Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Rajji’s place
Soham is surprised to see rajji’s ferocity about bani. She asks him whats he angry about, and instead she should have been angry, that noone even bothered to tell anything to her, even though one’s friend and the other’s sister. she says that she could have told this, and rajji wouldnt have stopped her. She says that if there’s right to be angry, then its hers on them. She says that all this happened due to a misunderstanding, and asks him never to again doubt her love for bani. As she is about to leave, soham stops her saying that he cant pretend to be a couple anymore with her, and that they should tell everyone. rajji says that he’s right. Soham says that then they should go and tell simran and angad too, and is surprised

when she too readily agrees. They both go out. Meanwhile, Angad is trying hard to control simran’s tears, when she is lamenting that she couldnt give him the happiness of the child, and that she feels inadequate whenever she hears someone expecting. Soham and rajji hear this from outside the door. she says that she feels sorry for angad that he doesnt have a child. Angad says that she isnt at fault, as its destiny and maybe the lord hasnt given them this happiness. simran asks why this happiness isnt theirs. Angad says that not everyone gets everything, but atleast she’s done all other duties perfectly and asks her to cheer up. Simran says that she’s happy to have soham, more like her son. angad says that now the family is complete. simran says that it isnt, and it would be when the child arrives, soham’s heir. She says thats when they family would be complete. They find soham and rajji at the door. They asks them to come inside and ask what happened, as they look tensed. Simran tells them that they are waiting for their child now, which would make her feel motherly towards their child too. Rajji and soham are tensed. Soham says that he revers her more than a mother. simran says thats okay, but now he’s grown up and mrried, and can t treat him like her little child. She says that now she either needs a lil soham or a lil rajji. Angad teasingly says that he needs a lil rajji, as soham was very naughty when young. simran says that she doesnt mind either a boy or a girl, and asks rajji is she would let her take care of her child. rajji hugs simran, and wipes her tears. Soham and rajji leave, while simran smiles at angad.

In their room, both soham and rajji decide that they cant hurt simran.

Scene 2:
Location: In Delhi
In the evening, the txi driver finally shows bani to her lodge. Bani enters hesitatingly, and finds an elderly lady coming down the stairs, while performing the puja and the arti. Bani sees her with a smile on her face. the taxi driver greets the lady, and introduces bani to Saraswati mam, and tells her about the stay for a couple of days. Saraswati tells bani that she neednt worry, as she would help her as much as possible. She asks bani to freshen up, while she gets something for her to eat. As bani leaves, bansi tells saraswati about bani’s problem, which she overhears. She also listens to saraswati mam, who tells that its humanity that she should understand the pain of another woman, being a woman herself. She says that she only does what the lord wants her to do. Bani smiles hearing this.

While bani enters the room of her lodge, the papers accidentally slip from her hand, and outspurts her visa papers,

and parmeet’s pic among other things. The taxi driver, Bansi picks up the photo and asks her who is this. Bani takes the photo, and says that this is her husband, who she is going to meet in Canada. The taxi driver is confused, and tells that why is she going to Canada, as he is here only, and that he himself has seen parmeet. Bani is shocked to hear this. she asks him if he’s sure that he has seen parmeet only. Bansi says that he never forgets this man, as he was his first passenger, and also the only person who paid him in dollars, and also hugely tipped him. He says that he’s sure about him. Bani asks where had he seen him. He says that he had dropped him at karol Bagh metro station. Bani is happy to hear about parmeet being in delhi, and decudes that he was to come to pick her up, but couldnt as he must have gotten stuck somehow. But she wonders what parmeet doing in delhi for such a long time. she asks him when did he see him. Bansi says that he saw him just some time back, in the day. He assures bani that they would together definitely find her husbnd. Bani is hopeful.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
As soham comes inside the oom, in the night, he finds rajji laying out the mat for lying on the floor. He asks her to go sleep on the bed, while he sleeps on the floor. Calling him forgetful, since he forgets things these days, she reminds him that its her turn to sleep on the floor today. Soham is angry that she called him forgetful, and says that atleast he isnt selfish like here, who only think about themselves. he says that he didnt forget to tell her about bani, but he chose not to, as she didnt want to break the promise made in friendship to bani. Rajji angrily says that whavere may be the case, she only would sleep on the floor. They both have a fight as to who would sleep on the floor. Soham tells that either he would lie on the floor, or outside, and that then he wont care if the family or ther whole village knows about the truth of their relationship. He says that then angad and simran also would knw, as it is, their dream of a child wont be fulfilled. He leaves it on her not to decide whether she wants to sleep on the floor or on the bed. she angrily lies on the bed, while soham sleeps on the floor mat. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Bansi tells a hassled bani, that he just saw parmeet, and points to a particular direction. She finds parmeet from the backside. She is super hap[py and excited to have finally found him. She goes upto him, and after much hesitation, she taps him on the shoulder, and calls him, addressing him as parmeetji. She is happy as he turns around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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