Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with all of then breaking the wall. The two brothers look over the wall and get emotional. Just like Bani and Rajji. Then Beeji cups Bani’s face and is very happy. Both the families cross over and Beeji is really happy at the site of the rubble of the broken wall. Deshu is the only one who is silent.

Beeji calls her and tells er that today you never kept only a vaada but you made a mother’s broken heart into one. She tells she can die in peace. Then Bani tells her not to talk like that. Then Beeji remembers the promise Bani gave her the last night and in the beginning and she falls down.

Then all will shout Beeji and are wondering what happened. Bani is crying and asking Rajji to make Beeji get up. Then Sarabhjeet asks then to call the doctor. Then

Sarabhjeet will ask Nirveil what happened to Beeji. Nirveil will inform him that I will not die so easily. Then Beeji gets up,

Then she informs that she will not die so easily. Then they all lift Beeji. Maamiji will answer the phone from Manpreet and tells that the boys side ahs already left and we have to leave now. Other wise we will cut a sorry figure.

Then Deshu tells Bani that you have kept your Vaada and so now you can get ready.

Binder tells the others to get ready fast. Kartar tells them that he will not come for the Daaka and keep relationships with them.

Bani thanks Deshu but Deshu is very angry and tells that you got what you wanted and so why should you talk about it. Its getting late and so you can get ready fast. Otherwise you will be late. Then Bani will think to herself that Deshu is angry but she will forget her anger very easily. She tells that you have lot of love for Chachaji and Chachaji.

Soham tells Sarabhjeet that you have duguna Kushi as the wedding is fixed and the wall has come down and the families are together.

Then Sarabhjeet will be wondering what a sacrifice Bani had to give to achieve this. He wonders how he can be happy when his daughter sacrificed her life.

Rajji will come to see Bani and will be talking and Bani will tell her to forget the past. Then Jassie come there and gives a angry look at Rajji. Bani tell her to forget her anger as both the families have come together and she is your elder sister.

Then Jassie tells her Deshu is calling her. Bani tells to go out and she will come in a minute.

Nirveil and Binder will be getting ready. Then Nirveil will be searching for his watch. Binder will remind him to call Amrit’s family for the Daaka. Then She tells to remind them as she does not what Deshu to find fault. They get ready to go. He calls Amrit’s father and they say he is coming.
Amrit’s mother will ask what is the boy’s name and His father tells he has forgotten the name. Amrit will be happy that Bani will be getting married to Soham . Rajji’s anger will go down and she will not be angry with him.

At Bani’s house all will be getting into the car and Maamiji will ask where Bani is. Then Bani comes out and sees Soham who is standing by the car door. She will look at him very sadly as she is feeling guilty of letting him down.

Maamaji will be directing everyone which car to go. Then Deshu and Binder will see each other. Beeji will tell them not to simply stand there but to get into the car. Beeji will ask Soham to come in the next car. Then he assures Beeji he will come in the bike. Then Bani is getting into the car and her dress gets caught in the door. Soham opens the door and he tries to remove the dress and Bani also tries at the same time and they touch each other. Deshu who was sitting next to Bani sees this. They slowly remove the hand and the windows of the car are raised.

PRECAP: Manpreet informs ten that Parmeet has not come for the Daaka as he has got work and could not come out of Canada. This comes as a big shock Deshu and the family.

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