Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 16th July 2013 Written Update

Buaji starts to look for Sohum’s name in the mehendi design on Rajji’s hands. She asks her daughter for her specs. Amreek’s name is clearly visible but Buaji is focussed on Sohum’s name. Simran diverts her attention by giving her some medicine and tells Rajji to go to the kitchen while she sits with Buaji.

Rajji breaks down in the kitchen and Sohum is upset to see her. He gives the phone and tells Bani was trying to call. Rajji tells Bani the halwa was nice and before Bani could ask further Parmeet calls. Bani is willing to delay his call but Rajji says to pick up his call and they can talk later. Sohum assumes that Rajji has told Bani everything and loses his temper and she tells him she has not. She again asks him why he is angry with her as she also did not want

to get married to him. She recollects how she was the one who wanted Bani to get married to Sohum and not an NRI and how she was the one to tell Bani about his feelings. He says her biggest mistake was in letting the marriage take place. Rajji says Sohum does not understand how helpless a girl is when she is pressurised to do things for her family’s name and respect.

Bani is upset and tells Parmeet that she made a mistake in being late for dinner. He comforts her that she did not know and says Daarji would understand. In another room, Daarji and MIL are talking. Daarji is upset that Bani was late and MIL says it was her fault she did not tell Bani the customs.

Parmeet wants Bani to send him her smiling pic. She does not know how and he tells her to ask Gagan bhabhi (hope I got the name right). So in the middle of the night Bani knocks on her BIL’s bedroom door and asks bhabhi for help who says she does not have time and that too not at such an ungodly hour. Parmeet’s brother decides to help and tells her to come in.While he is taking the photo, another family member watches the two alone and slinks away. BIL feels someone was watching but by the time he turns he can’t see anyone. Bhabhi joins them a second later and Bani leaves. Bhabhi calls her an idiot but BIL says she is just naive.

The relative who had seen them is in his bedroom massaging his wife’s feet She asks him why his mind is diverted and he is worried but he does not say. She says to press properly as outside the bedroom anyway she caters to all his wishes like a good wife

Sohum goes outside with blanket and pillow but is seen by Buaji. He tells her he was bringing this for her. She says she has sufficient blankets and tells him to go in

After sometime Sohum is still waiting to escape from the bedroom but Buaji is right outside and unable to sleep due to an upset tummy. Rajji finally has had enough and puts down some bedding on the floor, tells Sohum to sleep on the bed and lies down

Precap: Sohum’s family including Buaji and Rajji are at Rajji’s house and Rajji’s father is surprised to see them

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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