Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 15th May 2013 Written Update

Beeji is stitching embroidery on the clothes with great Happiness. Sarabhjeet will be trying to fix the rate and the Tent waala will be arguing with him. Jassie will ask Beeji if she will do the embroidery and Beeji will tell that since it is her Bani’s wedding and she will do i.

Then all the arrangements for the wedding will be taing place along with the Dakka. Mammiji will come out and as always will be complaining. Then Mammaji will tell her to help with the work. Mammiji will tell everything should take place properly and there should not be any Ooonch Neench by them.

Sarabhjeet will tell that he forgot to inform the car waala and also had to get the mittai. So he sets of when he turns he sees Soham.

Soham tells that he will get the car waala and the Mittai.

Then he tells that what happened was no one fault.
Every mother will like the happiness of the child. He has to come to help for Bani’s wedding and he will work 24 hours to make it a success. Then he will tell that we should see that Bani is happy and she should go from here very happily.

He goes in and greets Deshu and Beeji and Deshu is shocked to see Soham and is guilty too. Beeji asks him why he did not come the other day and he tells Beeji that he had work.

Sarabhjeet informs Deshu and Beeji that Soham has come to help for Bani’s wedding and happy tells Soham that he did not go to school because of Bani’s Daaka. He is very sad hearing it. Then Sarabhjeet tells him to to the outside work and he does some other work.

Bani comes out and they will be stealing looks at each other. Bani will be very unhappy and guilty seeing him there. Soham then recollects his surroundings and then he tells that he will go for the car waala and Mittai. On the way he will have a argument with the tent waala who was talking so roughly with Sarabhjeet earlier. He will tell that person that he will not get any money if he does not to it quickly and if he does a shabby job. The tent waala will assure him that he will do it properly and there will be no cause for complaints.

The tent waala will be arguing with the Angad and Nirveil also. Then Binder comes and tells that they should all get ready fast as they have to go for the Daaka.

Sarabhjeet will be sitting down and discussing with Beeji. Then she will be think that she has to speak to her mother. Then She is about to speak when Maamaji will come shouting Deshu. Then He tells that he has got the Shaadi ka Joda for Bani. Deshu sees another one and asks for who is this. Then Maamaji will tell that it is for my other niece Rajji. This makes Deshu uncomfortable and Maamiji cursing Maamaji.

Maamaji get up across the wall and calls Binder. She goes up to him hesitantly and he calls Nirveil also and gives the dress to Binder. He tells he got the Shaadi ka Joda for Rajji, as a Mamma should. They are very emotional on hearing that he urges them to take it and tells them if they don’t like it they can change it.

Bani is about to talk with Deshu when Deshu will interrupt her and talk with Sarabhjeet regarding something.

Then she is about to talk when Soham comes there. Bani is desperate to talk to Deshu.

Deshu will tell Bani that she ahs not got ready and then she tells she will get ready. She asks her mother whether she can ask her something. Then Deshu will tell that she can ask anything.

Bani will ask her that before her Daaka the wall between the two houses should come down. All are shocked along with Deshu. Jassie asks how can it happen. Then Bani will tell that If Mummiji agrees it can happen. She asks Mummiji it can happen right. Deshu is silent and everyone one else is staring.

PRECAP: A determined Deshu comes out of the house and will be looking at the wall. Bani will come behind her. All the other family members will be waiting to see what decision she has taken

Update Credit to: anurao

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