaway. Holding rajji tightly, soham tells her that she wont do anything like this. Soham asks why cant she when he’s also pretending that he loves her, when he actually loves bani. He says that as long as buaji is here, she has to do this drama. Rajji is shocked at his hatred towards her. As soham leaves, rajji is hurt and in tears.

The next morning, as soham is lying on the bed, and rajji, on the floor, they are shocked to hear Buaji, knocking the door, asking them to come out. she then thinks that she would enter herself and wake them up. she finds the door unlocked, and thinks that they may have woken up hearing her voice. She opens the door to step inside. Buaji is shocked at wht she sees. she finds them both asleep in the bed, with each other. she teases them and leaves. rajji gets up as soon as she leaves. As she begins to get up, her hair get entangled in his button, and they both awkwardly try to take it off. finally he takes it opfo with a jerk, hurting rajji in the hair. He leaves from there, while rajji is sad. Soham is asked by simran as to what happening. He says that he doesnt find it okay to hurt rajji, and venting out his anger at her, but says that whenever he sees her, he sees the girl because of whom, he lost his love, Bani forever. She too says that when she sees rajji, she sees the betrayal, that their own people did, who they respected so much. Soham says that whatever happened to them, they wont bother, as bani is finally happy. Buaji goes and asks whats cooking between the two. rajji sees this through her roomdoor. Simran instantly retires to the kitchen.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s place
As dadaji is trying the phone, bani comes and touching his feet, gives him prashad. He takes it, and then blessing him, he again gets back to dialling. Bani leaves, and manpreet sees that dadaji is tensed. Manpreet asks dadaji what is he so tensed about. dadaji tells her that he tried his phone almost 5 times, but parmeet never picked up. He says that parmeet seems to be still angry at him, but says that he knows how to mend and cheer up Parmeet’s mood. He says that maybe its time to fulfill the promise made to him. Manpreet is tensed. Bani, hearing all this is a little tensed, as to what are they talking about. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: A person comes in and starts accusing dadaji of giving a wrong descison, and so confidently as if he fels that he’s the ruler of the world. Dadaji comes and asks what is he talking about, and who is he. He identifies himself as the brother in law of the girl, who dadaji had sentenced to be with her in laws’ a couple of days earlier. Dadaji says that it was the right descision. the person says that he is ahypocrite to be doing differently when faced with a similar situation in their own house. Bani is confused as to what is he talking about, and the others are surprised and tensed. Dadaji says that his descision is final. The person says that its very easy to force descision at others, but says that he wont ever accept this descision. Dadaji is very angry.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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