Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 19th February 2014 Written Update

Epi starts with The Bhullars discussing happily Bani’s return. Rajji comes there and tells them that this is not Bani! Rajji tells them that this is Parmeet trick to absolve his guilt. Parmeet counters back that Rajji was hugging Bani upstairs and Rajji says that is why she knows this is not Bani. Rajji and Parmeet go back and forth a little more and then Manpreet stops them. She tells Rajji off and says that she cant see them happy. Rajji says that she is speaking the truth.

Gills: Binder and Desho are crying and Jas tells them not to as that would hurt Bani’s soul. Desho vows to get Parmeet punished to give Bani’s spirit some peace.

Bhullars: Rajji says she will tell them how to recognize if this is Bani or not. But Manpreet tells her there is no need

and Soham also jumps in and tells Rajji to stop. everyone else tries to talk Rajji out, but Rajji ultimately say that the only people who will truly know whether this is Bani or not are her family members, so this girls should be taken to Bani’s maika. Bani smiles at this.(all of this drama, Rajji throwing her credibility down the drain even further then before, just so Bani Mata could go visit her parents…Just wow!)

Gills: Desho and Sarab discuss whether Parmeet’s family got him off the charges with their money. Sarab says that they have to find out whats going on there.

Bhullars:Rajji says parents will always recognize their child. She tells everyone she has nothing against Parmeet, and she hopes she is wrong this time. But that can only be decided by Bani’s parents.
Parmeet says fine, he will take Bani to her parents house. Bani smiles at this and flashes back to her and Rajji discussing this scenario earlier. Manpreet agrees with this as well.

Parmeet’s Room: BaniMaya refuses to go to Bani’s mayka on the pretext that there wasn’t much of her family in the wedding video so she wont recognize those people and might make a mistake. Parmeet tells bani that people believe what they want to believe. So they will accept her as Bani. Parmeet says that in front of Rajji he has to prove himself, or Rajji will sic the police on him again. Parmeet tells BaniMaya that he will handle all the questions. He pleads with her to come with him. Bani flashes back to how she had asked Parmeet to take her to her mayka and he had refused and now he is begging her to go with him.

Soham’s Room: Soham apologizes to Rajji for only humoring her earlier when she claimed that Bani was alive. Rajji tells him its ok, no one believed her. Soham says that he is not anyone. He is her husband and should have listened to her. Rajji looks at Soham lovingly. Soham tells her that where there is trust, there is love. Soji eyelock!
Soham tells Rajji that he hopes this time she is wrong, so that the victory should be of her earlier faith and not of her present doubt.(nice dialogue this). Soham leaves from there and Rajji says to her self that the victory is going to be of her belief.

Manpreet helps Bani to dress up and Bani flashes back to Parmeet telling her to come to the train station dressed up in her wedding clothes( the correlation is lost on me). She and Rajji share a smile ( why nobody catches them at it is beyond me..)

Gills: Bani and Parmeet arrive just as Desho lights up the diya in front of Bani’s picture. A wind blows and the picture falls down and the diya goes out. Everyone is shocked. Bani flashes back to how she had found it so hard to go in without Parmeet and give Parmeet a look. Parmeet like all the blind idiots in the show, misses the look and tells Maya not to worry, he will handle everything.

Desho piks up the picture and garlands it again, while Sarab says that he is heading to the Bhullars.
He reaches the gate and is shocked to see Parmeet and Bani. Sarab is shocked and overjoyed. He screams out to Desho that Bani is here. Desho faints and everyone comes running, including Soham and Rajji who have just arrived. Parmeet and Bani are standing outside and Bani takes one step in but stops herself. She thinks if she goes to Desho Parmeet will get suspicious.

Parmeet tells Maya to come in. Sarab tells Desho to open her eyes and see that her Bani has returned.
Desho wakes up and Sarab tells everyone to remove the tairween stuff.

Everyone starts talking and a woman asks why Bani is so silent. Parmeet tells Maya to cry or everyone is going to suspect them (Parmeet knows that was Bani’s go to expression, constipated tears).
Bani starts crying and everyone gathered, Soham and Angad included look relieved ( everyone recognizes Bani by the fact that she cries).
bani runs to Desho and Parmeet is a bit startled. Desho and Bani hugs and Bani is crying buckets (Anuji and Rajji ke lecture ka sar is finished… wittle bani need her wittle blankie!!)

Desho tells Bani that without her they were all lifeless. She says that they all hold Bani as their life (what is so special about this cowardly, spineless, oblivious to the point of selfishness, goody two shoes??!).
Bani gets up and hugs Sarab.

Parmeet quietly tells Rajji that a sister may not recognize her sister,but a mother would always recognize her child. Rajji thinks t herself that Parmeet has no idea how far her and Bani’s plan goes. She thinks there is more to come.

Precap: BaniMaya is complaining about the bed and the food to Parmeet at gill house. She turns around to find Desho at the door.

Update Credit to: Sophie

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