Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 17th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Bani pretends to be wanting drinks, and hankers parmeet that she wants it right now, while parmeet is tensed as the drinks are all over. She says that she has another plan, and asks him to press her head. parmeet says that he too is tired and is dosing off to sleep. but bani says that she wont let him sleep too. He has no option. He locks the doort, and presses her forehead till she doses off. He eyes her longingly, as she is sleeping.

Kuljit tells surjit that he has looked for another house, and that they would tell this to evertyone tomorrow. surjit asks him to reconsider. But kujit vents out his frustration saying that noone here wants them. Surjit again takes the blame on herself. but kuljit says that she shouldnt

as they would leave with their dignity intact.

Bani and Rajji talking outside Rajji’s room, about their failure to expose randip, and how gagan, even after being educated, she isnt able to see that randip is betraying her. Rajji says that they would have to maske women undcerstand that if they consider men’s betrayal as habit, then it would become their destiny. bani asks her not to bother about all this, as she is leaving tomrorow, and her time as maya is also going to be up soon. Bani says that she has to make Parmeetji confess his crime in front of the family soon. soham too comes in and joins them, saying that one person would definitely help bani. they are all curious. meanwhile, in the middle of the night, parmeet, in his sleep comes to bani’s bed and doses off. When she comes back to her room, and sleeps on her bed, bani notices that parmeet too is sleeping and is taken back to haunting memories. She jerks off his hand away.

The next morning, parmeet wakes up as morning sunlight streams in and is surprised to find himself on the bed, and wonders where maya is, finding her side of the bed empty, and is scared that she might have seen him sleeping here. He doesnt find Maya anywhere, and thinks that if she has seen him, then she would have left for Mumbai, and he would land up in jail. He is concerned that maya’s phone isnt going through.

In their room, balbir and reyman are super excited to have soham’s property in their nname and their good times returning again. At the dining table, manpreet doesnt find anyone. as parmeet comes down, he is asked about bani, while he himself hasd come down to find out. He makes up an excuse, but before he finishes, bani comes in, relieveing parmeet. He asks her wheer was she. She eyes him angrily, and says that she went to the gurudwara, to pray for rajji and soham. They are all happy to hear this. She gives prashad to everyone. She is about to leave, when parmeet asks for his prashad, and is told that he hasnt bathed yet, and would get only after freshening up. In their room, parmeet tells how he had gotten scared, but bani says that this is the last time that he would be forgiven. bani gets emotional as he says that he was used to sleeping with his wife. Just to tease and teach him a lesson, she asks him to do 30 situps, holding his ears, while she sits comfortable in bed watching him do so. parmeet has no option but to comply.

later, surjit and kuljit come down, and manpreet asks why they didnt come down for breakfast. They say that they were coming here to meet them, to tell them about their descision. But soham stops them saying thast he has to say something first if they dont mind, and kuljit silences. Soham says that he has made a descision and that before going, he would like to hand over the power of attorney to someone from this house only. balbir and reyman are excited that its them. bani and rajji are tensed. balbir extends out his hands in anticipation, and kuljit resignedly looks on while soham progresses with the property papers. hey both are shocked as soham passes them both, and gives the papers in kuljit’s hands, surprising everyone, announcing that he wants to give it to him. while all are happy, and surjit and kuljit are overwhelmingly surprised, balbir and reyman are fuming with rage. Soham says that he deserves it, as he has experience and he trusts him, as there’s noone better than him, and he has taken this descision and has faith on him. balbir says that he doesnt hink this descision is right. Soham says that he feels that this is right. reyman says that there are others too. soham says that he has taken this descision after much deliberation, as they are going with them only, to their house, and this property should be given to someone who can keep it as their own in this hosue, and except for kuljit there’s noone else to do the honours. Kuljit says that he never got so much responsibility and respect in this hosue, but due to soham’s faith he cant deny him and promises that he would handle his work, as his own. soham thanks him. balbir and reyman are outraged. Balbir tensedly tells sioham that he would come with his stuff, and says that he’s happy for kuljit as he has taken a wonderful descision. they both leave in a huff.

In their room, both balbir and reyman are frustrated and angry that things turned out completely opposite to what they had expected and irritatedly get to pack their bags, to go to that Mann house, where they dont want to go.

Downstairs, surjit thanks soham profusely for having done what noone could, and kuljit asks him if he thought it over nicely. He asks him not to get emotional on such a big descision. soham says that he considers them as family and hence did it. Bani says that slowly everything is returning to normal, and now just parmeet’s confession for his crimes remain in front of his family. The screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Someone throws a paper wrapped around a stone, to break the window pane of bani’s room. They are shocked to find who did this. As bani looks outside, parmeet picks up the paper and is shocked to find Room No 13 written on it, and clutches at the paper in fear, wondering who did this.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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