Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 18th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Parmeet signing the property papers for Maya. Maya takes the papers and puts them in her bag. Just when she is about to go into the house, Parmeet stops her and says that Bani would have had sindhoor on her forehead and Maya should also put some. Maya says that she does not have any sindhoor with her so he should cut his thumb and fill her maang in filmy style. Parmeet reluctantly cuts his finger on a rose thorn and fills Maya’s maang.

Everyone in the house is dressed in white. The cop threatens the family members for aiding a criminal in running away. Just then Parmeet enters and says that he did not run away and that he has no reason to do so. He says that all the allegations on him are baseless and not true. He then announces to all that Bani

is alive and he brought her with him. He calls Bani who then comes to the threshold. Rajji and everyone else rushes to her and Rajji hugs her. After the initial shock of seeing Bani wears off, Manpreet is elated seeing that Bani is alive. She orders Gagan and Randeep to revome all the items related to therwih and make preparations for Bani’s entry. They give her aarthi and bring her into the house.

The cop wants to interrogate Bani and asks how she is alive. Bani says that she became unconscious when she drowned and did not wake up for many days.. but she was in a hospital in Mumbai when she woke up.. and that the people to saved her took her to Mumbai. She says that she enquired about Parmeet after waking up and contacted him. Rajji eggs on Bani to say Parmeetji at this point instead of Parmeet. The cop asks her more questions and Parmeet stops them and says that Bani needs rest as she is still fragile from all the trauma. Manpreet, Surjit and Rajji take Bani to her room. Again Bani maata is over emotional upon entering her bedroom. They comfort her and leave her alone with Rajji.

At Desho’s house, they are also having a mourning session for Bani and Desho and Sarab are worried if Parmeet has been arrested or not. They decide to proceed only after hearing news of Parmeet’s arrest.

The cop asks Parmeet how he found Bani and who the people were who saved Bani’s life. Parmeet tells them all kinds of stories. But the cop is not convinced and says that just because Bani is alive does not mean that Parmeet is innocent. They will get to the bottom of this case. He says that the scar-face guy admitted to Parmeet’s involvement in Bani’s murder attempt to which Parmeet says that the guy keeps changing his statement so many times and that he should not be believed. Parmeet keeps looking towards his room upstairs where Bani and Rajji are together and is scared that Rajji may recognize that it is not Bani as she is very close to Bani. He tells the cop to excuse him as he wants to be with his wife Bani.

Rajji and Bani are happy to be back together again and vow to take ultimate revenge on Parmeet. Bani reminds Rajji to keep doubting her as Bani according to their plan. Bani says that her parents have suffered a lot because of the news of her death.. so, she wants them to be happy and let them know that she is alive. Rajji says that Parmeet will have to take her to her parent’s house as promised because he will be in problems if he doesn’t. Bani says that Parmeet’s defeat will start with her parent’s happiness. They both hug each other musing about their amazing plan when Parmeet walks into the room. As he sees them hug, Bani tells Rajji that he was here. Rajji immediately changes her tone and comes out of the hug saying that she is not Bani and also tells Parmeet that it is not her sister Bani but someone else.

Precap: Rajji accusing that it is not Bani but someone else. She says that Parmeet should take her to her parents’ house and that they will recognize if she is the real Bani or not. Parmeet agrees to take Bani to her parent’s house while Rajji and Bani are smiling wickedly.

Update Credit to: Hima

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