Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s place
The next morning, while rajji has spent a sleepless night, buaji is angry that rajji hasnt been working and has been sleeping still. Simran says that she’s letting her rest as she’s newly wed, and has to work all life after that. but buaji is unrelenting. Rajji comes out, and buaji asks why didnt she come out, or was she waiting to be given tea. Buaji says that its very difficult for her to manage the house, and she can help simran in the kitchen till then. rajji is hurt while simran is tensed.

Rajji and Simran face an awkward encounter in the kitchen, with simran not letiing rajji help her at all, and not even acknowledge her presence. Rajji is hurt but stays silent, while simran prepares the entire food, and packs the lunch

and leaves. Rajji is in tears.

Buaji is praying.Simran comes and finds her there, and is motioned towards her by buaji. She asks simran where is she going. Simran says that she’s going to the fields to give food to Soham. Buaji however calls rajji out, and asks her to go with her husband’s food, and feed him. Simran hesitatingly gives the packed lunch to her and she leaves, while simran doesnt say anything. Buaji gets back to praying. Simran runs after rajji. Simran says that she knows that soham doesnt want to go, but they have to do this for buaji, and they have no other option. she says that she might do whatever she wants, give it to soham or throw it. But she should leave rightaway, as buaji is watching her. Rajji leaves for the fields, walking aimlessly, remembering simran’s words.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Bani is super excited that she would do everything right today, and win over Dadaji’s trust, so that he forvgives her for yesterday’s mistake. She collides into Kuldeep, and they have an awkward encounter, where bani composes herself, and leaves in haste, thanking him for picking up the flowers that she had dropped. Kuldeep initiates a conversation, but bani gives monosyllabic responses and doesnt respond well. The opther brother comes out and starts to taunt him for helping so much. Gagan too taunts him and bani too. The other members too come and compliment bani on her ability to learn the rituals of this place so fast.

All the members are discussing about bani’s adaptability. just then a courier comes for them. Manpreet and the entire family are very happy that the Visa papers have come that parmeet was talking about, and soon bani’s visa would be allowed and she can join Parmeet in Canada. Dadaji is very shocked to see a Delhi address on the courier, and demands to know from manpreet, that when Parmeet is in Canada, then howcome the Visa Papers are from Delhi. while all are shocked, bani is very tensed. He asks if anyone can solve his confusion. Dadaji says that this means that Parmeet is fooling them. And if the papers have come from Delhi, then this means that Parmeet too is in India and in Delhi. While all are surprised, bani is shocked and hurt. manpreet asks why would he be lying. Dadaji says that only parmeet can tell them, and asks Manpdeep to call. Manpreet assk him not to call, as it must be night in Canada and he must be sleeping. Dadaji says that he would be sleeping only if he is in Canada. He asks for the speaker phone to be on. When he gets through, Dadaji immediately asks his question who wakes up from his sleep instantly. Parmeet clears that he asked his friend to do it from delhi, as it would be lesser time, for bani also to come to Canada, as sending the papers from Canada would take a longer time. He expresses sadness that he tried something good intentioned, whereas he was taken for something else, and is hurt that his own family couldnt trust him. He cancels the call. Dadaji leaves from there, while others are tensed. bani is sad too.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Buaji while having dinner with Angad, expresses concern for Kuki, who doesnt know whats happening aropund her. Kuki is in her own dreams about Guggi. Angad smiles. In the kitchen, simran gives rajji, paranthes to be served outside. As she serves them, buaji is happy. soham comes in, and gives the tiffin to simran, who is surprised that Rajji had gone there. soham says that she had given, but he didnt eat. simran is surprised. as soham comes out, rajji awkwardly faces her and leaves. rajji comes inside and opens the tiffin to find it untouched. Simran exclaims that it was better that she would have gone to give him food, as He wouldnt have been hungry otherwise.

As simran comes out and they all start chatting, and rajji is taking her food in the kitchen, Buaji says that her husband msut be wondering, that she had coem for a day but then she stayed on for a couple of days. Angad, happy that buaji would go soon, and they wont have to put up with the pretense, agrees that he would get tickets for her tomorrow morning only, so that her husband isnt worried. Buaji says that he wont be and she has made up her mind to stay here for some more days. They are all very tensed. Buaji says that she plans to stay here for a couple of weeks now. Rajji gives soham food, but he doesnt take from her laid out plate, and instead takes it from simran’s, and simran is tensed that bauji might notice it. Rajji thinks what is she getting out of this pretense except for hatred. the screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: As soham is lying on the bed, and rajji, on the floor, they are shocked to hear Buaji, knocking the door, asking them to come out. she then thinks that she would enter herself and wake them up. she finds the door unlocked, and thinks that they may have woken up hearing her voice. She opens the door to step inside. Buaji is shocked at wht she sees.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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