Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
In their room, Soham, bani and rajii are talking before soham and rajji leave. Guggi comes in scared that he would have to stay here, to be by bani’s side. Soham tells guggi the entire story of bani’s revenge plan, and says that she would need his support, more than kuljit would. Soham says that he has to be with bani, in her plan to get revenge and her rightful place in the society. Guggi complies enthusiastically. they tease him about it. Later, as they wish soham and rajji off, parmeet is happy at maya’s superb acting. Guggi doesnt leave any chance to tease reyman about her life ahead in the Mann house. Balbir continues the act, and reyman too resignedly joins in. Soham and rajji finally leave, along with balbir and

reyman, and the entire family sees them off.

Later, in her room, maya aka bani, is told by parmeet, that he is increasingly being impressed by her acting skills and is a fan of her now. bani retaliates back that he hasnt been a worthy fan but. Just then, someone throws a paper wrapped around a stone, to break the window pane of bani’s room. They are shocked to find who did this. As bani looks outside, parmeet picks up the paper and is shocked to find Room No 13 written on it, and clutches at the paper in fear, wondering who did this. He remembers that the boat that he had drowned bani is, was No 13. He is shocked. Bani tries to ask whats it. He makes up some excuse, saying that its nothing significant. She is about to go out and find out who did this, but he stops her and asks her not to bother, as she might uncover something, and himself leaves hastily. Bani is amused that he got scared by so less, and thinks that she would scare him so much so, that he would have no other option but to confess his crime in front of everyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Buaji, who is waiting anxiously for their retuyrn, is excited and happy and calls for angad and simran and tells kuki to get arti ki thali, when she finds that they have finally reached. She doesn the arti and welcomes them inside the house. They take her blessings as she says how desperately she had been waiting for them. They all come inside. She is shocked to find balbir and reyman too come in, who are horrified that now they would have to stay here. buaji remembers soham’s mother’s trauma, and reprimands them for having stepped foot in this house. soham says that they have come to stay here only. she is furious to hear this, and asks how can they stay here. all are tensed. she says that she dooesnt even want to see their faces, leave alone stay with them, and reminds soham of what balbir had put his first wife through, and that soham may have forgotten but she cant, as she always sees rano’s face, those 22 years that spent waiting for him, when she sees balbir. She says that he is even responsible for her death. Soham gets emotional. She asks him to ell them to go, as they have no place here to stay. balbir thanks inertly that they wont have to stayh here. rajji asks her to listen first to soham. but buaji is furious beyond composure, and says that after a long time there’s happiness, and she doesnt want to spoil that, by harbouring the murderer to soham’s mother. Reyman asks how long will they stand and be insulted. balbir says that they have to act that they wanted to come but it should look like that they were thrown out, despite their wish to stay here. He asks her to wait and watch. he goes to buaji and apologises profusely for his behaviour and his crimes, and that he shouldnt even face them, and that they had come hap-pily but dont want to spoil their happiness, and dont want to be a burden on them. He says that they would have to leave as they dont have any other choice. Soham and rajji are tensed. Balbir and reyman pack theirt stuff and turn around. rajji talks to buaji in hushed tones, saying that they too are equally angry and thats what has gotten them here, and tell buaji of their plan, to teach them a lesson. she asks buaji if she doesnt want rano to get justice. Buaji is forced to think on it and becomes tensed. She finally asks them to stop, and says that they cabn live here. balbir and reyman are very frustrated that this bet also went topsy turvy. she says that they can have their place, but only after they desrve it, by being true parents, and by leaving all wetern methods, and becoming completely indianised. they have no option but to say yes. Buaji asks them all to come in. They all come inside. Reyman is about to step in when buaji stops her. She gets tensed. Buaji says that such heels arent allowed here, and that this isnt just a house, but a temple to them and she would have to stay like they do. she asks reyman to take off the heels. reyman eyes balbir but he has no option but to ask her to comply. she resignedly does so, and is asked to keep the heels outside. Then buaji tells about their english clothes which wont be accepted here, and that reyman would have to change her dressing sense, and wear salwar kameez, and balbir would have to wear kurta pyjama. They are shocked. She asks simran and angad to give the old clothes kept to give to the poor. they are shocked but have no choice instead of accepting.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Guggi and bani are discussing about the prank played today on parmeet. Guggi tells that to scare parmeet, they would have to use blood, synonymous to murder. Bani says that she didnt know that Parmeet was so weak and fearful. Guggi says that the more he is scared, the more easily and faster they They are having a good laugh, when bani’s eyes fall on someone, and guggi too follows them, and they are surprised to see in the doorway. The screen freezes on bani’s tensed face.

Precap: Parmeet is stunned to see that the window pane that had broken earlier in the morning, is fixed now. he surprisingly asks bani about it, and she feigns to now know anything about it. To prove himself, he talks about the paper,a nd begins to search for it, but doesnt find it either in his pockets. Bani is amused as parmeet is tensed at the absence of the paper.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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