Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Manpreet sitting in bed alone in her room. Surjeet comes and asks Manpreet to come for dinner. Surjeet notices Manpreet is lost in her thoughts. Manpreet says she was thinking about Rano how she would be here for Karwa Chauth if she was still alive. Surjeet says she is sure Rano fasted every year for Balbir and prays that God lets her soul rest in peace. Manpreet asks Surjeet to go while she will come later and meet up with the family.

Sohum’s house- Bua ji, Angad and Simran are sitting in the living room. Angad is teasing Bua ji and asking her what did she and her husband talk about over the phone. Kukki comes and Bua ji asks her why does she keep going back and forth to the kitchen. Simran says Kukki has been hungry all day. When Rajji comes

into the house, Bua ji asks her who will take her (Rajji’s) stuff inside. Rajji is stunned at Bua ji’s question. Bua ji declares loudly that from today onwards this house is also Rajji’s and has every right to live here. Everyone is relieved and happy from hearing this. Bua ji openly admits Rajji has won the bet and she herself has lost, but for the first time she is happy she has lost a bet. Bua ji lovingly says Rajji is her bahu and her nephew’s wife. She also clarifies she didn’t put Rajji through all the tests to purposely make her lose but so she will be ready for all life’s tests. Simran and Angad are shocked Bua ji was acting all along and thought she wasn’t happy with the rishta (relationship). Bua ji says if the kids are happy of course the mother would be happy. Bua ji says whatever she did was for both Rajji and Sohum, and says Rajji wouldn’t have even come this close in six months as she has in one month without her interfering. Bua ji stops Rajji from touching her feet and tells her to hug her instead.
Balbir is on the phone talking to his wife, while Manpreet walks by and is shocked to hear Balbir has a second marriage.

Sohum is in his room trying to call Bani but can’t get a hold of her. Rajji walks into the room with her luggage. Rajji tells Sohum if he didn’t come then she wouldn’t be here but at her parent’s house instead right now. Rajji expresses how she and Bua ji are happy that he came. Sohum has his back turned to Rajji and doesn’t look like he is paying much attention to Rajji until Rajji tells Sohum this all happened because she talked to Bani and asked her a favour. Sohum turns around and slaps Rajji. Sohum is furious that Rajji asked Bani to leave without him. Rajji says she doesn’t understand what she did wrong, as all Bani has to do is travel alone to Delhi and then meet Parmeet there. Sohum discloses the truth that Parmeet won’t be there and that Bani is going there so she can get a visa to go to Canada.

Bani is shown travelling at night in a bus.

Sohum is making Rajji feel horrible by telling her how she has made Bani become alone and has put Bani into trouble. Rajji says sorry and that if she knew the truth she would have sent him herself to go with Bani. Sohum harshly says her sorry won’t change anything and hopes she is now happy that she won Bua ji’s bet. Before Sohum is about to leave, he tells her that she may have made a place in this house but the place she made in his heart she has lost today.

He goes on to say that he thought they could be friends and live together, and didn’t have a problem with her staying in this room, but what she did with Bani today has made him lose his trust in her. He tells her that she’s far away from being his wife but now she can’t even be his friend.
Simran and Bua ji are in the living room. Simran asks Bua ji to stay longer but Bua ji says she has to look after her own house. Bua ji tells Simran the work that she stayed in the house for has been completed, and that she has to return home before her husband comes back from Dubai. Bua ji and Simran express how they will miss each other. Bua ji tells Simran that she will place one more bet for Rajji and Sohum before leaving. Simran asks what the bet is but Bua ji says she will announce it in the morning.
Rajji is in the bedroom crying alone on the bed, while Sohum is looking out the window in the living room. *Sohji bg music is play*
The next morning- Bua ji is packing her suitcase in the living room and tells her daughter to be mature and not bother her sister-in-laws. Simran comes and says it’s okay if Kukki does that. Bua ji asks about Angad getting a taxi for her, Simran tells her that he’s coming and asks if she wants tea. Bua ji as usual reminds everyone about her acidity problems.

Angad and Guggi come telling Bua ji that the taxi is here. Simran tells Kukki to ask Rajji and Sohum to come but the couple come before Kukki goes to fetch them. Bua ji softly tells Rajji that she’s leaving. Bua ji tells Rajji to not take offence to the things she has said to her. Bua ji tells Simran they’ll never find a daughter-in-law and wife like Rajji anywhere else. Bua ji takes one of her rings off and puts it on Rajji’s finger (left hand where wedding ring is worn). Bua ji is happy how pretty the ring looks on Rajji’s finger. Simran tries to say something but Bua ji tells her to be quiet and tells her if Simran can give her jewellry to Rajji then so can she. Angad asks Bua ji if she is happy now and if has no complaints. Bua ji says she is happy but still has one more bet. Bua ji tells Rajji that she is coming back in one month and her bet has to be complete by then. Bua ji says she wants to hear kids playing in the house and wants to become a grandmother. She tells Rajji and Simran that only they two can fulfill her dreams. Rajji has a flash back of last night’s slap and how Sohum said she can’t be his friend.

Precap- Rajji is angrily asking Sohum how can he think she doesn’t care about Bani and that she’s not worried about her. She tells Sohum she can take any accusations thrown at her except anyone accusing her of not loving Bani or not being worried about her. Rajji expresses what Bani means to her and how she can die for Bani

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