Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th May 2013 Written Update

Bani tells her mother that she has to break the wall between the two houses and. She tells Deshu that it can happen only if Deshu agrees. She asks Deshu if it can happen and Deshu tells Nahiii and Yeh Khabhi Nahi ho Sakta. Bani is very upset as Deshu goes away. Kartar gets angry and shouts at Bani. Bani goes back behind Deshu.

Rajji shouts at Kartar and says there is nothing wrong in what she asked. The elders will decide and there is no need for you to interfere.

Deshu will be angry with Bani and asking how can you be so Ziddi. Then Deshu will tell her that just because she said she can ask she has asked something which can never happen. Bani tell what wrong in what I asked and even you do not like the Deewar. Then why are you so adamant?

Sarabhjeet and Maamaji

will be wondering why Bani asked such a question now. Beeji tells that this is a very good idea and my dream will come true .

Bani will be telling Deshu that there is no meaning for the wall. She has forgiven Chachaji and Chachaji and so what is the need for the wall. Then She tells Deshu all your dreams are coming true and why do you need the wall.

Outside Maamiji is getting flustered and ask tells that it is getting late for the Daaka and the boys side will be waiting. Jassie will also butt in but Beeji will plead with them and tells that her 22-year-old sapne will be coming true.

Bani will be pleading with Deshu and tells that this is the last thing she wants before her marriage and she wants happy memories and wants to leave behind a united family.

Rajji will be pleading with Nirveil to break the Dewar. Then Nirveil will tell that he was not the person who put up the wall and he has no objection if the wall is broken down and in fact he wants it.

Then Deshu listening to this tells that who stopped them from breaking the wall and gives her permission Bani Rajji Binder and Beeji are so very happy. Bani give she hammer to Sarabhjeet to break the wall down and on the other side. Sarabhjeet is very happy. Rajji gives Nirveil the hammer to break the wall as no one has any problem.

Then Nirveil takes the hammer and goes towards the wall. On the other side Bani is very happy. They are all happy and waiting for the wall to be broken.

Sarabhjeet breaks the first time followed by Nirveil. Deshu remembers the past and is getting emotional. She has flashbacks of what happened in the past. How all her dreams failed to come true? The wall is being broken down. Nirveil on one side and Sarabhjeet on the other are bringing the wall down.

Soham is looking at very happy Bani. Bani is very emotional as she kept her promise to Beeji and she goes and hugs Beeji. Sarabhjeet, Maamaji, Happy and Soham are breaking the wall from one side. On the other Nirveil and Rajji will be breaking it down. Beeji is getting very emotional and crying. Bani is helping her. Deshu is upset and she can’t to anything about it

PRECAP: Beeji tells Bani that she did not only keep her promise but she also joined the broken heart of her Beeji by uniting her two sons. Then She tells main chain se Mar Sakta hoon. Then She falls down and they will all get together and will try to revive her.

Update Credit to: anurao

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