Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th May 2013 Written Update

Bani enters inside the Gurudwara crying and bows down. She will be crying and they show Soham behind a pillar. Then he sees her crying and wants to go to her and then he sees Rajji coming in calling Bani.

Rajji will be still angry with Bani for not listening for Sarabhjeet, Beeji and yourself. Then she tells that you being my best friend and sister does not understand then who will. Soham is shocked at the fact that both of them are good friends.

Bani tells her that I was feeling so bad for Simran Kakki and did not want to send her back empty handed but I had to think of my mother and the two families. Then She tells she had promised Beeji also. Rajji will tell her that that is why I am so angry with you for you think of others and not about yourself.

Then they

bend and pray before the Granth and then Bani thinks she has one more task on hand. They will leave the Gurudwara. Then Soham realizes what was going on with Bani.

He comes out and meets Rano. Then She asks about Bani. Then he tells that I am such a selfish person who wanted only his own happiness and not a thought for anyone. Bani is one who is sacrificing her happiness for others. Then he requests Rano that when she prays she should always pray for the happiness of Bani. He tells her till date he wanted to get married to Bani and from today he will pray for her happiness.

Bani and Rajji go home. In Rajji’s house Binder is getting the clothes stitched with the tailor. Bani want to tell Deshu something but Deshu will be too busy.

She calls the Masterji from the other side. Then she tells him that he has to stich the clothes of Bani for her marriage and he can stitch the clothes of the others later. She asks Beeji as a after thought if she told correctly. The Masterji is very shocked.

Soham’s friend will tell Simran that he is going to search for him. He then sees Soham and asks where he was and why he could not have called them since they were so worried.

Simran slaps Soham and asks where he was and he did not have any consideration for them as they were so worried. Then Soham tells that what she was right to be angry with him for till now he was only thinking of himself. He was so selfish and they had put up with him. He tells Simran from now on he will be a changed person and never will give them any occasion to complain. Simran cups his face and cries.

In the night Bani gives Medicine to Deshu and tries to press Deshu’s legs. Then despite her protests she will be pressing her legs. Then Bani will be telling Deshu that everything is happening as she said. Then she tells her that after her marriage she will be going away and for the last time she wants to ask something. Then She asks Deshu if she will give it and realizes that as she was pressing her legs Deshu had gone to sleep

Bani will come out and see Beeji awake. She asks her that why she was awake. Beeji tells her that she is not feeling sleepy. She asks Bani that every night Bani and Rajji talk after everyone sleep. Why are you not talking today? Then Rajji opens the brick from the wall. Then she tells that now both of you will go away and then this wall will stand like that.

Then She takes Beeji near the wall and tells Beeji that the wall will fall. Beeji will ask her not to give any false promises. Then Bani will tell her that before the sunset of tomorrow the wall will not be there. This is a Vaada of Bani. Rajji and Beeji will be shocked on hearing it

PRECAP: Bani will tell Deshu that she wants to talk to her. Then Deshu tells her to talk. Then Bani will tell Deshu that before she gets married she wants the wall between the houses to be brought down and whether she will she can ask her wish. Deshu is shocked along with Beeji, Rajji, Sarabhjeet, Maamaji and Nirveil.

Update Credit to: anurao

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