Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th March 2014 Written Update

So today starts off with Gagan warning Bani against trying to ruin her marriage ever again. She tells Bani that Rannu only loves her and no one else.

In the hall, Rannu, Pji, and BalRa are seated at a table after the party drinking and having fun. Gagan comes and sits beside Rannu. Rannu hugs her and tells her that she should also have a drink with them and that he would love to drink with her. Bani also comes there and stands beside Pji’s chair. Bani looks and Gagan and feels helpless as Gagan doesn’t realize what a sleaze ball Rannu is. Pji tells Bani to go and take rest as she must be tired. Gagan mocks Bani that since she doesn’t know how to make a drink or drink alcohol, she should go and sleep. Bani says that she knows how to prepare and drink and

also drink it. Pji again tries to discourage Bani from drinking but she says she would love to give Pji company and relax like all of them.

In their room, Soham is anxiously waiting for Rajji to come out of the bathroom. Rajji comes out after changing her clothes. Soham fixes his gaze on her and she asks him why he was looking at her like that. Soham walks towards Rajji and Rajji walks backwards until she stops at the cupboard. Soham all the while does not let go of the eyelock. He traps her with his hand on the cupboard and comes close. Rajji closes her eyes anticipating a lip lock and Soham tells her in her ear that he is angry with her for not giving a response when he confessed his love for her. He tells Rajji that he wants to hear what is on her mind. Rajji says that he already knows what is on her mind. He says that he wants to hear the words. Rajji starts with “I…”, “I…”

Bani gets a drink and sits beside Pji while the others are chatting and drinking. Gagan says that she is surprised that Bani had changed a lot over a short period of time. Pji covers up saying that it is common for a wife to change for her husband. Bani gets up and goes out of the room for a second when Manpreet, Surjit and Kuljit enter the house. They are shocked seeing all of them sitting and drinking. She shouts at Pji and Rannu for not feeling ashamed drinking in front of BalRa. She tells off Gagan for doing the same. Just then Bani comes and Manpreet is shocked to see Bani drinking. She tells her off for being so irresponsible and leaves from there angrily. Pji tells Bani that he warned her against drinking and dressing up the way she did but she did not listen. Bani says that she will talk to Manpreet.

Rajji feels shy under Soham’s intense gaze and pleads him to let go of her. He says that he will only let go after hearing what he wants to hear from her. Rajji turns around and comes close to him and says she wants to take her medicine. Soham is surprised to hear that. She says that since he always says that she should take medicines on time, she wants to take her medicines and goes out of his grip. She takes the medicine and says that she should rest after taking medicines. Soham nods and agrees(poor guy). She sleeps and looks at Soham who feels let down and smiles to herself.

Bani goes to Manpreet’s room and Manpreet tells her off to stay away from her as she has been drinking. Bani tells her that she was only drinking a soft drink and not alcohol. Manpreet asks what she was doing with all those people drinking in the hall. Bani says that she could never ever think of drinking and that she will show Manpreet what she wanted to achieve.

Pji is in his room dreading his mother’s reactions to Bani dressed in western clothes and drinking alcohol. Bani walks in and informs that she has the situation under control. Pji thanks her for handling the situation. Bani says that she is tired of constant acting and needs a drink. She tells Pji to get a drink for her. Pji says he will not drink and she should also stop drinking. Bani says that she wants a drink and he should get it for her asap while she changes into Bani’s clothes.

Pji starts emptying all the alcohol bottles and Bani brings Manpreet there to show her Pji emptying all the bottles. She tells Manpreet that this is what she wanted Pji to do and she was acting for that. Manpreet is overwhelmed and praises Bani and says that everyone should have a bahu like her.

Precap: Bani and Rajji talking outside Rajji’s room. Bani says that she has to make Pji confess his crime in front of the family soon.

Update Credit to: Hima

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