Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th May 2013 Written Update

Deshu closes the door and comes into Bani’s room. She is very worried. Bani ask her why she was so worried. Deshu tells her that Sarabhjeet went somewhere and then has not come. He is angry and so he still has not come. Bani will tell her that maybe he would have met a friend.

Deshu informs Bani that he was angry because I never told yes to Soham’s proposal. Then she asks Bani is she understands and if she has Barosa in her. Bani will tell that she understands. She has full Barosa. She tells that she will make her father have dinner.

Sarabhjeet comes home then, Bani asks him where he went and Deshu was very angry. Sarabhjeet will tell that he went to Soham’s house. She is very sad. Bani ask him to eat and he refuses telling he was not hungry.

Bani counts the

bricks on the wall at tries to talk to Bani on the other side, Rajji is standing there but she never opens her mouth and is very angry with Bani. Bani plead with her and ask her to talk with her. She tells she just wanted to make her mother’s 22-year-old dream come true. She pleads and begs her to talk to her. She tell that

The next morning Deshu will be making all preparations for Bani’s Dakka. Then She asks her Brother to help her and she will take out the big box. Maamiji will ask what all this this. She will inform that it is all the things like what she had saved for so many years for Bani.

She asks Maamaji to help, he tries to lift it and he has a back pain. Then Jassie, happy and Deshu take her in. Then she will take it in. She sees very upset Bani and then Bani ask her mother what is in the box.

Deshu tells that all her dreams collected over the years for her bani from the time she was born. Deshu tells that everyone is telling that I am in a big hurry. Bani console her telling that She knows she did not want such a good proposal to go away. Jassie informs her mom that whatever people say I know that our mom will always thinks the best for us. She will enver be wrong. The children console the mother.

Bani come out of her room. Then Rajji is sitting at her home in a dream of her own. Binder asks Rajji what was wrong with her and she was not like how she was previously. She then tells her to behave normally

On the other Bani will tell Beeji that she is going to the Gurudwara and to inform her mother. This is heard by Rajji as Bani intended her to listen. Then she goes in and throws a dupatta over the wall without Beeji knowing and leaves the house. Rajji knows that she is asking her to come for a meeting.

Angad and Simran are very worried because Soham has disappeared. Angad has called all the relatives and friends and even searched the whole Pind but he cannot be found. Simran is cursing herself because she should not have encouraged him to go anywhere near the house. Angad tells that what could you do. He tries the phone and Soham is not lifting the phone.

Then his friend comes there and asks if Soham came back. Then Simran informs him that he is still not come home and she is frightened, as he is not answering the phone.

Bani is at the Gurudwara and sees Rano carrying something. Then as they are passing by she bangs into her and asks for forgiveness. Rano calls her Bani and asks you are Soham’s Bani. Bani cries and runs away.

PRECAP: The two sisters are in the Gurudwara and Rajji will be asking her that you have got what you wanted and now why you are crying. Then Bani tells her that one side it was Soham’s family and on the other the vaada she gave Beeji and her mother so she forgot her own wishes. Rajji tells that is why she was very angry with her. She has always given up her own happiness. Soham overhears this.

Update Credit to: anurao

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