Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th February 2014 Written Update

Today starts with Maya telling Parmeet that he should write the property on her name to which Parmeet is shocked and tells her that the property is divided into three parts and that the value of his property is much larger than the 50lakhs Maya was asking. Maya says that he should be worrying about his own welfare and not so much about property at this point. And unless she gets the property on her name, she will not go with him to Punjab. Parmeet says that he is trying to arrange for everything at the earliest.

Maya talking to press when Parmeet comes. He starts talking about Bani and says that he loved her very much but she was a characterless woman who took advantage of him. He also insults her family members and says that all they always wanted was his property

and tried to trap him for Bani’s death. Maya is shocked to hear all this about her and her family from Parmeet. After listening for a long time, she is unable to take it anymore and shouts at Parmeet to stop talking ill about HER! Parmeet is taken aback and asks what she meant by HER.. he is just about to ask if she is indeed Bani but Maya cuts him off and says that she is also a woman and cannot stand when a person talks bad about another woman. She says that a woman never insults her husband like Parmeet is insulting his wife. She warns him never to talk about Bani or any other woman in such a way. Parmeet apologizes to her. Maya says that he should concentrate on arranging the money or the property rather than engaging in such futile talk.

Rajji is going out and Soham stops her and asks where she is going. Rajji says that she is going for a checkup at the doctor’s. Soham offers to drop her. She says that he should take rest and that she will go by herself. Soham insists on dropping her. Rajji says that the doctor advised her against traveling on a bike. Soham says that he will take her in a taxi. Just when they are about to leave, Balbir comes and tells Soham that there is some important work at the fields and he will have to attend asap. He says that he understands Soham’s need to stay and take care of Rajji but such kinds of emergencies have to be attended because he is the property owner. And that is the reason he was asking Soham to transfer the property on his name and reduce his burden. Soham says that he cannot trust Balbir but he has an idea. He says that he has transfered the power of attorney of his share of property to Guggi and so Guggi will be taking care of all the property from now on. He says that he is a trust worthy person and will tackle all by himself. Soham leaves with Rajji keeping Guggi in charge. Ramon and Balbir are cursing their stars for this turn of events.

Parmeet shows Maya some videos of their marriage, picnic, etc. He introduces all the family members to Maya and explains their behavior towards her. All the while Maya has flashbacks of each family member. Parmeet says that she should behave like Bani who used to have a scared face expression. Maya also walks confidently and Parmeet says that she should correct her walk to suit Bani’s. Maasi teases Parmeet to walk and show how Bani used to walk. Maya makes Parmeet’s attempts tough by behaving more like Maya and not Bani. Parmeet asks her if she is ready and she says that she likes to play challenging roles. He tells her to be ready by that night and Maya says that she will come only when she gets the property papers into her hands. Parmeet is in a fix as police will arrest him if he doesn’t go there with Maya.

Precap: Anuji’s pep talk to Maya who is dressed like Bani again to not loose hope and be a role model for all women going through such tough times.

Update Credit to: Hima

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